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Bingo Loto is a fun interactive game played every Wednesday evening in Estonia that gives participants the chance to win wonderful prizes for matching bingo numbers as quickly as possible.

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How to Play

To play Bingo Loto, choose 25 numbers from 1 to 75. You can either make your own selection or go for a random computer pick. Your numbers will be displayed in a 5 x 5 grid, with numbers 1-15 in the first column, 16-30 in the second column, 31-45 in the third column, 46-60 in the fourth column and 61-75 in the fifth column.

Bingo Loto costs €1 per game combination. Each ticket has either one or two combinations of your 25 numbers. Ticket sales close at 18:00 EET (17:00).

When the game is played at 18:30 EET (17:30), numbers are drawn randomly and players can watch on television. The game is played in three stages and the aim is to match the numbers drawn as quickly as possible.


Anyone who matches the four numbers in each corner of their grid within the first 33 drawn wins the lowest prize. Five more balls are then drawn, and players win a prize if they have matched all nine numbers to form a diagonal cross on their grid. In the final stage, balls are drawn until at least one player has matched all their numbers.

The jackpot is won if anyone can match all 25 of their numbers within the first 41 drawn. If nobody wins the jackpot one week, the target for the next week is to match all the numbers in the first 42 drawn. This increases by one every week until the jackpot is won.

Prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning they are calculated based on how many tickets are sold and how many players win at each stage. The table below shows what you need to do to win a prize at each stage and the odds of doing so:

Game StageNumbers MatchedHow Many Balls DrawnPercentage of Prize Fund
First4 (Each corner number)3335%
Second9 (Forming a diagonal cross, or X)3815%
Third25 (Every square)41- increasing each draw until the jackpot is won50%

Of the 50% allocated to the prize fund for matching all the numbers, 30% is set aside for anyone who wins the jackpot by matching all of them within the required number of balls. This rolls over to the following draw if the jackpot is not won. The remaining 20% is used to pay players who eventually match all of their numbers but not within the specified number of balls to win the jackpot.

For example, if you matched all your numbers in 41 balls or fewer, you would win the entire 50% of the prize fund designated for that tier. If you managed to match all your numbers in 42 balls or more, you would only win 20% of the prize fund. The other 30% of the prize money designated to that tier then rolls over to the next draw.

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The minimum jackpot is €100,000. If the prize pool is lower, the Estonian National Lottery’s reserve fund will be used to pay the winnings. The reserve fund will also be used to pay the minimum prize of €2 for players in the lowest winning group.