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So, you love the idea of being able to bet with real money right from your iPhone? You aren’t alone! If you want to get started right away, then check out this list we put together of the best real money iPhone sports betting apps you can find on the market today.

RankGambling SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
Betway Sports
Up To €150Visit Site
#2100% Up To €122Visit Site
Spin Sports
100% Up To €200Visit Site
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Guts Sports
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Of course, if you came to this page for informational reasons, keep reading on! We strive to give you the most updated information about iPhone betting apps today.

  • Here are several tips on how to choose from a diversity of the best betting apps for iPhone and what features to look for: Reputable and trusted brand. This is, probably, one of the most important concerns. Companies like 888, Bet365 and William Hill are world-known and highly valued among bettors.
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Apps The best sports betting apps in 2020. If you are on the hunt for the first-class sports betting apps in 2020, these tips will help you detect bookmakers that are worth wasting your time and cash. Best sports betting apps for New Jersey. Online sports betting expanded at a rapid pace from the moment it was legalized in New Jersey. There are several sportsbooks available in New Jersey which are situated at two racetracks, and a total of seven casinos in Atlantic City. Market reach of the sports apps for Android worldwide equates to 30.44% — Statista. No matter which sports niche you choose, there is an app available for almost every game you can think of. Ten Best Sports Apps Available on Android and iOS. Here are the ten best sports apps for Android and iOS that you can choose from in 2021. Bleacher Report.

Why These Are the Best iPhone Betting Apps

In order for you to trust our recommendations, we understand that you would want to know our criteria for ranking these real money sports betting apps. Have no fear; we’ll break down our criteria for you in this section.


When it comes to putting real money on the line at these real money betting apps for iPhone, safety is one of the most important ranking factors. Before we can genuinely recommend a site, we go through a strenuous process of making deposits, contacting customer service, and going through the withdrawal process.

All of these together will often give us a clear indicator of whether these mobile betting apps take their safety and security seriously.


If you’re looking to place online bets using real money, then you will no doubt want to find a great bonus to give you that extra bit of cash.

Not all bonuses are the same, so you need to be extremely careful when choosing a bonus. Make sure you watch for things like:

  • High rollover requirements
  • Unreasonable terms and conditions
  • Bonuses that sound too good to be true

First, you need to be cautious of the rollover requirements set with the bonus. You want to be able to actually withdraw your money. If you want to learn more about rollover requirements, you can check out this page.

Additionally, we know it’s incredibly difficult to read every page of a terms and conditions agreement. Still, in the long run, it could save you a lot of headaches, especially if you are unknowingly dealing with a shady betting app.

Banking Options

The best iPhone apps for real money sports betting will have a variety of banking options to use.

A popular banking method people look for these days is Bitcoin, but really, any cryptocurrency is a huge plus in our book.

Cryptocurrency is so popular among betters right now due to its safety and anonymity. Most of the real money betting apps you will find will have top-of-the-line safety measures put in place for you, so you generally won’t need to worry.

However, if you’re like us and appreciate that extra layer of security, check for the real money betting apps that have cryptocurrency banking options!

Variety of Betting Options

What’s the point in joining real money iPhone betting apps if they don’t have a large selection of betting options?

Almost every app you come across will have your standard bet types:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Over/unders

However, since most of the best betting apps for iPhone have these options, we want to look for the ones that offer a little more variety.

Live Betting

A lot of desktop sportsbooks offer live betting, but not all real money sports betting apps offer live betting. So, when we see an iPhone sports gambling app that offers this as a choice, we tend to think of it more highly than others.

Of course, just having live betting options isn’t enough for us to recommend them. We still go through all of our other criteria. But it definitely helps.


Although iPhone betting apps are a relatively new idea, they still feel like they have been around for quite some time. Technology just continues to advance, so it seems hard to think back to when we didn’t have a particular convenience. The same is true with these online betting apps for real money. However, that doesn’t mean you can achieve a solid reputation in a short amount of time.

Before downloading your app, make sure you are checking out the user reviews in the app store. See what the app’s rating is and what people are saying about it specifically, both good and bad. You’ll never find a real money betting app with a perfect reputation, but you should go in and trust your gut.

