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.How to use Select Bingo as 1-75 or Housie 1-90. The number is displayed.Function BGM On / Off Sound effect On / off Time to display numbers. 2- UK Bingo (Housie) With 90 Balls. Bingo is also a big deal in the United Kingdom, but instead of using 75 numbers, UK bingo uses 90 numbers. Bingo cards in the UK are called “tickets,” and they have 27 spaces instead of 25. The squares are arranged in 9 columns of 3 rows. A row of numbers in UK bingo has 5 numbers and 4 blank spots. Bingo Calling Machine, Housie Calling Machine, Raffle Draw, Raffle Master, Electronic Raffle, Clubs, Housie, New Zealand, NZ. Log In / Sign Up. Taranaki Anniversary - 8th March 2021 - VIEW MORE. New Zealand's leading supplier of fundraising equipment.

For some, Bingo may seem like a game only played by senior citizens or at a holiday resort to while away some time.

However, this traditional game can offer some big cash prizes and has entered the digital age offering fast paced and exciting game play. Not only can you play Bingo online but many venues now offer digital terminals to really speed things up.

In this guide we take a look at the game of bingo in Australia from laws and game play to venues where you can play.


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Bingo in Australia

Though just as much a form of gambling as poker or using gaming machines, bingo has always been seen as a soft form of wagering; a social game often cited by opponents to gambling as being more of a community activity.

Though the popularity of many other forms of gambling wax and wane, this traditional game has remained a buoyant market; largely due to its widespread foundation in senior citizen and rural communities.

The largest markets for bingo are in the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Typically, the game has always been considered a working-class activity as well as being associated with ‘old ladies’ but the shift to online gaming has changed this demographic. More commonly, online bingo players are an average age of 40 with two in five being men. The widespread availability of gaming sites has also expanded the market to countries that previously did not enjoy this form of gambling including European nations like Sweden, Spain and Italy. In fact, because these countries had no history of bingo being a game for old women, the uptake online has been higher in men.

Online bingo is changing the demographics of this quick game with good odds. Image via Flickr.

Here in Australia, bingo enjoys a popular reputation for being sociable and offering reasonable stakes for potentially high wins. You can find bingo events in social clubs, bars and bingo halls across the country and whilst there will always be women of a certain age enjoying the game you could be surprised at the appeal it has for younger players. If, however, you don’t fancy hitting up the halls then online bingo is an easy way to take part.

Bingo and the Law

Gambling in Australia is governed by a variety of different laws and vary state by state as well as by federal legislation. But, on the whole, gambling falls into two categories; land based (physical) and online (virtual) gambling.

Playing bingo for cash at land based venues requires a special license and players should ensure that the establishment where they are playing bingo complies with local legislation. This ensures that the games meet the regulations and provide fair mechanisms for awarding cash prizes.

When it comes to playing bingo online for cash game play falls under the jurisdiction of The Interactive Gambling Act (2001). This piece of legislation makes it illegal for both Australian and foreign sites to offer interactive gambling services to Australian citizens. The legislation covers gaming such as online poker, casino games and bingo. However, the law places the onus of compliance on the company and not the individual. Australian companies fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government and can easily be policed but this is not the case with foreign gaming providers.

In reality, this means that Australian residents may still access the services of online gaming services offered by sites that are based outside of Australia.

Playing bingo in Australia is governed by land based regulations as well as the Interactive Gambling Act. Off-shore companies may not advertise their services to residents but residents can access them. Image via Google.

Bingo in Australia: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal age to play bingo?

Irrespective of the grey area surrounding the legislation of online gaming, the law on gambling in Australia is quite clear; you must be at least the age of 18 to do so. If you are playing bingo in a land based venue then you will need to be able to prove your age and any company offering online gaming should also require evidence of your identity; often this is done via scanning a copy of your driving license or passport when you sign up for an account.

You should be aware that most online gaming providers employ strict age compliance technology and any doubt as to your age may result in your account being frozen.

