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It used to be that the allure of gambling itself was all the impetus necessary to get gamblers in the door. Of course, that was back when there was only one casino. Can’t remember back that far? Join the club.

Seriously, there’s a club for you, regardless of what casinos you frequent. And not joining the club means you miss out on lots of gimmicky prizes and awards — as well as some seriously valuable privileges, BOGOs, free play, free food, and free rooms. It costs you nothing to join, so why haven’t you?

Make sure your location is on, I had to get into my settings and give the app permission to read my location on both my & my partners phones in order to see the reward. Since our room wasn't a MyVegas reward, we were each able to use 3 premium rewards, so we were each able to use 3 - MyKonami to use at the 3 different resorts. The MyVegas program has also expanded to include other resorts, airlines, and cruises. You can, honestly, get all sorts of free vacation perks simply by playing a free Facebook game, MyVegas. Now, here comes the tricky part. With thousands of people playing MyVegas, competition for the best MyVegas Rewards is fierce. Many sell out very quickly.

Rewards cards are ubiquitous in the gambling industry. My local Kroger’s here in Vegas has a small slot room, and I noticed a few years ago that it, too, featured a loyalty card. I now own one of those cards, and I have actually used it two or three times over the past six years.

It’s called the Checkout Rewards card — because why wouldn’t it be?

Have I enjoyed any of the rewards? Buddy, I don’t even know what rewards they offer. I might have a new Cadillac coming to me, I dunno — I got the card simply because it was from a supermarket slot room, which struck me as bizarre and hilarious at the time.

Okay, maybe you don’t share my twisted (and sort of mean) sense of humor. You might actually want to see something substantial returned to you (besides money) for all your gambling at a specific venue.

All of the rewards programs are built on escalating tiers of privilege, usually identified with easily discernable names like Bronze and Gold and Platinum (which is more generous — the Bronze tier or the Platinum tier? Slots empire coupon codes. Spoiler alert: It’s Platinum).

Incidentally, all of the loyalty programs listed below offer their own websites to track your status and your points from anywhere in the universe. Okay, that might be a little broad. Let’s dial it back a bit and just agree that it’s anywhere in the known universe, m’kay?

Also of note is the appearance of both “destination” casinos and “local” casinos on this list. The uniting factor here is each program’s generosity as well as the quality of its rewards.

Frankly, one of the big reasons I’m including the Identity program at the Cosmopolitan is simply because everyone else includes them on their “best of” lists. The other reason is that I’ve stayed at the Cosmo several times and was quite taken with the entire experience. The Cosmo is, well, different.

The Cosmo has worked hard to brand itself as decadence personified and has been pretty successful at achieving that goal. You won’t see many kids running around the casino floor at the Cosmo, and they don’t even have to post signs. Their entire marketing program is based on suggesting the sort of mischief consenting adults might be getting up to at the Cosmo. Every ad hints at behavior no one would want their children exposed to.

Each guest room features a Japanese pillow book, for crying out loud. Either Gideons International has made some recent unannounced changes to its business plan, or the Cosmopolitan wants you to know that it knows you are an adult — and that’s okay.

Of course, you can also use your Identity card as your room key (how cool is that?), and they do offer a solid range of rewards and privileges. You can get up to 25% off on two- and three-night stays, along with $50 in pool credit (what costs fifty bucks at the Cosmo pool? I’m not sure I even want to know).

One reward includes $150 dining and beverage credit at any of Cosmo’s restaurants and bars during a three-night stay.

Unlike the other membership programs that work at dozens of locations, your Identity card works only at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. But if you tire of the Cosmo experience — and I suppose that’s theoretically possible — you can convert your Identity points to Marriott Bonvoy points (that hotel chain’s own rewards club) for use at Marriott’s thousands of hotels around the world.


You can check out the latest offers for Identity cardholders here.

#5 B Connected℠ – Boyd Gaming

The top tier of Boyd Gaming’s loyalty rewards club is Titanium — apparently because they ran out of precious gems like Ruby, Onyx, and Emerald to name their tiers. In any case, the Titanium level gets you cruises and stays in Boyd’s far-flung resort properties around the world (well, okay, the Bahamas and Vegas — but Boyd’s partnerships with Marriott, for example, mean you can use B Connected points to stay at the Marriott Waikiki).

Titanium members also get an annual gift package. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Of course, people like me (I won’t presume to know your gambling proclivities) tend to congregate at the lower gemstone levels, like Ruby or Sapphire. But these are still pretty nice.

Even the default bottom level of Ruby earns you special discounts based on play, as well as discounts on hotel stays, buffets, and even retail purchases.

Higher tiers of membership earn upgrades to Ocean View Staterooms on Holland America Line cruises, Bahamas stays at the Baha Mar, and even an annual “luxury gift” (which is almost certainly not a tee-shirt).

Plus, you get treated like a VIP at all Boyd Gaming casinos as far as access to their amenities and services is concerned.

Boyd understands its place in the casino hierarchy, and it knows that locals are its lifeblood. Want more information? Here’s where to learn more about B Connected.

Station Casinos’ 18 casino properties include the Fiesta and Wildfire brands, as well as the Red Rock and Green Valley resort casino — in addition, of course, to the “Station” branded casinos Palace, Boulder, Santa Fe, Sunset, and Texas scattered around Las Vegas like freckles on a redhead.

All of these honor the Boarding Pass, which — like all other membership cards — affords gamblers the opportunity to earn free play, buffet line passes, dining credits, room rate reductions, and regular weekly gifts (past awards have included wine, beer, tee-shirts, sports shirts, and various other offerings).

If you’re a Las Vegas local (and, of course, you like to gamble), then you already have a Boarding Pass. It’s possible they are issued at birth; I’ll check Clark County’s policies and get back to you on that.

