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918Kiss / SCR888 company in Malaysia 2021 is most popular online slots game. Claim 918Kiss new join free credit with simple one click 918kiss register account today and grab another 918Kiss bonus deposit RM50 free RM75. Term and condition apply. After becoming a part of SCR888 family, you can demand free credit (it is also known as welcome bonus). After completing a registration of a new account in scr888 website, you can start to relish online casino and obtain a free bonus. Remember that there are three types of 918KISS free credit in the application, for example: Referral scr88 free. As a novice to the pc gaming website there's a first deposit bonus, starter pack, slot bonus, card online game incentive, fishing game discount, and so on 918kiss distributes complimentary credit histories to a rookie to motivate them to experiment with numerous content in their website and likewise making their brand-new customers have a dry.

What Is The 918Kiss Free Credit?

The 918Kiss Free Credit is a type of free credit that the website offers to its players. In most online casino platforms, offers of free credit have become quite the norm. It allows these companies to attract new players to try the games that they offer. There are several types of free credits available and each differs based on the user or time limit. Some can be for new users while the others are for experienced players. There are some free credits with a time limit so you need to make use of it before the offer ends. The 918Kiss Free Credit is famous because it is also known as the 918Kiss Free Credit No Deposit System. This means you do not have to deposit any real money to be able to claim the credits. The credits are completely free of charge and require no deposit as well. Sites similar to bet365.

Common Types of 918Kiss Free Credit

The company places heavy emphasis on providing all types of freebies to ensure utmost user satisfaction. As such, there are many types of free credit that you can benefit from.

The Welcome Bonus

This is the most straightforward and easiest free credit system the company offers. To qualify, you just have been a new user and register for a new account. This can be an account on the website or through the mobile application. Once you become a new member of the 918Kiss App Club, you can claim this free credit. You just need to contact the friendly customer service team or the agent to receive the free credit. You can’t cash out the credits but you can use it to test out the various games available. The Welcome Bonus is non-transferable.

Loyalty bonus

This free credit is more applicable to the experienced users of 918Kiss. If you are an active player and a member for a least 1 year, you can request for this. You can view this from the promotion tab on your account. The agent or live chat team may also contact you to inform of the free credits that you may receive. The longer you are a member, the more loyalty bonus you will have access to. This is in addition to other types of promotions and bonus. The loyalty bonus is non-transferable and you can’t cash it out either.

Other Types of 918Kiss Free Credits

Apart from the common types, there are also other free credits that 918Kiss offers. These free credits are more applicable to heavy users and those who wish to earn some extra side income.

High Roller Free Credits

In the casino world, a high roller is a term used to describe a gambler that bets with large sums of money. It is an added advantage if you are a high roller in the online casino world. The more money you gamble with, the more free credits you receive. Once the system has identified you as a high roller, you can start receiving the free credits. This will boost up your balance and you can continue betting with larger sums of money. The more money you wage, the larger the sum of money that you can win. This will allow you to become rich in a short period of time.

Referral bonus

This free credit is a favorite of many 918Kiss, new or experienced. The referral bonus works just like its name, you receive a bonus for every referral. All you need to do is introduce a friend and you can receive free credits. The more friends you refer, the more free credits you receive. Your friends will also receive the same welcome bonus when they register. So, both sides will benefit from this type of free credit. A key point to remember is that you will receive the credit only after your friend’s registration is successful. So if you refer a friend but they did successfully register, you will not receive any referral bonus.

918Kiss Festive Season Free Credit

This free credit type has a time limit and therefore is considered the seasonal or special type of free credit. This type of free credit is only available during festive seasons such as Christmas and others. You will need to always check on the promotions tab to ensure you can make full use of the free credits. Your 918Kiss agent or the live chat team might also contact you to inform of the free credit available. Its important note that the free credit is available only during the offer period or the particular festive season. Thus, once the offer is over, you will not be able to request for the free credit anymore. Also, this is a non-personalized free credit type, which means it is standard throughout. Therefore, the amount of free credit and the time limit to claim is the same for all players of 918Kiss.


As explained above, the 918Kiss offers a variety of free credits for the players to enjoy. There is even a special free credit known as VIP Free Credits. This type is only for those who become VIP members of the club. This free credit is available only to very few players that are able to hit the VIP mark. Regardless of the player status, everyone will be able to access or claim some form of free credit. 918Kiss is very lenient and is willing to cater to players from all walks of life. The free credits will allow you to win even more money on top of anything you deposit. Thus, you will always have a better chance of winning large sums of money. Don’t hesitate to register your account to claim free credits and start winning big.

