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Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Wooden Bingo Game 6 Inch Brass Cage with Calling Board, 75 Balls, 150 Bingo Chips, 18 Bingo Cards for Large Group Games Royal Bingo Supplies CDN$46.99 CDN$ 46. Our Large Bingo cage has an overall dimension that measures 20' high x 15' wide x 15' deep, and is coated in Red. Cage itself is approximately 12 1/2' wide x 13 1/2' deep. This professional bingo set comes with colored ping-pong-sized balls (40mm in diameter). Metal cage bingo p. 30076898 code: lc/no: 92-g destination: vancouver, canada vendor declare: contained within shipment.

Bingo Game Kits

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Professional Bingo Set with 19' Cage, 1.5' Balls and Heavy Wooden ball holder

100 Pack of Bingo Cards (Four Different Colors)

300 Pack of Bingo chips RED

300 Pack of Bingo chips Blue

Professional Tabletop Bingo Set with ez release Kit

Jumbo Bingo Calling Cards

Bingo Game Set Deluxe 6-Inch Bingo Game with Colored Balls, 300 Bingo Chips and 50 Bingo Cards

Bingo Game Set Deluxe JUMBO 9-Inch Bingo Game with Colored Balls, 500 Bingo Chips and 100 Bingo Cards


Bingo Cages and Electronic Bingo Machines -
Including Sagamatic 2, Series 5, Dartsmate 3, Bingo Blowers and many more.

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Bingo Bingo Supplies stock a wide and varied range of Bingo Machines, including all the most popular models of both traditional & electronic bingo machines.There are many different types of Bingo Machines available, from traditional cage-style machines to highly sophisticated electronic versions and bingo blowers.

Traditional Style Bingo Cages

The traditional style generally consists of a cage which is turned manually and the balls drawn at random. They are more suitable for smaller bingo games and are perfect for playing bingo at home.

Electric Bingo Callers

The modern electronic machines are automated and are programmed to select numbers at random. They are more professional than the traditional versions, and when teamed with a display unit are ideal for bingo halls and community fundraisers.

Bingo Bingo Supplies carry an extensive selection of the most popular Bingo Machines on the market, including the Sagamatic 2 Bingo Machine.
We also supply an array of Bingo Accessories, such as extra balls and trays for our traditional bingo cages, display units for our electronic bingo machines, checkboards, shutterboards and bingo clipboards.

Bingo Bingo Supplies provide Bingo Equipment for a number of Bingo Halls, Events and individuals nationwide at competitive trade prices, and can handle any order large or small. Whether its a personal order of a Home Bingo Set or a bulk order of Bingo Tickets and Bingo Dabbers for a Member's Club, Bingo Bingo Supplies can meet your requirements.

Bingo Bingo Supplies offer competitive rates of delivery to all European and Worldwide destinations. If you would like to set up a trade account please contact us to discuss.

Popular Bingo Machines

Below you can see a selection of our most popular bingo machines and related accessories.

Series 6 Bingo Machine

One of top sellers, a quality Electronic Bingo Machine for all your Bingo needs

Bingo Cage Canada Games

Bingo Blower Machine

Popular Bingo Machine, Great for Small Clubs and Holiday Camps!

Giant Bingo Cage

Popular Traditional Style Bingo Machine, Suitable for all your Bingo needs

Bingo Cage Canada Flyer

Giant Bingo Balls

Bingo Cage Canada Border

Popular Accessory, Designed To Fit Giant Bingo Cage