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You never know when you’re going to get that golden sports betting tip or where you’ll be when you realize you only have a few minutes to get your bets in for today’s games. In the old days, this was a big problem. But thanks to the development of sports betting apps, you no longer have to worry.

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Sportsbook apps allow you to place real money wagers from anywhere as long as you have a phone or Wi-Fi connection and a smart device. Turn your iPhone, Android, or iOS device into a mobile sportsbook in minutes!

Sports Betting Game - BETUP for Android, download free app. Sports Betting Game - BETUP APK latest version - You enjoy the highs and lows of real online betting without the perks of using real money.Notably. Mobile Sports Betting on Android Even though you won't find any real money gambling apps in the Google Play app store, an every increasing range of sports betting apps are now available for Android smartphones and tablets. These Android sports betting apps are even available in countries with restrictive gambling policies like the United States. Google doesn’t allow sports betting apps in the Play Store yet, but you can download FanDuel Sportsbook directly from us. Don’t worry, it’s completely secure and up to Google's high standards. FanDuel Sportsbook for android. For the best betting experience on Android, download the Sportsbet Android app. The greatest invention since betting is here! Sportsbet's Android app gives you access to local and international racing odds that update in real time, live betting and more than 1000 sports betting markets including 200+ AFL and NRL markets.

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Real Money Betting Apps by Sport

While most bettors look for an app that covers every major game of a sport (or even esport), the quality is not always the same across the board. It’s not that some companies are dropping the ball, it’s that some betting apps give a little extra TLC to specific sports. If you’re interested in betting on a particular game, it makes sense to go to the best sports betting apps focused on that specific sport.

Best Real Money Betting Apps

The best mobile betting apps offer comprehensive coverage across several different sports, and they also offer many other real money gambling options. However, not all apps are created equal when it comes to their offerings. Some may focus more on popular sports like football or soccer, while others may offer more competitive odds on sports like rugby, golf, or even esports. As a result, you should be looking for an app that best suits your gambling needs.

What We Look for in Sports Betting Apps

Determining the best real money betting apps is not easy. There are hundreds of providers to choose from, offering vastly different levels of quality, safety, and service. While the entire ranking would take a long time to breakdown for you, we want to give you a quick look at what we deem to be the most important. Below, you’ll see the four factors we include in our process to find the best sports betting apps for real money wagering.

Safety and Security

Making sure you’re using a safe sports betting app is paramount to the quality of your experience. You need the peace of mind that your money is safe, your bets will be honored, and you’re not putting yourself at risk. We’re not trying to pump doom and gloom into your day, but we want you to understand how seriously we take this. Safety and security are the top two criteria we always look for when creating and updating our list of recommended online betting apps.


If you have two sports betting apps side by side and they’re identical in every sense, except one gives you free money for betting, where are you going to take your action? You better be grabbing that free money! While we will never select sportsbook apps based solely on the bonuses they offer, we do use them in our rankings calculation. We look for big bonuses that are easy to clear, available to bettors of all levels, and cover many (if not all) sports.

Banking Options

Apps for betting on sports are worthless if they make moving your money around a challenge. You should be able to deposit instantly and get cash withdrawals within a few hours or a few days, at the very least. The sports betting apps for iPhones and Androids that we recommend offer multiple high-quality, safe, and secure banking options.

Sports Betting Apps Android

Sports Betting Apps vs. Online Betting Sites

Using only the best sports betting apps to house your real money action offers a lot of added benefits. While online betting sites provide some of the same perks, they can’t match everything mobile betting apps bring to the table. Here are just a few of the most important advantages of choosing to use this newer technology.

You Can Use Sportsbook Apps to Bet 24/7 From Anywhere

As long as you have access to a smart device and the internet, you can place real money wagers. This gives you the ability to place wagers from home, at work, at the doctor, on the bus, in your car, at the game, at the bar, or anywhere else you might want to get action. As long as sportsbooks are taking action, you’ll be able to get in the action. Here are a few everyday situations where this comes in handy.

  • When you get a hot tip texted to you minutes before the game, and you’re not at home or in a sportsbook
  • When you were supposed to have time to get to the casino before the game, but something came up
  • When you completely forgot the game was today, but you still want to get action

Online sports betting apps are there to help you in all of these situations and a whole lot more.

Apps for Betting on Sports Allow You to Shop Lines Much More Efficiently

The aforementioned benefits of top sports betting apps are essential for convenience. But the most important advantage over desktop betting websites is much more critical to your success. When you’ve got access to betting lines 24/7, you have the ability to shop your lines much more effectively. Within seconds, you can check to see if a line has shifted for you, against you, or is holding true.

Sports Betting Android Source Code

  • Allows you to study trends and predict the best time to place your sports bets
  • Lets you time your betting predictions perfectly to get the best odds and biggest potential wins
  • Take advantage of news before the rest of the betting public

Betting Apps: Android vs iPhone (iOS)

While most of the best betting apps are compatible with all devices, the only way to be sure your device is covered is by choosing an option specifically designed for your equipment. Below, we’ve got links to the top apps for betting on sports using real money for iPhones and Androids.