Are my winnings from bingo taxable?

Though Australia does charge gambling taxes, these are levied on the gaming operators and not on personal winnings. This means any money you are lucky enough to win are 100% tax-free whether you play online or in a land based venue.

Do I have to download any software to play online bingo?

This varies depending on the site you are playing with but most online bingo operators operate an in-browser service. This means you don’t need to download any specific software; however, to keep your personal (and banking) information secure, you will be required to create an account. Most providers will also require you to confirm proof of age.

How can I be sure that bingo games are fair?

All gambling sites must adhere to the gaming laws issued by their local jurisdiction. For land based venues, bingo operators must hold a local state license and the game must comply with federal laws.

When it comes to online bingo games, the operator is governed by local laws. This means that a UK operator must conform to legislation issued by the UK.

All of those sites we have selected below have been issued with licenses from the prevailing jurisdictions in their area which means their license is issued to provide fair games. Numbers are generated at random and these mechanisms/algorithms are regularly inspected.

How to Play Bingo

Whether you are playing online or at a land based venue, bingo is one of the most simple games to play which is one of the reasons it remains so popular.

There are variations to the games (see below) but principally the format is the same whichever type of bingo you are playing.

Housie Machine

The arrangement of the numbers in a grid format grid make it quicker for players to locate a number and ‘daub’ it when they are called.

You pay to play by the number of cards you have in each game with some players preferring to manage just one card whilst others can play multiple cards.

You can play multiple cards but without auto-daub you’ll need to be swift and eagle-eyed. Image via Flickr.

The caller will draw balls from a machine (or selected at random for ‘virtual bingo games’ online) and players who have the corresponding number on their card will mark it off.

A house (‘housie’ or jackpot) is called when you have matched all your numbers on a card with most venues and sites operating a ‘first-past-the-post’ system so a single call of ‘housie’ marks the end of the game.

Winning prizes can vary by venue, game type or site but generally a full line across your card (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) can represent a smaller win with four corners also being lucky. Some games also feature winning shapes but the principle remains the same; match the called balls on your card (or multiple cards) and call ‘housie’ before any other player to win.

In some games, the centre of the grid is pre-marked as a ‘free’ ball thus making it easier to match a diagonal line.

Online games often feature an ‘auto-daub’ function which means you don’t have to scan multiple cards manually to match your winning balls. Some casinos and larger bingo venues also operate terminals or electronic gaming tablets that offer this feature.

Game Variations

The most common forms of Bingo are the 75, 80 or 90 ball games;

  • 75 Ball Bingo: A card consists of the word ‘BINGO’ written across the top with a grid beneath containing randomly chosen numbers in sequential order. In a 75-ball game format, numbers below the B will be 1-15, beneath I 16-30, N 31-45, G 46-60 and 0 61-75. There are usually several ways to win on this format with vertical, diagonal and horizontal lines being lucky as well as a ‘housie’ of 24 numbers. Patterns may also be used to determine a winning combination.
  • 90 Ball Bingo: Cards are arranged in three horizontal lines with nine columns. The first column contains the numbers 1-9, the second 10-19 and so on. Players compete to match the numbers on, first, a single line, then a second with a full house signifying a jackpot. This type of game is the more traditional variety of Bingo and is most common in Europe, particularly with UK sites.
  • 80 Ball Bingo: Numbers are arranged on a grid made up of four columns and four rows with each column being a different colour. Play is similar to 75-ball bingo with winning patterns in addition to winning lines.

Some sites offer their own variations of bingo that are unique to them but generally they will follow one of the above formats. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules and the winning combinations before starting a game.

Land Based Bingo Sites in Australia


Most bingo games are run by social clubs and events are generally listed on the national Bingo Club website. Some of the events listed are geared more towards senior citizens with smaller jackpots designed for casual or social gaming. However, more and more clubs are able to offer big cash prizes due to the rise in demand and flourishing attendance.

Every state has at least one casino, usually situated in the capital city, and generally you can find that they offer a weekly bingo event.

