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Dan Bilzerian is a North American poker player and celebrity personality. Along with brother Adam, Dan Bilzerian has featured in many professional tournaments, including a successful World Series of Poker appearance where he ranked in 180th place. The Dan Bilzerian App Casino slots machine, often known as the “one armed bandit”, became Dan Bilzerian App Casino an icon of modern online gaming. At Slotomania, Dan Bilzerian App Casino you can start playing your favorite slot games with crazy graphics, top of the line Dan Bilzerian App Casino. Search for the relevant casino app. Download the app from the App Store. Not all MI online casinos will feature an Android and iOS app. In this case, they should offer “instant play” in place of an app. Instant play lets you enjoy casino games directly through your browser. You need only register to begin playing free online casino games.

07 Dec

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live like Dan Bilzerian - shooting down well… everything there is to shoot in the desert, having a goat as a pet, bringing a giraffe to your presidential campaign launch party, changing your sleeping habits (and partnersss, P.S. notice the multiple s-es, whoever visited Bilzerian’s Instagram knows what we mean) on a daily basis and spending money and partying like there is no tomorrow - well DREAM ON ‘cause that will never happen to you.


Dan Bilzerian Ignite

You can, however, kill your dead time by experiencing Bilzerian’s cartonized life on your smartphone or tablet. YES, that includes playing with guns and half-naked models and NO, you can’t throw a chick from a roof or sleep alongside countless naked models. Still, the app we’re about to show you is not X-rated, it’s just a simple social casino app created by Pixel Bay Studio for any die-hard Blitz fan. And YES, there is some actual poker involved but hey, who cares? Here is the trailer:

By the way, there’s no need to rewind, what you saw is what you can potentially get if you download the app from Google Play or App Store: slapping buttocks and throwing away money to some random stripper (though you may have to work to reach those levels, but heck, who said being Dan Bilzerian is easy?). Did we mention that the game is not X-rated? No, really! So you’ll never get past second base. Oh, the disappointment..

Before wondering what all of this has to do with poker, here’s a hint: the app is called Dan Bilzerian’s Blitz Poker which usually means you can play some poker. NO, NOT strip poker - unfortunately we might add - but actual grab-a-seat-at-a-table poker while counting your immense stack. You can play either cash or sit’n’go and usually your opponents will be goats (no, not G.O.A.T. nor Dan’s pet but the type of player who calls three streets with Ace high and limp/raises with Ten-Three off-suited). Thumbs up for Pixel Bay for getting this thing straight because Blitz couldn’t have possibly made all that money by playing at the tough tables.


Dan Bilzerian Online Casino Application

So there you have it. If you want to find out more about Bilzerian’s life be sure to read our articles about him. If you want to have fun and slap some buttocks while counting your play money, well, be sure to play Blitz Poker.

P.S. At least by playing this game, you can finally find out what Dan is shooting at the desert (if you access Blitz’s Instagram, you’ll notice a lot of pics with him in the desert holding and using a gun). It seems drones are the usual suspects. Thanks for sharing Dan #sighsofrelief.

Dan Bilzerian House

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Dan Bilzerian Online Casino Apply

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