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Staying Safe and Avoiding Scams with Cash App

Cash App wants to help you keep your money safe. To do so, follow these best practices for recognizing and avoiding scams, reporting phishing attempts, and keeping your Cash App account secure. Please note that Cash App to Cash App payments are instant and usually can’t be canceled.

How to Avoid Scams and Fraudsters

We want to help you keep your money safe and secure. Here we’ll discuss how to recognize and avoid scams, as well as how to recognize and report fraudsters trying to steal your money and your information.

Cash App payments are instant and usually can’t be canceled. It’s important to follow these best practices regarding scammers, fraudsters, and phishing attempts.

Common questions about scams and fraudsters:

Q: Does Cash App have customer service phone support?

A: The best way to contact Cash App Support is through your app. Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen, select Support, and navigate to the issue.

For more ways to reach out, check out Contact Cash App Support here.

Q: Does Cash App give away free money?

A: The Cash App team holds periodic sweepstakes on our official Twitter account ( where Cash App customers can win money through Cash App. These sweepstakes never require participants to provide anyone with their sign-in code or PIN. We also never ask customers to send a payment, make a purchase, download any application for “remote access,” or complete a 'test' transaction of any kind. All payments are sent from the verified Cash App account, displayed with a blue checkmark. Currently only US residents can participate in this program. For more information on Cash App Fridays, see

Q: Is it safe to send money to people I don’t know?

A: No! Only send payments to people who you trust. For guidance on cancelling a payment, see

Q: Will Cash App Support ask for personal or account information?

A: No! Do not provide anyone with personal information like your Cash App PIN or sign-in code. Cash Support will never ask you to provide your sign-in code, PIN, or other sensitive information like your bank account information. Cash Support will never require you to send a payment, make a purchase, download any application for “remote access,” or complete a 'test' transaction of any kind.

Q: Can I dispute a purchase if I pay someone ahead of time?

A: Never pay someone who you don’t trust for something promised to you in the future (like a puppy from an upcoming litter or a lease on a new apartment). Most payments are instant and usually cannot be cancelled. For guidance on disputing a Cash Card purchase, please see general, if something sounds too good to be true (like free money in exchange for small payment), it’s a scam.

Avoid Fraudsters and Protect Yourself - Never Provide Anyone with Your Sensitive Information

Fraudsters often attempt to steal customer data and gain access to accounts by pretending to be a Cash App customer service representative. If someone claiming to be a Cash App service representative asks for your sign-in code or PIN, asks for you to send them money, or asks for personal information, it’s a fraudster.

No Cash App service representative will ever ask for your sign-in code over the phone, on social media, or through any other channel. Never give anyone your sign-in code. This unique code helps keep your account safe and secure from scammers and fraudsters.

No Cash App service representative will ever ask for you to send a payment to any Cash App account. There is never a valid reason to send money to an account claiming to be Cash App or Cash App support.

No Cash App service representative will ever ask you to provide sensitive information like your full debit card number, your bank account information, or your Social Security Number. Never provide detailed personal information to anyone purporting to work for Cash App on any channel including the phone, email, social media, or text messages.

If you believe that you have fallen victim to a fraudulent phishing attempt or scam, please change your Cash App PIN immediately and then report the incident by contacting Cash App Support.

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How to Recognize and Avoid Scams to Keep Your Money Safe

When using Cash App to send money, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Only send payments to people who you trust
  • Verify and double-check all recipient information before sending any payment to confirm you are sending money to the correct person
  • Don’t send money to someone promising something in the future (like free money in return, for example).

Common Types Of Scams:

Cash App strives to be a safe place for customers to send money instantly to those they know and trust. Please keep these best practices in mind before you send payments on Cash App to ensure your money is always safe and secure.

If someone is promising something that sounds too good to be true (e.g., a “hack” or free money in exchange for you sending them a payment first), then it is almost certainly a scam. Always be wary of individuals promising you anything. What scammers do, by and large, is promise you something, take your money, and then never deliver on what they promised. Here is a list of common scams to help you avoid them:

Cash Flipping Scam

Scammers will claim to have the ability to “flip” your money, promising to increase your money if you first send them funds (sometimes they call this a “clearance fee” or “account verification”). These scammers will accept your funds and then never send you anything in return. If someone is promising you free money in return for sending them a payment, it is a scam.

There are no legitimate businesses that are “flipping cash.” They are all scams.

Payment Claiming Scam

Sometimes scammers will ask you to “claim” a payment that you “deserve” by sending money to them. These payment-claiming attempts are always scams. Never send money to another person expecting a larger payment in return. Just like with Cash Flipping, if someone is promising you free money in return for sending them a payment, it is a scam.

Moreover, Cash App will never request funds from a customer for any reason. There is no such thing as “claiming” a payment by sending money to Cash App.