There are no national chains that operate across Australia providing bingo halls, but you can find details of casinos and local venues where you can play bingo in each of our city gambling guides.

Best Online Bingo Sites in Australia

Country of Origin: Panama

Currency: USD

Established: 2002

Minimum Deposit:

Games: One main game, 75-ball version.

Other Games: Blackjack, Keno, video poker, pokies, 3D slots and free play.

Bingo Australia

Bingo Australia is one of the most popular sites for Australians to play online bingo. The main reason is that play used to be in AUD (now USD) and the site has been running for over 15 years with very few complaints. The site is not only popular in Oz but also Canada, Spain and Croatia.

The site is easy to use and has a relatively low minimum deposit plus a good range of games including Bingo.

The main lobby has one main bingo game which costs $0.25 per card to play with prizes varying depending on the number of players. Additional feature games are available once you are registered that usually have guaranteed jackpots. You can also play games for fun with no stakes or prizes.

The community on Bingo Australia is pretty good and chat is available for the more socially minded.

Don’t confuse the site with Bingo Australia Pty. Ltd who run hospitality events.

Country of Origin: Cyprus

Currency: USD

Established: 2002

Minimum Deposit: $20

Games: 3 Main games

Other Games: Poker, Keno, casino and table games plus slots.

Bingo Billy

Bingo Billy has won the prestigious ‘Bingo Site of the Year’, awarded by WhichBingo, five times (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012). It was founded by an American woman called Billy who fell in love with the bright lights of Las Vegas when she worked as a casino dealer.

The same casino vibe is employed with the games themselves which are powered by Parlay.

This is a good site with a nice chat feature and regular games with steady winnings.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: EUR & USD

Established: 1996

Minimum Deposit: $5

Games: 10 different bingo games

Other Games: Poker, Keno, casino and table games plus video slots.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: USD

Established: 2004

Minimum Deposit: $25

Games: Three – 75 ball games

Other Games: Slots, casino games, video poker, keno and table games

Bingo for Money

Games start from $0.05 per card with standard prizes per game being $70 and jackpots of $1000+.

The site will be familiar to anyone who has used other Digital Entertainment Services sites (see below) and Bingo for Money is easy to use, has good graphics and features auto-daub.

Regular players are making weekly winnings in excess of $1000 with some winning much larger jackpots.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: USD

Established: 1995

Minimum Deposit: $25

Games: 12 different games mostly 75 ball.

Other Games: Slots, casino games, video poker, keno and table games

Bingo Hall

One of the longest running online bingo operators, the Bingo Hall site is now owned by Digital Entertainment Services who run Vic’s Bingo and South Beach Bingo (see below).

There is a good range of games and an excellent community which makes game play more interactive.

The site has Flash technology so you can play in-browser and the graphics and sound are pretty good.

You can play up to 24 cards at a time using auto-daub with prizes ranging up to several thousand pounds.

The site is ranked 3rd in the word in the bingo site category and is Australia’s 687th most visited website.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: EUR & USD

Established: 1996

Minimum Deposit: $5

Games: 75 and 90 Ball. Good range of themes.

Other Games: Poker, Keno, casino and table games plus video slots.

Cyber Bingo

The site has been running for over twenty years and has honed its offering down to provide a slick gaming experience. The variety of games is good and offers a range of cards to play with good prizes. The site has plenty of action and Cyber Bingo has awarded over $1,000,0000,000 in cash since 1996. It’s a popular way for Australians to play online bingo as well as Canadians and Americans. Don’t be surprised to find Germans and Spanish players in chat rooms as well.

Cyber Bingo offers a great site for playing bingo with some good bonuses of sign up and deposits with a good loyalty program.