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Online slot games have come to stay and are highly rated in Asia. With so many choices available, it could be challenging to separate the genuine online casino games from the ones only out to make you lose your money. So, how do you make the right choice? 918Kiss is an online slot game that has peculiar features which could see it rising to the top of the chain in the online casino industry. Let’s get started.

Online Casino Malaysia;

About 918Kiss

918Kiss is an online slot game available to gamers in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. With its stylish interface and impressive layout, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular online casinos in these countries. Formerly known as SCR888 and Kiss918, this is available as an apk file that can be installed on smartphones. The 918kiss apk free download is available on the app store, with millions of downloads so far. Getting started on Kiss918 is so easy as all the users have to do is create a login account.

The instructions for this are available on the application. After inputting the relevant basic details on the 918kiss apk, you will create an account with your unique username and password. It takes a few minutes to verify your information, and you can start using 918Kiss online casino game. With this, you can get a fantastic slot gaming experience as a gamer in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei.

Features of Kiss918 online casino

What are the basic features of the 918Kiss Malaysia that make it stand out? Here are some of them:

  • It is convenient: It is definitely more convenient to log in to an online casino game on your phone rather than having to keep late nights at a physical casino. Every game you would ever love to have in a physical casino is available on Kiss918 online casino.
  • Free casino games: If you’re a newbie looking to try your luck, you can do that on 918Kiss Malaysia at no risk to you. You can spend some time practicing before staking real money on online games. With the flexibility in these online casino games, you can spend as long as you want to learn the rudiments of the game until you’re sure that you’re ready.
  • Earn loyalty points: Offline casinos do not provide loyalty points, which gives one more reason why online casino games are better. You can use your loyalty points to win bonuses and earn casino credits even after losing your money. There are lots of benefits attached to having loyalty points.
  • It is safe to use: Kiss918 is one of the most secure online casinos you can find in Malaysia. Every aspect of this 918kis apk is protected, including your ID login details. As the company is fully licensed, you don’t have to worry about being scammed by an unregistered company. To keep your data as secure as possible, it is also fitted with 128-bit encryption.
  • Excellent customer support: You can get access to 24/7 support assistance from the customer support team. They have great attention to details and will help you resolve your login problems quickly and easily. If, as a beginner, you run into some challenges while playing the games for the first time, you can quickly get on a live chat with the customer support team to discuss your issue.
  • An extensive collection of games: 918Kiss is a collection of some of the best online games you can ever find online. You will always find the game you’re looking for on this platform, whether you’re interested in slot games or live games.
  • Compatible with any mobile device: Kiss918 online casino can be installed on any mobile device that runs on iOS or Android OS. After downloading the apk file, it takes just a few minutes to install and get started. This makes this online casino game easily accessible anywhere you are. It has an impressive game library that is always updated with the latest casino games, which are great to play and engaging.

Online casino games on Kiss918

There are several slots and table games available on SCR888/918Kiss. These games are available on the mobile app, which you can enjoy on the go. The Kiss918 mobile app works for any type of OS, including iOS and Android. All you have to do is download the mobile app and play every time you feel lucky, no matter where you are.

The games provided on this online casino have been specially vetted to ensure that they are right for you. Kiss918 works with well-known brands in the slot machine industry to provide reliable and modern games for its users. The games are not impossible to win as they are created by genuine and legitimate game developers working with 918 Kiss to give you the best choices.

Some of the games on this online slot gaming platform include Alice, Amazon, A Night Out, Baccarat, Battle World, Big Shot, Black Jack, Boxing, Bulls, Silver, Spartan, Stone Age, Thai, Three Kingdoms, Top Gun, Treasure Chase, TREZ, Unicons, Water Margin, Western Ranch, Witch, Wukong, Zombie Grave, African Wildlife, Aladdin, Ancient Forest, Aztec, Ball Slots, Belangkai, Bison Rampage, Bonus Bears, Boy King, Captain, Single Pick, Steam Tower, Tally Ho, The Discovery, Thunder Bold, Touch Down, Treasure Island, Twister, Victory, Wealth, Wild Fox, and Wong Choy.

These games are easy to find and play as soon as you log into the online casino. There is a simple search mechanism you can use in searching for any game of your choice hosted on the mobile app. You can also choose from classic games like Pontoon and Texas Hold’em Poker.

