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Carrom is a popular board game. It is originally from South East Asia. It is very similar to Pool or Billiards. You fire a striker to pocket your coins (also called Carrommen). The game is fun for all ages.

Carrom is an easy-to-play 2 player board game. Pot all your pieces before your opponent. Can you become the best at this Carrom Board game? The game of carrom is believed to have originated from the Indian subcontinent. The objective of play is to use a striker disk with a flick of the finger to make contact with and move lighter object disks called carrom men, which are thus propelled into one of four corner pockets.It is King of all board games. Lets pick the striker and become the king of board games. The aim of the game is to. Mobile App Development & Android Projects for ₹12500 - ₹37500. I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Need to have windows for Carrom and Ludo separately sign up options betting options of our choice competition window whoever prime subscri.

Carrom Game App

Carrom 3D SuperStar brings the real life Carrom experience on your mobile in 3D. It is very easy to play with intuitive game controls. The game offers three different modes.

  • The Carrom Company has been manufacturing quality games for 130 years, reaching homes across the country ever since. Our Ludington, Michigan manufacturing facility is in the heartland of America, where family means everything and quality time is number one. We make games so you can make memories.
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You have to pocket all the coins present on the board. Princess cruise casino contact. But you have limited strikes. The better you do, more stars you achieve. This mode has countless levels for never-ending fun.

Play with the smart CPU or with your friend. You can chose either Black & White mode or FreeStyle mode.
Black & White Mode: In this mode you have to pocket only your colour tokens. The player who pockets all his token first wins the game. FreeStyle Mode:You can pocket any colour token. You get 50 points for queen, 20 points for white token and 10 points for black token. The game gets over when there are no tokens left on the board. The player with highest score wins.

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Sit back, Relax and enjoy the game. No time pressure, no opponent. Perfect for those laid-back times.