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These Tallon Bingo Ticket Books contain enough tickets for 600 games. For any bingo enthusiasts this is a must. This pack contains 100 sheets with 6 games to a sheet. Each sheet is easy to tear off and every game has its own unique serial number. Fundraising and Club Supplies for Halls and Community Centres. Raffle, bingo, and event tickets, hall furniture, PA equipment, and more! Bingo tickets obviously vary in price depending on the type and quantity you are buying, and we offer a wide range of options to suit the needs of everyone. You can purchase jumbo flyers in 6 and 12 to view, booklets full of bingo cards, as well as strips of tickets. Address and Contact Details: Independent Club. Telephone Number: 74. With seating for 820, and a central location, Llanelli’s Argos Bingo is Wales’ first purpose built bingo club, and has been operating since 1976. The club offers eBingo, and has a cafeteria and bar, as well as facilities for.

At Bingo Bingo Supplies we stock a wide range of bingo tickets to suit all manner of event or establishment, all at competitive wholesale prices.

We can supply everything from single tickets, sometimes referred to as flyers or quickers, to jumbo bingo booklets with up to six or twelve games a booklet.

All of our bingo tickets are of the highest quality, with perforations between each booklet and ticket to make them easy to use without damaging them.

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We can supply our bingo books in a range of different colours, if you have specific requirements feel free to contact us to discuss your options .

How bingo cards are numbered

A bingo ticket generally contains twenty seven spaces, with three rows arranged into nine columns. There are five numbers and four blank spaces in each row. The columns typically have three numbers, which are arranged as shown below, varying slightly depending where the game is played (e.g. in a hall, club or online):

  • The first column contains numbers from 1 to 9 (or 10),
  • The second column numbers from 10 (or 11) to 20,
  • The third, 30 (or 31) to 40 and so on up until the last column, which contains numbers from 81 to 90.

Tickets are sold as strips of six, allowing every number between 1 and 90 to appear across all six tickets. This guarantees that players are can mark off a number every time one is called.

How much do they cost?

Bingo tickets obviously vary in price depending on the type and quantity you are buying, and we offer a wide range of options to suit the needs of everyone. You can purchase jumbo flyers in 6 and 12 to view, booklets full of bingo cards, as well as strips of tickets. We also supply related products such as fundraisers, and these small games can add extra fun to your bingo night or event.

To see detailed prices for the bingo tickets we sell please click here or choose one of the popular products below.

Where can I buy Bingo Tickets?

Here of course! If you have tried to buy bingo goods online before, you will know the real difficulty in finding a reliable, competitively priced supplier of bingo accessories.

We are dedicated to providing a one stop service for all your bingo needs at affordable prices, and can handle any order large or small. We always stock a large range of bingo tickets, and you can rely on us to help your bingo event run smoothly.

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Key Features Of Our Bingo Tickets

  • Large bold numbers
  • Coloured borders with white background – easy on the eye
  • Distinct border colours with colour names
  • Gummed edges – easier for separation – No Staples
  • Easy to tear perforations
  • Each ticket has its own consecutive Security No
  • Guaranteed no repeating tickets per series

Popular Bingo Tickets and Flyers

We have listed a selection of the most popular bingo tickets we currently offer.

Jumbo Flyers - 6 To View

6 to view with perforations between each ticket. One colour per 6,000 tickets.

Jumbo Flyers - 12 To View

12 to view with perforations between each ticket. One colour per 12,000 tickets.

Jumbo Booklets - 6 To View

Available in strips of 6 to view with perforations between each booklet.

Jumbo Booklets - 12 To View

Manufactured in specific colour combinations with colour names printed on each page.

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Forget Willie Wonka’s Golden Ticket, it’s the Wonder Bingo Golden Ticket everybody’s talking about.

This week, Wonder Bingo is having a £1000 Guaranteed Weekend, where players can win huge cash prizes from 2p and shopping vouchers for top stores. And would you look at that? It also coincides with what should be a glorious weekend of weather.

The action takes place in the Golden Ticket Room, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7 PM. Here’s what is lined up for those loyal Wonder Bingo roomies, and as you can see, it’s a schedule glittering with delights:

Friday, September 30th Featuring: 10 games, 3 lines, Prize: £300 in prizes ticketsCost: tickets just 2p Saturday, October 1stFeaturing: 10 games, full house onlyPrize: £300 in gift vouchers £30 each. M&S, Pizza Hut, Amazon, Argos and WaterstonesCost: tickets just 5p

Sunday, October 2nd Featuring 6 games, 3 linesPrize: £400 in prizes1 line - £502 line - £100Full House - £150Cost: tickets cost 15p

Wonder Bingo roomies can't get enough of these exciting offers, free games, and the Facebook-like vibe at the site. They are also loving the Spin the Wheel incentive, where everyone can win free spins daily to win £100. New players are welcomed with a (£) 5 no deposit bonus, plus a 200% deposit match.


Wonder Bingo is the UK's biggest social network site, after making a highly successful move from Facebook. With fabulous virtual giving scheme, free games every minute of every day, and nightly free games with great odds …. and even greater jackpots, it’s easy to see how Wonder Bingo has set itself apart from all other online bingo sites. And even easier to see why players keep flocking back for more.

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The Wonder Bingo Golden Ticket Weekend is going to be a scorcher. Just don’t let your ice cream melt!