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Teach your kids essential money skills and coin identification with this fun printable money bingo game!

Kids LOVE money. M bet app download apk. The joy that comes from finding a penny on the ground or a nickel in between the couch cushions is immeasurable.

But in order to make sure our kids don’t end up like the mistaken child in Shel Silverstein’s poem “Smart” (Have you read that poem?…I love it!), it’s important to teach them about the values of the various coins.

To be fair, it’s confusing. I mean, why IS a dime worth more than a penny and a nickel, when a dime is the smallest coin? Somebody goofed.

Learning coin value may not be intuitive, but it is important…and it can be FUN!

BINGO is a classroom favorite! Our BINGO games are just the right size for your preschoolers. With a 4×4 grid and colorful, thematic pictures our games are a great way to add fun to your learning. We keep it simple here with our preschool bingo cards, just print an extra board for a calling card. Number bingo is a great way to help children learn and recognize numbers. Designed to use a small range of numbers 0-10, these printable bingo cards are perfect for preschool or kindergarten age kids.

This money bingo game is a perfect way to play together and learn this important life skill.

It comes with five unique bingo cards, so everyone in the family can play! It would also be perfect for using in a small group rotation in a preschool or elementary school classroom (hi, teachers!)

The set also includes printable calling cards of each of the coins. Just cut them apart and make a stack to be a “draw pile”. (Note: make sure you print on cardstock so you can’t see the images through the back of the paper.)

Wanna play?!

Money Bingo

What we’re learning:

  • money identification and value
  • sorting
  • matching

Materials needed:

  • printable bingo cards and calling cards
  • cardstock paper
  • an assortment of coins


  1. Print the bingo cards and calling cards.
  2. Cut apart the calling cards.
  3. Make sure you have enough coins of each type for players to use as markers on their boards.

How to play:

  1. Give each player a Bingo card. Shuffle the calling cards and place them face down in a “draw pile.” Place the assorted coins in a bowl (or just a pile) in the center of the playing area.
  2. The first player draws a card, identifies the coin aloud (with help if needed) and places the same type of coin from the pile on a matching square on his or her money Bingo board. For example: If a player draws a penny card, he says, “I got a penny” and then takes a penny from the pile. He can then choose to put the penny on ANY of the spaces related to a penny: the picture, “one cent”, “penny” or “1¢”.
  3. Play continues with players taking turns drawing cards and placing coins until one player get bingo by getting five coins of any type in a row: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This player calls out “Money Bingo!” (or something else silly like, “I’m rich!”) and wins the game.

Number Bingo Printable Kids

Want to keep learning?

After the game, challenge players to add up all the coins from their board to see who “earned” the most money. If you want to be the coolest mom ever for the day, you could even let them keep the money (It will probably be less than a dollar, but they’ll think it’s amazing!)

Bingo Printable Kids

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These free printable Bingo games for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary grade school kids are sure to be fun! You can add them to your kids birthday party ideas or even just a game to play between parent and child.

Printable Bingo Games for Kids

Besides being fun bingo games are great for a child’s visual perception and concentration. Every month I will be adding a new themed game so make sure to follow this page.

How to play Bingo With Kids

Place all the bingo cards face down in a pile. Turn one card around and then whoever has that image should place a manipulative or bingo marker on that part. The first to get three in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins. To make the game last longer play the game to cover all the images on your board.

Printable Bingo Cards

  • Printable Valentine’s Bingo Game (blog post coming soon)
  • Printable Shapes Bingo Game (coming soon)
  • Printable Easter Bingo Game (coming soon)

I am currently taking special requests for Bingo Game Themes. If you would like to see a particular set send me an e-mail and I’ll add it to my list.

Bingo Game Variations

Bingo games are a great way to work on a child’s vocabulary words.

The cards can also be used for charades. You can have your child pick up a card and then she will need to describe it. For example if she picks up a robot, she can describe its color, how many hands it has, etc. Or she can choose to act it out by acting like a robot.

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Bible Bingo Printable Kids

Favorite Bingo Games for kids and products:

Please note that affiliate links are used in this post.

My preschoolers favorite bingo game is Zingo. It is the perfect introduction to board games and for children to learn to take turns. If your child is older she can play Numbers Zingo and Sight Words Zingo.

To make each game unique I change up the counters we use. Sometimes I will use foam hearts, other times mini erasers and sometimes small figurines.

Number Bingo Printable For Kids