Many people will go in and leave bad reviews just because they lost money or had a bad experience. Don’t let the internet trolls of the world scare you from downloading a perfectly safe iPhone betting app.

Design and User Experience

You can often spot how shady or safe you feel on an app based on the design and experience alone. Although this isn’t always a tell-tale sign, it’s something to be on the lookout for when it comes to choosing the best betting apps for iPhone.

Like with websites, if you visit one that still looks like it was made in the ’90s, you might feel a little uneasy about using that site, perhaps because people aren’t updating it or it feels rather thrown together quickly like that of a spam site.

The same is true for real money betting apps. If things are all out of place, it isn’t working well on your iPhone, and the design is just terrible in general, proceed with caution.

Best Sports Betting App Iphone

Again, just listen to your gut; it will help you in the long run.

Betting on a Browser vs. Using iPhone Betting Apps

Being able to bet right from your iPhone is convenient, but there are some significant differences that you will find if you are used to betting on a desktop computer.

Screen Space

If you’re a dedicated handicapper, you probably have multiple screens set up in your sports betting lab. When you are betting from your phone on the go, you obviously won’t have access to multiple screens.

However, you have the option of switching between apps to find the information you need before you place your bet.

For casual bettors that might be looking to just bet the Super Bowl from their couch or some other sports event, the screen space isn’t an issue. This really comes down to your level of expertise and whether or not you’re trying to make a living from sports betting.


Some iPhone betting apps these days are designed specifically to encompass everything you need inside of the app without requiring a website at all. This is not, generally speaking, the case for online betting sites.

Due to the vast server space and behind the scenes technology to keep credit card info safe and sports betting lines set and updating, it takes a lot to keep that going. That is why all of these recommended iPhone betting apps also double as online gambling websites.

The functionality of the apps we recommend will come down to how much time the sportsbook has put into the app itself. Each will be different in their own ways, some having more functionality than others.

Never fear, however! We have taken the time to extensively go through each of these iPhone betting apps online to make sure they will fit the needs of experienced and casual bettors alike.

How to Get Started Using iPhone Sports Betting Apps

If you are not very familiar with how sports betting apps work, you’re not alone. We were also in need of help at one point, so don’t feel out of place at all.

We’ve whipped up this section for the beginners out there looking to learn about how to get started with betting apps.

Find Betting Apps for iPhone

This is the easy part because we’ve already taken care of it for you! You can continue to scour the app store for the best iPhone betting apps, but you don’t have to!

Not only did we include our complete list of the best real money betting apps for iPhone at the top of this page but we have included our top 3 below as well.

Download and Create an Account

Now, once you’ve chosen the app that you want to use, you need to download it. Once you have it downloaded, you can go through the signup process and get your account rolling.

An important note to make here is that not all sportsbooks will offer a betting app for iPhones, but you can still access it from your phone. Using the bookmark tool on your phone, you can set the mobile website page as an “app” on your phone, linking a shortcut to their mobile site.

Pretty nifty, right? We think so too!

Claim the Best Bonuses

The next step, of course, is to fund your account. However, don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Before you go off and start just throwing money around to bet with, you need to shop for the best bonuses.

Bonuses are an important part of betting because they allow you to get a little extra incentive from the sportsbook at their expense.

Be warned, though, that bonuses are not just “free money.” There are strict rules and requirements that you must follow. If you fail to follow the requirements, you can end up getting screwed over in the long run, so be sure to read the fine print carefully.

Find Odds and Line Shop

This is perhaps the most crucial step to many bettors in the game. You never want to just start throwing your money around without doing a little line shopping.

This is why it’s important to download multiple real money iPhone betting apps so that you can check the lines at all the different books. Each book will have different prices, so you want to make sure you are always getting the best deal possible, just like any kind of shopping you would normally do.

In the end, you’re betting real money, and you’re betting to win. So, make sure you’re getting as much as possible out of it!

Place a Real Money Bet

Finally, after you’ve made your selections, all you have to do is submit your bet ticket and watch the money roll in. Easy.

iPhone Betting Apps FAQ

Below, we will cover a few of the most common questions we get regarding iPhone betting apps for money.

Is It Legal to Use iPhone Betting Apps?

