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Animal BINGO Get more games from © Skyship Entertainment 2017 pig kangaroo snake horse rhinoceros elephant camel dog Animal BINGO. Learn about farm animals, zoo animals, pets, and more with these ready-to-go Animal BINGO cards. Download includes a set of calling cards. Contains 8 Pages.

I’m excited to add another farm-related activity to my collection of farm printables today. I’m especially excited about this Farm Animals Bingo game because it uses real photographs of farm animals, which helps children learn to identify them.

I hope your children will enjoy this Farm Animals Bingo game!

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Playing Farm Animals Bingo will help children learn to identify and name these farm animals. You can even add a bit of fun to the game by having children make animals sounds as you play. Moo! Oink! Baa!

Plus, did you know that playing Bingo can help children develop their executive functioning skills? Executive functioning skills are controlled by the frontal cortex of the brain, and they are integral to the development of important skills such as impulse control. (We all want our kids to exhibit better impulse control, right?)

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Changing up the rules each time you play Farm Animals Bingo is a great way to give kids’ executive functioning skills a workout. For example, the first time kids need to get a straight line to win. The next time kids need to get the four corners to win. The next time kids need to fill in all squares to win. Mixing it up like this will help kids develop flexibility in their thinking.

Farm Animal Bingo Free Printable

My Farm Animals Bingo game printable features a total of 10 different playing cards. Here is a sneak peak at the first six:

And here is a sneak peak at the calling cards used for playing. You’ll notice these 10 farm animals on the cards:

  • cow
  • turkey
  • lamb
  • chicken
  • goose
  • rabbit
  • pig
  • horse
  • goat
  • duck

You can play blackout Bingo, four corners Bingo, or line Bingo with these cards. No matter how you play, my Farm Animals Bingo game provides a great opportunity to learn about farm animals while having fun at the same time.

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