By the way, if you’ve visited Las Vegas recently and noticed an amazing preponderance of Golden Knights-logoed ball caps, tee-shirts, and what not, you can thank the Station Casinos Boarding Pass for wardrobing.

The Boarding Pass recognizes US military veterans, as well (your Boarding Pass will even have a little “veteran” emblem on it), and it offers exclusive rewards and privileges for those who served. Nice touch, Station.

Incidentally, any resort-casino in Las Vegas that hands out weekly prizes is (or should be) considered a “locals” casino. Unless you’re the type who jets into McCarran every Friday with nothing on your mind but getting another Golden Knights-themed article of clothing (collect the whole set!), you’re almost certainly a local.

Also, you’re probably taking cuts in the line ahead of me for the Golden Knights ballcap, so knock that off.

You can learn more about Boarding Pass features and benefits here.

#3 MyChoice – M Resort (Penn Gaming)

When Penn Gaming bought M Resort from Pinnacle last year, they opted to keep in place the casino-resort’s popular MyChoice loyalty program, and it’s not hard to see why.

M Resort has everything about it that says “The Strip” without actually being on the Strip. And that class and style not only sets it many levels above the usual “locals casino” — it extends to the quality and thoughtfulness behind the regular gifts M Resorts gives its loyal MyChoice cardholders.

Good quality wines are often the weekly gifts, but so are stylish sports shirts (emblazoned with the inevitable but still stylish M logo). Hoodies and sweatshirts are also on the gift schedule.

They also do frequent “warehouse” events where you can choose what gift you want that week, and some of the choices might surprise you. In the past, MyChoice members have been able to select anything from luxury bedding and dining stoneware all the way to Himalayan salt lamps (I know, right?) and bottles of Chandon champagne.

Of course, there are also spa discounts, dining BOGOs (and M has a variety of excellent dining choices), and regular concert invitations for the MyChoice cardholder.

By the way, senior MyChoice cardholders (50+ in age) are treated weekly to “Timeless Tuesdays,” which includes tournaments and drawings as well as dining discounts and enhanced point multipliers on gaming.

Click here to learn more about M Resorts MyChoice rewards.

Known until this year as Total Rewards, this loyalty card has long been considered one of the more generous membership programs in Las Vegas. Naturally, the card works in slot machines from Atlantic City and Macau to Biloxi and Windsor.

While Caesars’ recent merger with Eldorado raises some questions about the continuation of the Caesars membership program, the fact that the newly combined company will be known as “Caesars” certainly suggests that it may remain intact.

Let’s go with that, at least for the time being.

Caesars’ empire stretched throughout the world, with a solid representation in Las Vegas alone (comprised of Caesars palace, of course, but also including Harrahs, Nobu, Harvey’s, Bally’s, and Flamingo properties). They all accept the Caesars Rewards card.

Caesars Rewards also recognizes military veterans with some additional benefits.

And, in addition to the usual discounts, free play, and gifts, Caesars Rewards also affords members the opportunity to access Caesars Rewards Marketplace, which partners with over 100 online retailers to give Caesars Rewards members even more places to spend those rewards points.

And as if that weren’t enough, Caesars Rewards cardholders also accumulate Great Gift Wrap Up points, which can be redeemed during the holidays for some surprisingly high-end gifts (such as Cuisinart and Le Creuset cookware).

A recent addition to the Caesars Rewards program is the free-slot mobile app Caesars Slots, which awards points to Caesars Rewards members based on their mobile play.

You can visit here for the latest info about what’s cooking at Caesars Rewards.

#1 M life Rewards – MGM Resorts

It might be easier to simply list those parts of the world where you cannot access an entity that awards M life Rewards points.

Even more astonishing is that you don’t even have to play at an MGM casino to earn rewards. The gambling giant offers several free slot apps playable anywhere you can get WiFi, and your play on any of them will earn you M life rewards points.

Those apps include MyVegas (long a Facebook favorite before it leapt onto the mobile stage), Konami (featuring many of the slot designer’s more popular games), and something called “Pop Slots” — a social free-slot app that pits teams of slot players against other teams.

Myvegas Rewards Calendar 2020

You can earn M life points doing just about anything in Vegas. A friend of mine said his colonoscopy moved him into the M life Platinum tier — and I’m not sure whether I should call him a liar. M life is that omnipresent.

Okay, that’s all fine and good, but what do those hard-won points get you? How about priority check-in and VIP access to pools, spas, and restaurants?

One of the most underrated of all privileges is not having to stand in line for things. M life understands this and ushers M life cardholders past the hoi polloi to whatever experience they have scheduled next.

Oh, and how about a complimentary cruise on either Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises every year? Got your attention now, don’t I? Yes, of course, the cruises are for the top two tiers in the M life program, but Platinum level isn’t all that hard to reach — not with so many ways to accumulate points.

Check this link for more information about MGM’s M life Rewards Program.

Locals in Vegas have entire wallets filled with various rewards cards. Some of us even have the coveted Checkout Rewards card, but we don’t talk about it, because that’s the first rule of Checkout Rewards Club.

If you gamble (and of course you do — why would you be reading this otherwise?), then you should always sign up for whatever rewards program a casino is offering.

How To Use Myvegas Rewards

Sure, using the card at a slot machine means the casino will know what you’re doing, but look up — see those cameras? For every dozen cameras you see, there are probably a dozen more you can’t. Yeah, Big Casino is watching you.

Myvegas Rewards Phone Number

So they already know what you’re doing. You’re gambling. Now that that cat’s out of the bag, you might as well make them pay for the privilege of watching you scratch random itches while you sip free mimosas and stalk, quarter by quarter, that elusive jackpot.