Yes, you can legally bet on these iPhone betting apps, even in the US. Just to be clear, we will state that we are not lawyers or law professionals. But we can tell you for sure that no one has ever been prosecuted simply for placing a bet at any of these apps.

What isn’t legal is trying to open your own sportsbook and make a betting app yourself. So, don’t do that, and you’ll more than likely be safe. However, if you have questions regarding the legality of online betting in your area, please seek guidance from a local law professional.

What Are the Best Online Betting Apps for iPhone?

If you skipped right to this question, you missed out on the best part of this page! Head back up to the top of the page, and you will find our recommendation list of the best iPhone apps for real money sports betting you can find currently on the market.

Are These iPhone Sports Betting Apps Safe?

You should always be cautious before depositing your hard-earned money on any website or app. There can be a lot of uncertainty around real money iPhone sports betting apps, but don’t let a few bad apples deter you completely.

The real money betting apps for iPhone that we have recommended above have been vetted by our team of experts with a vast review process. So, you can rest assured that these sites not only meet but exceed our safety and security requirements.

Can I Bet Real Money on iPhone Betting Apps?

Of course! Real money can be used at any of the best betting apps for iOS that we have laid out for you on this page.

Are There Sports Betting Apps for Other Devices?

This page has been geared toward iPhone users specifically, but that doesn’t mean that Android users don’t have access to all the sports betting action.

All of the mobile betting apps we have recommended on this page are available in the iOS app store and the Google Play store. If you want to learn more about Android betting apps, you can check out our page here.

Conclusion on iPhone Sports Betting Apps

Hopefully, now your confidence has skyrocketed, and you are ready to take the sports betting world by storm with your newfound knowledge of real money iPhone betting apps. Remember to keep your information safe by sticking with our recommended apps. Good luck with your bets!

You never know when you’re going to get that golden sports betting tip or where you’ll be when you realize you only have a few minutes to get your bets in for today’s games. In the old days, this was a big problem. But thanks to the development of sports betting apps, you no longer have to worry.

Betting Site
BonusBet Now
1 up to €30 Free BetGo to Site
100% up to €122Go to Site
3100% up to €200Go to Site
100% up to €50Go to Site
5 100% up to €50Go to Site

Sportsbook apps allow you to place real money wagers from anywhere as long as you have a phone or Wi-Fi connection and a smart device. Turn your iPhone, Android, or iOS device into a mobile sportsbook in minutes!

Real Money Betting Apps by Sport

While most bettors look for an app that covers every major game of a sport (or even esport), the quality is not always the same across the board. It’s not that some companies are dropping the ball, it’s that some betting apps give a little extra TLC to specific sports. If you’re interested in betting on a particular game, it makes sense to go to the best sports betting apps focused on that specific sport.

Best Real Money Betting Apps

The best mobile betting apps offer comprehensive coverage across several different sports, and they also offer many other real money gambling options. However, not all apps are created equal when it comes to their offerings. Some may focus more on popular sports like football or soccer, while others may offer more competitive odds on sports like rugby, golf, or even esports. As a result, you should be looking for an app that best suits your gambling needs.

What We Look for in Sports Betting Apps

Determining the best real money betting apps is not easy. There are hundreds of providers to choose from, offering vastly different levels of quality, safety, and service. While the entire ranking would take a long time to breakdown for you, we want to give you a quick look at what we deem to be the most important. Below, you’ll see the four factors we include in our process to find the best sports betting apps for real money wagering.

Safety and Security

Making sure you’re using a safe sports betting app is paramount to the quality of your experience. You need the peace of mind that your money is safe, your bets will be honored, and you’re not putting yourself at risk. We’re not trying to pump doom and gloom into your day, but we want you to understand how seriously we take this. Safety and security are the top two criteria we always look for when creating and updating our list of recommended online betting apps.


If you have two sports betting apps side by side and they’re identical in every sense, except one gives you free money for betting, where are you going to take your action? You better be grabbing that free money! While we will never select sportsbook apps based solely on the bonuses they offer, we do use them in our rankings calculation. We look for big bonuses that are easy to clear, available to bettors of all levels, and cover many (if not all) sports.


