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This set of free printable Christmas bingo cards is playable with kids of all ages. There are four different bingo cards in the set, so it’s ideal for your wee little gamblers. Or in case you’ve got multiple kids. This is a great holiday themed interactive printable perfect for snowy days, cozy evenings by the fire, and for when mommy and daddy need an easy game so they can get away with drinking a bottle or two of wine while on kid duty.

Christmas Bingo Cards Free Printable Cards

Holy Spirit Star Wise Men Angel Candy Cane Presents Gingerbread House Snowman. Title: Christmas Bingo Cards Created Date: 6/12/2020 10:52:55 AM. 100 Printable Christmas Bingo Cards, 1 per page, Fun Christmas Party Game, immediate pdf download.If you want the file formatted to a different paper size, split into multiple pdf files, or anything else, message me and I will gladly do it for you. I created this bingo game with 100 different bingo cards. Instructions on how to make the Christmas Bingo Game Print the Bingo Cards and the large pictures on white card stock If the game is going to be played more than one time pages can be laminated With scissors cut the Bingo cards and pictures out around the outside black lines. Rail city keno red game. Purchase Smarties Candy. Print Here: Free Printable Christmas Bingo Game When you click the link above a PDF will open in a new window. In the upper right hand corner you should see a printer button. Click the printer and another window will pop up that should connect to your printer. Printable Christmas Bingo Cards PDF - There are many ways that one can make use of Bingo Cards for different functions. You can use these cards for gambling, for games of opportunity, for card games as well as for other activities. Nevertheless, utilizing them may also help in enhancing your inventive side and your imagination.

The color scheme and decor of this Christmas bingo printable are cheerfully seasonal. The red background features a pattern of snowflakes, candy canes, ornaments, and stars. The words “Christmas bingo” display on a banner across the top (in case you had enough wine to forget what game you’re playing).

As with traditional American bingo (it’s different in the UK!) there are 25 squares and the center square is a free space. Each of the squares include illustrations of items related to Christmas. These include Santa, a gift, snowflakes, a mug of hot cocoa, a stocking, a snowman, bells, Christmas pudding, and lots more. Color wise, there’s heaps of red, with plenty of green and blue to go around. Plus a little bit of yellow for flair.


To play this free printable Christmas bingo game download and print the PDF file below. Then cut out the cards. I haven’t included a call sheet, but it’s 2020 so you can pull it up on your iPad or whatever and call out random pictures to your kids. I really hope you and your family enjoy. Either way, have a great holiday season!

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25 Printable Christmas Bingo Cards


Free Printable Christmas Bingo

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