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When you think of video game IPs that can be adapted for television, what comes to your mind? Mario? Zelda? Sonic? Metal Gear? How about Frogger? The NBC Universal streamer Peacock is adapting the classic 1980s Konami title for the reality competition. Consisting of 12 elaborate obstacle courses or 'crossings,' contestants will have to survive the dangers of crossing 'treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators, and hope over hungry hippos to conquer the course.' Contestants from around the country will compete over challenges of skill, strength, strategy, and problem-solving smarts over the course of 13-hour long episodes.

Facebook My Konami

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Developing the show will be Eureka Productions in conjunction with Konami Cross Media NY. Chris Culvenor and Paul Franklin will executive produce on behalf of Eureka, which has been behind other reality programs like ABC's Holey Moley, Fox's Name That Tune, Netflix's Dating Around, and Animal Planet's Crikey, It's the Irwins. The 1981 arcade game was developed by Konami and published by Sega. The title consisted of individual timed stages that players must all reach five destinations. The first half of the stage involves the frog crossing traffic. When the player makes it to the other side of the road, there's a sanctuary line. The second part involves crossing the river on platforms traveling on horizontal lines, with each successive line going in an alternating pattern. The platforms the frogs must cross are either logs or turtles that periodically submerge.

Despite the laws of nature and how frogs can actually survive the water, if the player jumps into the water, mistimes his/her positioning where a turtle submerges, or if the player reaches the horizontal edge, the frog dies. As of 2005, Frogger sold over 20 million copies and ported across all major video game platforms. No premiere date has been set. What's the next classic video game IP you hope makes a similar transition? Personally, my money is on Joust; I mean, who wouldn't want to 'ride a flying ostrich' in fights to the death.

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Facebook My Konami

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