Banking Options

Apps for betting on sports are worthless if they make moving your money around a challenge. You should be able to deposit instantly and get cash withdrawals within a few hours or a few days, at the very least. The sports betting apps for iPhones and Androids that we recommend offer multiple high-quality, safe, and secure banking options.

Sports Betting Apps vs. Online Betting Sites

Using only the best sports betting apps to house your real money action offers a lot of added benefits. While online betting sites provide some of the same perks, they can’t match everything mobile betting apps bring to the table. Here are just a few of the most important advantages of choosing to use this newer technology.

You Can Use Sportsbook Apps to Bet 24/7 From Anywhere

As long as you have access to a smart device and the internet, you can place real money wagers. This gives you the ability to place wagers from home, at work, at the doctor, on the bus, in your car, at the game, at the bar, or anywhere else you might want to get action. As long as sportsbooks are taking action, you’ll be able to get in the action. Here are a few everyday situations where this comes in handy.

  • When you get a hot tip texted to you minutes before the game, and you’re not at home or in a sportsbook
  • When you were supposed to have time to get to the casino before the game, but something came up
  • When you completely forgot the game was today, but you still want to get action

Online sports betting apps are there to help you in all of these situations and a whole lot more.

Apps for Betting on Sports Allow You to Shop Lines Much More Efficiently

The aforementioned benefits of top sports betting apps are essential for convenience. But the most important advantage over desktop betting websites is much more critical to your success. When you’ve got access to betting lines 24/7, you have the ability to shop your lines much more effectively. Within seconds, you can check to see if a line has shifted for you, against you, or is holding true.

Best Sports Betting Mobile Apps

  • Allows you to study trends and predict the best time to place your sports bets
  • Lets you time your betting predictions perfectly to get the best odds and biggest potential wins
  • Take advantage of news before the rest of the betting public

Betting Apps: Android vs iPhone (iOS)

While most of the best betting apps are compatible with all devices, the only way to be sure your device is covered is by choosing an option specifically designed for your equipment. Below, we’ve got links to the top apps for betting on sports using real money for iPhones and Androids.

Best iPhone Betting Apps

If you’re an iPhone owner, we already know you love the latest and greatest technology. Whether you’ve got the brand new iPhone with the liquid retina screen or you’re rocking a classic like the iPhone 6, you want to be able to bet on sports from your phone. The link below will take you to a list of the top iPhone sports betting apps. These apps are compatible with every iPhone and will work even if you’ve been putting off that iOS update.

Additionally, all of these sportsbooks also double as iOS betting apps, compatible with other Apple iOS devices like your iPad or iMac.

Best Android Betting Apps

A comparable or arguably better phone than the iPhone is an Android. Android owners are known for caring less about the hype or how great someone says something is and more about the actual quality. Because of this, we put a lot of extra quality checks in place when determining the best Android sports betting apps. Click the link below on sports betting apps for Android, and we’ll get you set up regardless of which device you’re using.

Frequent Questions About Online Sports Betting Apps

For the most part, yes, but this depends on the app or mobile gambling site you’re using. Some will offer a variety of sports betting options as well as classic casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker. Others, however, may only focus on betting. If you’re interested in mobile casino gambling you can learn more in our dedicated casino apps section.
Yes! As long as you’re making sure only to use the safest sports betting apps, you’re all set. Long gone are the days where online sports betting was a risky undertaking. Now, as long as you make sure to stick with trusted online betting apps, you will have a safe online betting experience.
You’re already doing everything you need in order to ensure you’re getting the highest quality online sports betting experience. Our team of reviewers works hard to bring you the best recommendations comprised of nothing but the top real money sports betting apps. Choose the apps for betting on sports you want to use from our recommended list, and you’ll get the best of the best.
Yes! In this guide, we have a comprehensive list of the top Android betting apps built specifically for your devices. Scroll up now.

Best Sports Betting App Iphone Xr

Best Sports Betting App Iphone 11 Pro Max

Definitely! Many game providers have created top iPhone betting apps compatible with all iOS devices including phones, iPads, and iMacs. Scroll up in this guide for a link to the best options currently available for you and your Apple devices.

Sports Apps Free

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