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Jan 26, 2021 Fiver is one of the best online earning websites where you can make money online depending on your skills. Your talent is key to find a cracking deal and the highest-paying clients. Registrations at Fiverr take a few minutes to ask about your skills, knowledge, work experience and asking rate per hour. Bonus: Best Paid Survey Sites for 2021. I sat down and studied all of the best survey sites to find out for myself which ones are legit (and high paying), and which ones are not. After reviewing most of the survey sites out there, I can confidently say that these are the three best survey sites in 2021. Upwork is one of the best money-earning sites that gives you lots of tools to make money from the internet is the fastest and simplest way. Be it website designing, blog writing, sales, marketing, or accounting etc., the Upwork platform gives you space and network to build your technical skills. Best Site for Free Online Income from Bangladesh. Spotlight Bangladesh is the Best Site for Free Online Income from Bangladesh. We have been trying to discuss some useful topics in this site, especially on online money making processes without investment from Bangladesh. We hope that all the information on this site will be helpful for all.

  1. Best Real Earning Sites For Real
  2. Best Real Online Earning Sites

Are you looking for Data Entry Sites?

In Fact, Data Entry is the most searched job online to work from Home.


According to Alexa rankings, Neobux is one of the top 860 websites in the world which is a huge rank because there are millions of websites on the internet. This makes Neobux one of the best online earning sites. Check this step by step Neobux Earnings Guide to learn how to earn money from Neobux.

But the real challenge about Data entry job is finding the right place work.

So In today’s article, we bring you the 17 best data entry job sites where you can find a genuine Data entry job without any investment.

The good news is that you can work on these sites anywhere from the world.

So let’s lets jump in and join the right site for you.

17 best data entry job websites


First 12 of these data entry sites accept international members. That means If you are living anywhere outside the US like India, Philipines, and Europe, you can work on these sites.

The remaining 5 sites accept the residents of the US only.

So here is the list of 17 best data entry websites to find a genuine data entry job.

1. Rev

Rev is one of the popular data entry sites.

You can expect the transcription and Captioning types of jobs from this site.

Right in the beginning, you need to complete the qualifiers task where you transcribe different audios.

Rev pays its members based on audio Minutes. You can earn anywhere between $0.35 to 0.75$ per audio minute.

Once you completed 60 minutes of transcription, You will be promoted to the next level.

You can work on this site whenever you want. There is no schedule you need to follow.

If you know foreign languages you also earn money by translating subtitles.

Rev makes weekly payments through PayPal.

2. Transcribeme

Transcribeme is another popular Data Entry Site that offers transcription jobs.

It’s another site where you don’t need to have previous experience in Data Entry. The only requirement is the Chrome browser and a Paypal Account.

Similar to Rev, Here also you need to take a basic transcription test to get hired.

Transcribeme offers weekly Payments through Paypal.

3. Scribie

Scribie is a well paying site that accepts international members to work for them.

As usual, you have to take their test to become a transcriber with them.

They offer you anywhere from 2 to 25 USD per audio hour.

You must be from a country where Paypal is Available.

4. Go transcript

Go transcript is UK based company hiring transcriptionist all around the globe.

As usual, you need to take the test.

once accepted, you can make money from Go transcript.

They pay up to 60 cents per Audio minute.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best place to find all types of data entry jobs.

On Fiverr, You can offer almost all types of data entry activities for $5 and more.

You need to create a job profile mentioning all the different data entry jobs you can do. And once a prospect finds your offers appealing, they will contact you to offer a job.

This site may seem like a little bit time-consuming one but it actually worth that time.

6. Mturk

Mturk is a crowdsourcing site from Amazon.

They attract employers from all over the world. It’s the best place to find the following jobs.

  • Research data entry jobs.
  • Transcription jobs
  • Form filling jobs

I have seen many of these tasks listed at Amazon and tried a few and had a pleasant experience.

Along with that, you can also receive different micro jobs from Amazon which will help you to earn some more money for your time.


Mturk is not always accepting new members, If your sign up is not accepted, they will send you an invitation when an opening is available. But once get your account, you will love this site. So ahead and sign for this now.

Best Real Earning Sites

7. Upwork

Upwork is one of the world’s best Freelancing platforms. You can find active jobs from employers from the job sections.

Similar to Fiverr you to build your profile to charge a nice number for your tasks.

You can also find a listing of jobs there where you can directly contact your prospect to find a job from them.

8. Smart Crowd

You can create a free account and then you need to take your test before getting accepted by the site.

Once accepted you can expect varieties of data entry tasks. Other than data entry, you can find a few other different jobs.

9. FFT Transcription

FFT demands you to have the same requirements as others. You also have to have an active PayPal account.

This site Pays monthly.

To get started, you need to take a basic test and upload that into their platform.

10. Indeed

As you probably know, Indeed is one of the best job listing sites.

There are a lot of individuals and companies looking for part-time or full-time data entry professionals.

By spending some time, you can find a genuine employer who pays you a fair salary.

But beware. There are a lot of scammers with sugar-coated offers. Only choose jobs that seem reasonable.

11. Megatypers

Megatypers is a Captcha Entry site offering different types of captcha entry jobs.

Different types of captchas are also available. Pay varies for different types of Captchas.

This site is accepting international members. They also require to submit an invitation code. You can use any of the code below for Sign up.

Invitation Codes: B63H, C0DO

12. Clickworker

Clickworker is one of the famous Micro job sites and is also offering data entry jobs.

Since it is a Micro job site, this site is also offering more exciting jobs from varieties of categories.

So you can make some additional income working on tasks other than Data entry.

13. Birch Creek Community

One of the most trusted Data entry work providers in the US. They have an opening for transcription for jobs. You need to be a resident of the US.

You can apply for a remote job here.

14. Sigtrack

This other site offers different types of transcription jobs.

You must be a resident of the United States. You also have to send them a video of you reading your details from your legal documents like Driver’s license or other. A PayPal account and computer is also a must.


They pay more attention to Accuracy so always strive for higher accuracy.

They pay every Friday through Paypal.


TigerFish is offering Transcription jobs for US residents. You need to download their transcription test and send them back the transcribed files to them.

Once they evaluated your test, they will inform you if you get accepted or not.

16. Speakwrite

Speak and write only accepts members from the US and Canada. They expect you to have at least 60 words per minute with 90 percent accuracy.

You need to take a test to apply for the job.

They also require you to have previous work experience in data entry related office works.

For this site, you must have a good pair of headphones.

17. Abercap

Another Company provides remote data entry work in the US. They are hiring for different remote positions in their company.

You can check their site for the available position. You can approach them by sending your resume to [email protected]


Like mentioned earlier, In the data entry jobs, it’s super important to be in the right place.

I hope you find this article helpful.

Try all these sites, Be prepared, have the right set of tools, and more importantly take all their tests seriously.

If you are new to data entry, read this article about different types of Data entry jobs.

Take advantage of the sites given above. If you know any other site where you are working and making money, Please do share them in the comments.


What are the best data entry job sites?

1. Rev, 2. Transcribeme, 3. Scribie, 4. Go transcript, 5. Fiverr, 6. Mturk, 7. Upwork, 8. Smart Crowd, 9. FFT Transcription, 11. Megatypers & 2Captcha

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Best Real Online Earning Sites

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