Country of Origin: Gibraltar

Currency: GBP, EUR, CAD & USD

Established: 1997

Minimum Deposit: n/a

Games: 75 & 90-ball games

Other Games: Instant win plus casino games

Getminted Bingo

Get Minted Bingo is a wholly owned subsidiary of 888 Holdings and is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

The site is a little dated in design but does offer a good range of 75 and 90-ball games plus a feature games called High-5. Coverall and progressive jackpots are available 24/7 with the site reportedly awarding prize money of almost $1 million per day.

Chat facilities are available.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: USD

Established: 1998

Minimum Deposit: $50 Nc lottery results.

Games: 3 different games mostly 75 ball.

Other Games: Slots, casino games, video poker, keno and table games

Instant Bingo

Another Digital Entertainment Services site offering an almost identical portal to ‘Bingo for Money’ (see above).

The main variation is in the minimum deposit value but Instant Bingo has many of the same features.

Country of Origin: Gibraltar

Currency: USD, GBP and AUD

Established: 2004

Minimum Deposit: $5

Games: 75,80 and 90 ball variations.

Other Games: Slots and mini-games

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes is one of the largest international bookmakers and operates a range of sites offering plenty of online gambling opportunities. Their bingo site is very comprehensive and features a wide selection of games with different costs per card, jackpots and prizes plus themes.

Though based in Gibraltar, the site is regulated by the British Gambling Commission.

Games can also be played using the Ladbrokes app which can be downloaded to your smartphone/tablet.

Country of Origin: Gibraltar

Currency: GBP, EUR & USD

Established: 2009

Minimum Deposit: $10

Games: Good variety of 75 & 90 ball

Other Games: Online slots, casino games and instant wins

Moon Bingo

A wholly owned subsidiary of 888 Holdings Limited, Moon Bingo has a nice selection of games to play with regular prizes and jackpots that should keep you engaged.

A simple design with good graphics, Moon Bingo attracts a lot of international players.

You can also play Moon Bingo on the go using their app.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: USD

Established: 2004

Minimum Deposit: $25

Games: 15 varieties – 75 and 90 ball

Other Games: Slots, casino games, video poker, keno and table games

South Beach Bingo

This site is operated by Digital Entertainment Services who have an administration base in Antigua and Barbuda. They are regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission and also operate other sites including Vic’s Bingo.

There are usually 1200+ players online so you are guaranteed to get some chat whenever you play. Games cost $1 a card and prizes start at $7 with jackpots ranging up to $25k.

South Beach Bingo has two free test rooms (one 75-ball and one 90-ball) so you can trial the play before committing a stake.

Play is in-browser using flash or you can download their player. This can make play faster if you have a slow connection.

Prize fund pay-outs happen once a week.

Country of Origin: Curacao

Currency: USD

Established: 2002

Minimum Deposit: $25

Games: 6 varieties, 75 ball

Other Games: Keno, video poker, video slots and pull tabs

Vic’s Bingo

Vic’s Bingo is an easy site to use and doesn’t have too much ‘clutter’. There is a good community if you enjoy chatting whilst playing and regular players seem to do reasonably well.

There are six rooms to play in with around 1800 players online at any time. The league table of players shows that monthly winnings range from $50-$10,000 with some bigger jackpots available.

The site has been running for over 15 years and has a good reputation offering good live help and email support.

Featured image via Flickr.

Ready for the ultimate gaming experience? At Tambola Bingo, online gaming just got a million times more interesting with bingo games and cash prizes all at your fingertips. Tambola online bingo brings to you real money bingo games that you can play from anywhere. Experience a new bingo site with ongoing games available any time, day or night. Simply sign on and let the games begin!

Best of all, Tambola Bingo players win real money just for having fun and playing games online. Spend the day having fun with friends winning cash at Tambola.com.

New to online bingo? We’ll help you get started so you can start playing like a pro in no time. Keep reading to find out all about how to play Tambola online bingo, bingo game types, and tp bingo strategies. You could become the next big winner with thousands of rupees in your account!

Want to know how to become a champion bingo player and win tons of money online? Keep reading below to find out all about bingo so you can win!

The History of Bingo

Types Of Housie

Did you know? Bingo games first started in Italy!

