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  2. Raging River Trading (Pty) Ltd (2011/134505/07) Powered by Betway South Africa, is licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Bookmaker License Number: 10181496.

What sports can you bet on? Betway offers markets on all of your favourite teams, players, and leagues. From soccer to snooker, you can bet on it all from the Sport page. Download the Betway App to bet on all your favourite sports from the plam of your hand. How to bet on sports? Placing your first bet on your favourite sport. Betway Mobile App Enhancements. We decided to include this chapter in our Betway mobile app review for all of you who remember the initial version of the Betway sports app. It was released a few years ago but came as a huge disappointment to the core fans of the brand that prefer betting on a mobile device.

The Betway company was founded in 2006. At this moment, there are up to 1,8 million of registered users and their number increases constantly. Every customer from the different part of the world can find the favorite gambling service in this global virtual space. As you can see, the number of the years means that the company is reliable and you can easily make your bets and do not worry that something can be wrong.

It is considered to be one of the best Internet betting companies. The company has its official site and the clients can make different types of the bets there. You can choose the different sports like football, box, tennis, even poker and many others. Just choose some of the games and place your bet.

In order to make the life of their clients easier, the company launched Betway app. It means that you can make your bets via mobile phones and via any other devices. You can use it for iOS, Windows Phone, Android and also you can use a lot of convenient functions of this application. Choose the software you wish and enjoy with the bets.

Betway app download for Android

Betway app for windows

This Betway app for android is easy in navigation and you will like the colorful interface. There are a lot of different categories of the bets and because of this fact, it will be easy to find the betting section or, for example, the promotions.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to download betway app for android from Google Play for the security reasons and because of this fact, it is needed to download the .apk file from the site directly. However, you should not worry about it. The process is very easy, free of charge and you will not spend a lot of your time for it.

So, if you wish to download Betway app for android, you should not have any doubts. Here you can find the detailed guide about Betway app download process:

  • Open the site Betway on your Android. It does not matter which browser you use, for example: Opera, Chrome, Explorer – choose the best one for you. The site is working properly in any browsers.
  • Then find Betway App on the menu, which is placed in the left upper corner on the site.
  • Then you will be able to find the Betway App download link. It will help you to download the application on your Android.
  • You should click on the menu “ Download the Android App” and it will be the beginning of the installation process. You will get the .apk file. It is not very big, the size is about 2,5 MB, so, you should not worry that it will take a lot of space on your device.
  • You should not worry if you get the secure message that the installation is blocked. Just press the Settings and find the option “unknown sources”.
  • Enable this function on your Android and it gives you the opportunity to download the installation successfully. The .apk file will be installed successfully.
  • After the process of the installation ends, just open the application and use your Betway mobile login details to open the account. It is recommended to use the strong and secure Betway mobile login details for the security reasons for your Betway sports app.

Betway app download for iOS

These steps are easier and it seems that you will not spend a lot of your time and will enjoy with making the bets via your iPhone. If you launch Betway application on iOS, the home screen will be opened by default. It was done in order to check the sport events in the real time. You will see the header with some links like Vegas, In-Play, Casino and so on. When you log into your personal account with Betway mobile login details, you will see the links, which can direct you to the sections like “Banking”, “My Bets” and any other.

However, the best option here is the search function. You can easily find the team, the sport event and make the bet in a few seconds.

Here you can find the steps about downloading the Betway sports app to your iPhone or iPad

  • Firstly, you should create your personal account on Betway.
  • Secondly, it is needed to open the Apple Store, which is located on your device and then you will get the official Betway application.
  • Just download it and install on your iOS.

Betway app download for Windows phone

Check the steps about installation of Betway sports app here:

  • Find the Market Place on your screen.
  • Then find the application and find the Betway application.
  • After that, you will be able to download this application.

It is very useful and easy to have the access to the application and it is not difficult in using. It gives you more opportunities for making the bets on the different devices and your chances for the victory will be increased a lot. Just check your financials and make the bet.

Betway mobile

If you wish to make the bet via the mobile application, you should just find the sport icon on the screen and press on it. There is not something difficult. After that, you need to choose the event you are interested in. Press on it and then choose market. Enter the sum of money you wish to bet and then just confirm it. After that, your bet is placed correctly.

However, there is another kind of bets, which you can make in the real time. If you are interested in them, then you will see that it is really easy process. Just find the market, the event and the sport and choose the best result and chances. Enter your stake, add the selection to the bet slip and place your bet. That is all.

Betway L

If you make the bet, you should remember about one moment, the odds can be changed exactly in the process of making the bet. The odds are updated and because of this fact, you should be ready to see the new result. However, you should not worry a lot. If it happens, you will have the chance to change your bet before you decide to make it. If, for example, you are satisfied with the result and you do not want to change anything, just press the confirmation button and make your bet. As you can see, the process is not very complicated and it will not take a lot of your time.

You should also check the live streaming schedule if you are planning to make the bets in the real time. There can be small delay in a few seconds, however, it seems to be the better option than checking the results of updating the live score.

If you wish to see the live streams exactly on your mobile, the only thing you need to have is the funded Betway account.

Also, if you are the mobile user, you will have the access to some banking operations. It is the great benefit because you can do everything in the real time. Use Betway desktop site if you wish to have all possible operations available. Also, you will have more options for withdrawals and deposits.

However, it is important fact that Betway mobile app still provides you with the most popular banking methods. For example, it is possible to use credit and debit cards for withdraw and deposit. If you have the eWallets, you can easily use them for these operations. For example, 1-Tap, Ukash, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, PayPall are available and you can use them any moment you wish.

It does not matter if you are using the mobile application or you are using some pc – the standard minimal deposit is £10. This sum of money is not very big, but it gives you the great opportunity to make the successful bet and increase your outcome.

Betway mobile app can provide you with the huge range of promotions, which you will like for sure. If you have the access to your mobile app, just open the section “Promotions” in the menu and you will see all possible promotions which are available at this moment. The promotions can be divided into 2 parts. The first ones are constantly and you can find them any time you wish. The second part, premium one, can be found only for the short period of time. For example, if there should be the big sporting event, there can be some short promotions for that period. Just do not miss your lucky chance with Betway mobile app and use this opportunity in order to make the bets.

Is the mobile app essential?

If you are not sure what exactly to use, it is needed just to find the benefits of the mobile Betway application. One of the main key factor is the speed. You will make the bets for short time in the mobile application comparing with the mobile version, for example. You do not depend on the browser. The only thing you need is the Internet.

Also, there will be less lags. The reason of it that you install the Betway mobile app separately on your phone, so it will not have the influence on the speed.

It does not matter, which device you will use, the main purpose is the fact that you can make the bets any time you wish and it will not take too much of your time.

How to use mobile version of Betway

However, not everyone wants to use space on the mobile phone and because of this fact, it is possible to use the alternative option – mobile Betway site. You should not worry about different stories about the fact that some mobile sites are unreliable because mobile version Betway is the most reliable one.

There is not any need to download or install anything. Just insert the link in the browser and you will get the full access to the different functions. The site is available in all browsers, and you can access it any time you wish. The mobile version looks like you are checking the website from your tablet computer and you should not update anything.

Also, you can be sure that your personal details are in the safe place. The support team is available 24/7 and it is possible to contact them any time you wish. It is possible to make the call, send the email or just start the chat in the real time and get the answers to all your questions. Just choose the most convenient way for you. So, if you have any issues or, for example, you do not understand some process of making the bets, the support team will help you and you will be able to make your bets without any issues.

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