How to play Kiss918 online casino games

Playing 918Kiss is so easy and less complicated, like many online casino games designed to make you lose. With 918kiss, you have a real opportunity at winning and earning a lot of bonuses as well. The attractive layout and design are the first thing you see when you open this app. It works on the same principle as the physical casinos, except this is 100% more convenient. 918Kiss works based on the principle of RNGs or Random Number Generators. This means that the machine shuffles different numbers and picks them randomly. It’s not a rigged like some other mobile casino games.

Apart from the chance of winning money on the slot games, you can also get bonuses and jackpots. There are also perks like sign up bonuses where new members can get more than 20% bonuses as soon as they sign up. Veterans are not left out, too, as they can cash in on the re-deposit bonuses available. With 918Kiss, you can enjoy exclusive bonuses, a vast catalog of games, convenient financial transactions, and excellent customer service. So, how do you play 918Kiss?

Free Bonus 918kiss
  • Download the game

There is a 918Kiss apk free download available for all gamers. It doesn’t cost a dime to download this app and install it on your mobile device. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and doesn’t lag in functionality. It is also a moderate file size which downloads fully in a few minutes

  • Top up your account

After successful registration, you have to put in real money in your account. This is the money that will be used to play different mobile casino games available. As soon as you deposit some funds, this will display on your account after some minutes. Then you can search for any game of your choice or browse through the top-rated games to try your luck on 918Kiss.

  • Set a limit

If you would love to win big on 918Kiss, you should have a limit that will help you play without worries. It’s okay to dream big, but this could make you fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations. So, for newbies, it’s best to start small and then increase the scale of your limits gradually. Don’t play with more money than you can afford.

  • Check out the welcome bonuses

When you sign up on 918Kiss, there are welcome bonuses available to first-time gamers. It would be a waste to not take advantage of this for your first game. It will also help you save enough cash for more fun games. The welcome bonuses on 918Kiss are designed to help you earn more. All you have to do is use free money to place a bet on any game of your choice. More often than not, you’ll be able to win more than enough to play several games as well and make more money.

Free Bonus 918kiss
  • Understand the payout plan

The gaming slots on 918Kiss all have different payouts. You can understand how this works by knowing more about your odds. The overview of each game includes the odds you’re expected to get on them. You can compare odds between several games to find the one that works best for you. Therefore, make sure you familiarize yourself with your odds before getting started. This will increase your chances of winning on the 918Kiss online mobile casino.

  • Don’t ignore the jackpots

918Kiss has huge slot game jackpots that could have you winning really big in one swoop. You can earn more than ever with these jackpots. So, it’s essential to keep track of the size of your jackpot. Don’t be tempted to go for the high ones first, except if you can handle the risk. However, the lower jackpots are less risky to play and give you more confidence as you enjoy your playing experience on 918Kiss.

Tips for using 918Kiss

  • Don’t use all your credit on one game. Try other games if you don’t win in the one you’re playing
  • Before you get your free bonus, make sure you adjust your betting.
  • Don’t repeatedly deposit the same amount. Sometimes, deposit a little less or more.
  • The last tip also applies to withdrawals. Don’t withdraw only in small fixated amounts every time.
  • You may end up losing all your credit if you get attracted by the huge number of the jackpot.

Is Kiss918 for you?

This is a question that runs through a lot of people’s minds. Now that you have gotten an overview of what 918Kiss online casino is, should you give it a try? Well, the answer is yes. This online casino has become a household name in the online casino gaming industry in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. There is no complicated entry routine that could make you spend hours signing up. Instead, all you have to do is download the 918Kiss apk and gain instant access to a broader gaming experience.

This online casino definitely meets modern standards. It is secure, friendly, easy-to-use, fast, and gives you a better user experience that most online casino games. There is a vast game library waiting for you when you download Kiss918 apk, and you’ll never have to worry about being bored again. Also, another thing that makes this great for you is that it is beginner-friendly. So, if you’re trying to just test the waters of online gaming, then this is an ideal starting point for you. Your search for an exciting and accessible online slot game ends here as kiss918 has everything you would want in an online casino and more.

918Kiss apk Free Download

Claim Free Bonus 918kiss

Ready to get into the fantastic world of online gaming? You don’t have to pay a dime as the 918Kiss Apk download is available for free. This mobile app, which can be installed on any smartphone device, is continuously updated with more games. The download takes just a few minutes, and you can get started after creating your login details.