The game known as bingo actually started out with the name “beano”. The original game dates way back to the mid-1500s, believe it or not. Back then, Italians played a version of modern-day bingo all over the country. In fact, they called bingo the “it” game of Italy. In those days, they played bingo on cards with numbered squares on them. Then someone would pull numbers out of a sack.

Then bingo began to change over in France…

By the 1700s, the French caught on. In France, they created a version of bingo that featured cards with numbers in three horizontal rows and nine vertical rows with the numbers 1-90 written randomly. Like before, someone would draw numbers from a sack. The first person to complete a horizontal row became the winner.

…until Beano came to the United States.

Fast forward to the United States in the 1900s: new bingo games emerged! This time, people played bingo games at carnivals. The leader of the game would pull numbered beans out of a bag. After a while, people started calling the game “beano”. That prompted each winner to shout “beano” whenever they had matching numbers along a row.

Beano becomes BINGO!

As the story goes, a struggling toy maker named Edwin S. Lowe walked into a game of beano sometime in 1929 in New York. Suddenly, the winner of the game jumped up and shouted, “Beano!”. In that magical moment, Mr. Lowe had the inspiration to create his own version of the game. He gathered a group of friends to test the new game. After matching numbers along a row, one of his friends shouted, “Bingo!” by mistake, and the name has stuck ever since.

Today, you can play bingo online from anywhere.

Millions of people all over the world continue to call out, “Bingo!”. Bingo games have become popular on all four corners of the earth. You can find bingo halls from coast to coast in the United States. The British love their bingo, and the UK has tons of bingo rooms across the country. Tambola players enjoy bingo, too! People love to gather together in bingo halls with friends to play together and win prizes.

Nowadays, players don’t even need to leave their homes to play bingo. Tambola hosts bingo games that you can access from your computer or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection!

You can still enjoy online bingo with your friends. Bingo sites come with chat features so that players can interact and have fun together during the game. Things get interesting when players compete for the top prizes. The competition can really heat up!

Traditional Bingo vs. Tambola Online Bingo

Before, players had to travel in-person to a hall at a certain time to play traditional bingo games. Now, Tambola.com brings bingo to you. Bingo players can play all sorts of bingo games from the comfort of their own homes. All you have to do is register with Tambola.com and join ongoing bingo rooms. Tambola online bingo has a variety of games all at your fingertips.

You may come across different types of online bingo games. Some versions, like 80 ball or 90 ball bingo, vary based on the numbers incorporated into the game. Other versions at the Tambola bingo site have different ways of winning like filling in a row or the entire card. Below you can see the difference between some of the most popular kinds of Tambola online bingo games:

75 ball bingo

This type of bingo game uses 75 balls, and players receive 5×5 cards, each with an individual grid of 25 squares total. This version of online bingo has become very popular in the United States. A 5×5 card in 75 ball bingo consists of the following:

  • Column B contains numbers one to 15
  • Column I contains numbers 16-30
  • Column N contains numbers 31-45
  • Column G contains numbers 46-60
  • Column O contains numbers 61-75

If the card has a number that matches the number drawn by the computer, the player marks off the space on their card. In a game of 75 ball bingo, a player wins after marking off an entire vertical, horizontal, or slanting line before any of the other players. You can also win by marking off all four corners of the card.

80 ball bingo

This bingo game variety uses 80 balls. Each participate plays on cards containing 4 rows and 4 columns with a total of 16 squares. 80 ball bingo uses a 4×4 bingo card, and each player aims to cover all 16 spaces on the card. In 80 ball online bingo, players can choose how many balls get called during each session. During a 35 ball selection, players get big payouts, but in a 55 ball selection, players have a better chance of winning.

90 ball bingo

90 ball bingo has 90 numbered balls, and players receive one or more cards with a row of 5 numbers and 4 blank squares with a total of 15 numbers per ticket. This version of online bingo has become very popular in the United Kingdom. Similar to 75 ball bingo, players buy cards and then mark the card as numbers are drawn. Online bingo players in the 90 ball game typically purchase cards in sets of 6. The cards contain numbers 1 through 90 only once on the six cards. That means every round that a number gets called, players can mark one space on their sheet.