Puppy/Pet Deposit Scam

Scammers will claim to have an upcoming litter and request a deposit in order to secure one of the puppies or kittens. These scammers usually post fake photos, won’t communicate over the phone, and will offer to sell purebred, highly-sought-after animals at an extremely low price. Since Cash App cannot guarantee a refund if you don't receive what you pay for, it’s safer to send money over Cash App once you meet the buyer in-person and receive whatever has been promised to you.

Don’t send money to someone you don’t know who is promising to deliver you something at a later date. Always verify those you send money to and pay them after you receive that which you purchased.

Apartment / Home Rental Deposit Scam

Scammers often promise a good or service without ever providing proof that it actually exists . This includes promising to find you a cheap apartment, or offering an apartment at a much lower rate than normal, but requiring you to send them a deposit first (e.g., before touring the prospective rental).

Never send money to someone you don’t know who is promising to deliver you something at a later date - like an apartment rental. If you can’t verify who someone is or the legitimacy of what they are offering, it’s probably a scam.

Avoid Fake & Fraudulent Cash App Service Representatives

Cash App does not have a phone number that customers can call to reach Cash App service representatives. If you Google “Cash App Support” and see a phone number that allows you to speak directly with Cash App, it’s a scam. The only genuine Cash App phone number is the automated support line: 1-855-351-2275.

Verified Cash Support can be reached in-app, through, or through a voice connection provided to customers from within Cash App.

All phone numbers claiming to be a direct line to Cash Support are fake. You likely won’t be able to recover funds lost if you give a third party access to your account by calling a fake number and providing sensitive information like your PIN or sign-in code.

Cash App Support will never ask you to provide your sign-in code or PIN, and will never require you to send a payment, make a purchase, download any application for “remote access,” or complete a 'test' transaction of any kind.

If someone pretending to work for Cash Support does any of the things above, they’re a scammer trying to gain access to your account and steal your money.

Reporting Phishing Attempts

What is Phishing?

Phishing is an attempt by a fraudulent actor to collect personal and/or financial information through social media, email, phone, or text message. Victims of phishing scams are sometimes directed to enter their information into fake websites posing as real ones.

Verified emails from Cash App will always come from a,, or address.

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If you receive a suspicious social media message, email, text message, or phone call regarding Cash App, or see a phone number that you believe is illegitimate, please contact support through your app or at to report the incident. Cash App will investigate and take necessary actions.

Please note that there are currently no phone numbers that you can find online to call and speak with Cash App Support.

What can I do if I get scammed on Cash App?

Please reach out to our Cash Support team to report scam-related activity on your account. You can find a guide to contacting a Cash service representative through

Cash App Text Scam $750 (August 2020) Read The Truth! >> This post will tell you about the text message going around that’s likely a scam. Please go through it to know more.

If you’re among the hundreds or thousands of people who recently received a message informing you that you had a pending $750 transfer in Cashapp, you should read this article. A lot of users have received this message, and it is suspected to be a scam. The Cash App Text Scam $750 has been reported as a scam by many users.

This message comes with an attached link which it asks you to click. According to several sources, this is a scam, and with the help of the link, they can extract your personal information, including your bank details and other sensitive information.

These text messages quickly gained popularity after a significant number of users in the United States received them. Several users became suspicious of this message as soon as they saw them and decided to report it on online forums.

As we gave the information earlier, theCash App Text Scam $750 is a new scamming scheme reported by several users. Many users received a message where they were informed about a pending $750 transaction on the Cashapp, a mobile app for transferring of funds.

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A link was also present in the message. Users who weren’t signed up on Cashapp claimed to have received this message, which made it more apparent that this message was a scam.

What to do if you have received this message?

Follow the procedure mentioned below if you have received this message, and want to avoid being a victim of the Cash App Text Scam $750. Take the following precautions and the steps given below:

  • If you have received this message, please do not click on the link.
  • It is suspected that clicking on the link can lead to the extraction of your personal information.
  • If you have clicked on the link, then you’ll find yourself on a web page.
  • On this webpage, you’ll be presented with a Cashapp Gift Card as a present.
  • To claim this reward, you have to enter your 16 digit Cash app card numberand $750.
  • Please do not enter the information, and it can have hazardous outcomes where you might lose money or likely your personal data will be extracted.

Final Verdict

Online banking and transferring of funds has become quite common and is widely used. It saves a lot of time, and it’s quick and convenient. However, it is also the perfect opportunity for scammers to rob you of your information and money if you’re not careful.

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In the United States, one such event took place recently where users received a message urging them to click on a link. It was the Cash App Text Scam $750.

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We suggest you take some precautions and not click on links from unknown and untrustworthy sources without doing proper research. If you have received this message, please follow the procedure we have mentioned above.