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Machine Packages: 5 - packages $30. 5 - red/ 5 - brown/ 5 - Green. 6 - packages $35. 6- red/ 6 - brown/ 6 - Green. The prices will also vary depending on the club you choose to go to. If you wish to find out more about the times and prices surrounding certain clubs, then make certain to check out the club near you from our list above and you can then find more accurate times and prices. There is sure to be some Mecca bingo halls nearby you.

Bingo Prices – Bingo Wednesday Night KC at Finnigan’s Hall in North Kansas City, MO

Bingo Prices for Admission, Regular Bingo Game Sets, Progressive Bingo Games, Electronic Bingo, and Pull Tab Prices set by the Home and School Association sponsors of Bingo Wednesday Night KC at Finnigan’s Hall*.

After Admission has been paid. Bingo Players can purchase additional Regular Bingo Game sets, Paper Specials, Progressive Game Sheets, or rent an Electronic Bingo Handset.

Bingo Pricing information links:

For more information, please call us at (816) 841-2575 or use our Contact Us button.

How Much Does Bingo Cost

Bingo Game Sets

Please Note that Bingo Game Sets must be Played by the Same Person.

Description Price
Admission for 1$17
First Regular Bingo Game SetFree with Admission
Double Regular Bingo Game Set$25
Triple Regular Bingo Game Set$32
Four Regular Bingo Game Set$39
Additional Regular Bingo Game Set$7

Bingo Game Special Paper

Prices for Special Papers are 2 sheets for $1.00 or they can be purchased for $0.50 a sheet.

Progressive Bingo Game Sheets

Progressive Bingo sheets are $2.00 per sheet. Progressive Game Sheets are not part of the Regular Bingo Game Sheets or Electronic Bingo Handsets.

Bingo Daubers

Wednesday Night Bingo Near Me

Bingo Daubers for Bingo Game Sheets range from $1.00 to $1.50. They are available at our Game Sheet Booth at Finnigan’s Hall.

Electronic Bingo Handset Rental

Description Price
Five Regular Bingo Game Sets
(36 face cards in machine)
Seven Regular Bingo Game Sets
(54 face cards in machine)
Additional books added$7 each

Pull Tabs and Event Tabs

Description Price
Pull Tabs$0.25 – $1.00
Event Tabs$1.00

Bingo Prices Near Me Current

Bingo Prices are subject to change without notice.Bandera Late Night BingoBingoGolden Bingo Family

Hall Location

Address: 5810 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238

Phone: (210) 682 – 6000

Hall Information

Business Hours

Sunday – Thursday
Doors Open at 8:30 PM

Session 1: 10:50 PM
Session 2: 12:05 AM

Three sessions on Thursdays!
Session 3: 1:15 AM


Celebrity poker. Friday – Saturday
Doors Open at 9:30 PM
Session 1: 11:50 PM
Session 2: 1:05 AM

Three sessions on Fridays!
Session 3: 2:15 AM

Wild Number Bingo: Sundays & Mondays

GBF T-Shirt Day: Tuesdays



66 on, 2 speed bingo, 7 optionals

Hall Features

Playing bingo

Electronic Bingo (Turbo Units) & Paper Bingo (9on, 12on & 18on) available every day. Multiple pull-tab games played every session.

Bingo Merchandise

Daubers available for sale to use for paper bingo and pull-tab games.

Snack bar

A full snack bar is available serving tacos, hamburgers, chips, and sodas.