5 Line Bingo

Also known as Swedish Bingo, 5 Line Bingo has become a favourite for online gamblers. 5 Line Bingo has lots of versions which makes this game a fun choice when looking for something different. In this fast-paced bingo game, players use a 5×5 bingo card that doesn’t contain a free space. Players try to win by trying to mark a full horizontal line before anyone else. After, they try to make two lines, three lines, four lines, and five lines.

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Other kinds of Bingo Games

U-Pick-Em Bingo

With U-Pick-Em Online Bingo, players get to choose their own numbers on the bingo card. In a brick-and-mortar bingo game, the player writes down numbers on the card with a pen. Then the player keeps the top sheet and gives the second to the floor worker in order to make sure that they didn’t change the card. U-Pick-Em Bingo gets especially interesting when playing progressive bingo games, early bird games, night owl games, or intermission bingo.

Bullseye Bingo

Looking for the big profits? Bullseye bingo has become a popular type of bingo game, especially for those who want to win huge cash prizes. Players who cover the entire card win the big jackpot.

Bonanza Bingo

Bonanza Bingo games stand out as another exciting variation of online bingo. This version has a total of 43 numbers drawn. At the beginning of the game, a player purchases a card with 24 numbers. A player wins by marking off the entire card. Usually, this type of bingo game has big prizes.

Bingo has had a long history and the game constantly evolves. New bingo sites have exciting new versions of the game released all the time. Tambola.com has a full variety of bingo games, even beyond the 75, 80, and 90 ball versions. Different kinds of bingo games have appeared online with exciting themes based on pirate adventures and adorable animals. Some bingo games incorporate rules of popular casino games like roulette. Others have special bonuses or jackpot prizes.

Tambola offers the best bingo site for finding a variety of games. You can find even more than the ones we’ve listed above. To learn about all the exciting options, continue reading on our bingo games page.

How to Play Bingo at Tambola

One of the reasons online bingo has become so popular is because anyone can learn how to play. Even new bingo players who don’t have any experience can learn how to play online bingo in minutes. Below you can find out how to play Tambola.com online bingo so you can join the fun!

Bingo Cards: How do Online Bingo Cards work?

You can find lots of different bingo cards, but let’s take a look at how to play 90 ball Tambola bingo games. Before the game starts, each player has the choice to purchase one or multiple bingo cards. A typical bingo online game has 27 spaces with an arrangement of nine columns and three rows. Every column on a bingo card has up to three numbers (although you can find lots of variations). Each row usually looks something like this:

  • Column 1: Contains numbers 1-9 or 1-10
  • Column 2: Contains numbers 10-19 or 11-20
  • Column 3: Contains numbers 20-29 or 21-30
  • The remaining columns continue in a similar fashion up until the last column, which contains 80-90 or 81-90 in random order.

Often bingo cards come in strips of 6 tickets so that every number from 1 to 90 can appear on all six tickets. That means players who purchase a full strip of six tickets can always mark off a number when the caller (or computer) pulls a number.

How to Play Bingo Games

When the game starts, the computer will draw a random ball containing a letter (B-I-N-G-O) and a number between 1-90. If one of the spaces on your card contains a letter and number that corresponds to the ball, you mark that space. Online bingo games may do this step automatically.

Top Tips for Online Bingo Strategies

Want to learn how to cash in more money at online bingo? Check out some of the top online bingo strategies below to start winning!

Look for online bingo bonuses

The best bingo site Tambola offers huge bonuses giving players extra money to place bets on games. Make sure to sign up for current offers so you have more chances of winning.

Play with higher priced bingo cards

Usually, by purchasing a higher priced bingo card, you can win higher prizes. You can maximize profits and win bigger jackpots by purchasing more expensive online bingo cards.