Best iPhone Betting Apps

If you’re an iPhone owner, we already know you love the latest and greatest technology. Whether you’ve got the brand new iPhone with the liquid retina screen or you’re rocking a classic like the iPhone 6, you want to be able to bet on sports from your phone. The link below will take you to a list of the top iPhone sports betting apps. These apps are compatible with every iPhone and will work even if you’ve been putting off that iOS update.

Additionally, all of these sportsbooks also double as iOS betting apps, compatible with other Apple iOS devices like your iPad or iMac.

Best Android Betting Apps

A comparable or arguably better phone than the iPhone is an Android. Android owners are known for caring less about the hype or how great someone says something is and more about the actual quality. Because of this, we put a lot of extra quality checks in place when determining the best Android sports betting apps. Click the link below on sports betting apps for Android, and we’ll get you set up regardless of which device you’re using.

Frequent Questions About Online Sports Betting Apps

For the most part, yes, but this depends on the app or mobile gambling site you’re using. Some will offer a variety of sports betting options as well as classic casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker. Others, however, may only focus on betting. If you’re interested in mobile casino gambling you can learn more in our dedicated casino apps section.
Yes! As long as you’re making sure only to use the safest sports betting apps, you’re all set. Long gone are the days where online sports betting was a risky undertaking. Now, as long as you make sure to stick with trusted online betting apps, you will have a safe online betting experience.
You’re already doing everything you need in order to ensure you’re getting the highest quality online sports betting experience. Our team of reviewers works hard to bring you the best recommendations comprised of nothing but the top real money sports betting apps. Choose the apps for betting on sports you want to use from our recommended list, and you’ll get the best of the best.
Yes! In this guide, we have a comprehensive list of the top Android betting apps built specifically for your devices. Scroll up now.
Definitely! Many game providers have created top iPhone betting apps compatible with all iOS devices including phones, iPads, and iMacs. Scroll up in this guide for a link to the best options currently available for you and your Apple devices.

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Soccer wagering has become extremely popular and a quick way to generate money for a lot of. In reality, a large number of sites offer online football wagering facilities nowadays.Nevertheless, before finalizing any deal on a website, it is necessary to do enough study on that specific website. You may even seek for ideas from regular and skilled soccer betters. In addition, try out finding numerous betting strategies.”Any Which Way But Lose” soccer betting strategy allows to determine the team that you might want to wager on and in addition it addresses for a draw.

Best Online Betting Sports

A team is enjoying at home ground, and you are sure the home team will be the champion. But, you will find a slight question that, if home group makes a late goal, the match might result in a pull. Moreover, it will make you anxious to think about your bet. Therefore, the solution with this would be to position the wager by being aware of all of the chances and also by addressing each of the situations aside from the team losing.

Following, you may even consider certain other well-known wagers like full-time and half-time earn situations. Right here, the only method you shed is when the team is the winner. Here, it is wise to bet sufficient money on the draw, so you can obtain a good payback. Using this method, you happen to be not Android Sports Betting App on win, but on pull-earn. When the selected group loses or perhaps the match ends in a pull, then also you will definately get back the staked cash.

Are you looking for a Football Loophole review, and is it another in the football wagering techniques fraud? This system functions particularly on soccer suits only, with the game of football becoming a lot more popular around the world, there are many and much more punters growing every day. This Football Loophole system proprietor claims to have experienced 7 numerous years of punting encounter and that they have designed a system that has been creating him money consistently. But is that this all truly real?

The reality is that there are only a really small handful of punters who know how to bet on football profitably, and these punters make up less than 1% of all players in the business. It is far from unusual for that expert football punters to dual their wagering bank effortlessly in one 30 days. In order to become lucrative, you may either need to have a really in-depth comprehension of the video game like the advantages or else you should find a manual that explains a few of the strategies these successful punters use.

This system is most beneficial used on a betting trade to get the most value for your wagers and also to eventually end up with the most earnings, but it can nevertheless work profitably to get a repaired odds bookmaker. This system involves 3 types of betting, which are backing, laying and trading. The backing aspect of the guide is probably the more dependable systems, being able to select winning bets consistently throughout the month for different styles of wagers, including below and also over 2.5 goals, first scorers and rating outlines and so on.

Sports Betting Websites


Secondly, Soccer Loophole teaches you where to find lay bets rich in success prices. This method as well as the following only work on a wagering exchange, and the set bets selected are often lower in odds so they are certainly not dangerous. Finally, this system also has trained me in regarding how to industry on soccer matches to make sure my earnings when the opportunity occurs. This is among the most breakthrough method of trading in betting.

Android Sports Betting Apps

However, in this particular strategy, the pull-win is usually the banker, whilst the remaining two positioned wagers would be the safety net. Therefore, this specific strategy can be lost, as long as one of many groups earn or at a minimum leads dwgadl the half-time and accordingly, one other group changes the situation in the game and wins through the last half.

Best Android Sports Betting App

Therefore, such a technique may do miracles, if you choose just those games that the bookies think about to get tough and like smart provide same kind of chances. Moreover, these types of techniques do not go well in regard to solitary sided games and therefore, brings in tiny amount of earnings, if you place the bet over a team that has feeble probability of wining at home. Thus, the “Any Which Way But Shed” technique is an severe and a bit risky soccer betting strategy to adopt.