Join the higher priced bingo rooms

You can also win bigger prizes by joining in bingo rooms with larger buy-ins.

Purchase extra cards

The more cards you have, the better the chances of winning. Plus you’ll get a higher chance of winning a big bingo jackpot.

Set yourself a budget

Bingo is a fun game to pass the time and win cash prizes. When it comes to online gambling, you never want to bet more than you can afford. That’s why setting a budget before you start playing helps avoid losing too much money. Then, once you reach that budget, stop playing for the day, and make sure to set aside your winnings so you keep a profit.

Practice, practice, practice!

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. Want to get better at bingo? Practicing will help improve your online bingo strategy. You can also try out free bingo or demo games as a way to practice different games before putting money on the line.

Play in bingo rooms with fewer players

Crowded bingo rooms mean you’ll have more competition for someone to reach bingo before you. Join rooms with fewer players to increase your chances of winning bingo first.

Learn the rules

As we mentioned, you can find lots of new bingo games at Tambola.com. Each bingo has its own set of rules and ways to win. Before joining a room, make sure you understand the rules first.

Check the Progressive Bingo Jackpot

Progressive jackpot bingo pools together a portion of each player’s bet. Then the winner keeps that big prize pool. However, some progressive bingo games will only award the jackpot after it reaches a certain level. When this happens, you’ll want to play on a greater number of cards to increase your chances of winning the big sum.

Want to learn more about how to win bingo games online? Check out our extensive guide revealing all the top online bingo strategies to increase your chances of winning big.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Bingo

How do I sign up for Tambola online bingo?

Signing up is easy, and new players can register for free in just a few clicks. To get started, simply fill in your name and email address. After creating an account, you can then link a payment method in order to play bingo for real money. You can conveniently choose from a number of different banking options before making a deposit. Once you have made a deposit, the funds will transfer automatically to your account. Now you can choose from the best bingo games at Tambola.com and have fun winning money online!

Why do people play online bingo games?

Housie Machine Shop

We could come up with an endless number of reasons why people play Tambola online bingo. Online bingo makes it easy and convenient to enjoy real money games from anywhere. All you have to do is sign in and make a deposit to get started. Plus Tambola has tons of exciting games. Players can cash in promotions and get extra credits for betting on online bingo.

How do I win online bingo games?

Just like a standard game, Tambola players win after they mark off the numbers in a row. Each player marks off a number on their card or cards as the computer chooses one at random. Bingo is a game of chance so players win based on luck, although you can use bingo strategies to turn the odds in your favor.

Is online bingo fair?

When putting money on the line, you’ll want to make sure that the bingo site has a fair system. Tambola bingo uses a random number generator (RNG) to ensure completely fair game results. With an RNG, the computer arbitrarily creates a number so that the results are entirely up to chance. That way players can play online bingo and expect fair, honest game results.

What is an online bingo random number generator (RNG)?

In bingo halls, a person, known as the caller, picks a number at random. Sometimes a machine may also choose a number. With online bingo games, the computer automatically generates the bingo number. This is known as a random number generator or RNG. The RNG relies on complex algorithms to ensure that the online bingo results stay fair.

Is online bingo legal?

Yes, but not all over the country. According to the Sikkim Online Gaming Law, licensed betting sites can offer online bingo as well as other games like roulette, blackjack, pontoon, punto banco, casino brag, poker, poker dice, baccarat, chemin de fer, backgammon, keno, super pan 9, and virtual sports betting.

Are there any kind of online bingo strategies?

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Online bingo is a game of chance and winning depends on luck. Still, players can learn different bingo online strategies to win more cash and prizes. For example, Tambola.com runs special promotions and cash giveaways on games throughout the month. Check back to find out the best times to play and take advantage of the rewarding bonuses. In addition, purchasing additional bingo cards increases the chances of winning. We’ve got plenty more strategies in store. Keep reading below to find the best bingo site strategies and cash in more bingo bonuses and prizes.