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What is the first game that comes to mind when you think of an online casino? Blackjack, maybe? Or slot machines? Well, it’s one of those hyped and extremely popular casino games. But it’s not keno.

The thing is, keno is certainly not as popular as, say, slots. But does it mean that this lottery is worse than the popular games? Of course, it doesn’t. Keno is a very cool, interesting, and exciting game, and we are sure that you just can’t miss it, especially if you like lotteries or random number games. But of course, you can’t start playing it for real money right away (especially if you’re not a pro keno player) because playing the game without knowing its rules is the fastest way to lose your deposit.

The best online casinos for instant play keno

Every Keno ticket MUST be PLAYED and winnings COLLECTED at the Red Rock Station Casino, Las Vegas Nevada. The numbers posted are not OFFICIAL until all 20 numbers are drawn and VERIFIED as correct. Any dispute will be decided by the numbers shown on the ACTUAL Keno balls drawn. The Peppermill Reno Keno results posted on this website are for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY. Every Keno ticket must be PLAYED and winnings COLLECTED at the Peppermill Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada. USA Casino Expert is an independent community of gambling industry professionals founded in 2017. The main goal of our team is to provide recommendations on the choice of safe, reliable and trusted online casinos, welcome bonuses and gambling for players from the United States. We do not provide the opportunity to play for money on our website.

Every Keno ticket MUST be PLAYED and winnings COLLECTED at the SantaFe Station Casino, Las Vegas Nevada. The numbers posted are not OFFICIAL until all 20 numbers are drawn and VERIFIED as correct. Any dispute will be decided by the numbers shown on the ACTUAL Keno balls drawn. Find the Top 10 Casino Apps in 2021 - We review the best mobile online casino apps for your device. Learn how to install apps to get FREE welcome bonuses!


List of free keno to play for fun

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In such a case, it’s free online keno games that come to help. Free keno casino games have a similar interface and the same gameplay as their real money counterparts have — and that’s not all. Here, we’ll tell you everything about free keno — we’ll talk about the rules, about the gameplay, about the different types of this game, and we’ll also tell you all the most useful tips. Oh, and of course, we’ll answer all your questions and show you the list of the best free keno games — so don’t waste your time, read this short article, and become a keno expert!

Free keno: rules

As we’ve said, keno is a lottery game, so its rules are not too complicated. First, you select 4-10 numbers between 1 and 80 — when you choose the number, it’s called “spot”. The minimum bet is usually 1-5 cents, and of course, there are also lots of options for the high rollers. Higher bets mean higher payouts, but be careful, because you’ll also lose more if you use max bets. The game process is divided into “races” or rounds — lots of casinos offer the multi-race games, so the number of races can be quite high.


The main problem of Keno is that there are 80 numbers and the chances to hit one of them is only 0.25%. As we’ve just said, you can only select 10 (or sometimes 15) numbers — so your chances to win are quite low. The average house of edge in keno is 30% — just compare this number with, say, 1.5% for blackjack or 0.5-5% for video poker. That’s why playing keno for real money makes sense only if you are a big fan of this game. If you are not, we highly recommend trying free online keno — yes, you will not win anything, but on the other hand, you won’t lose your money!

Different types of the game

There are lots of different types of this game, but the rules are always similar. The main differences are related to the bonuses and the number of combinations available for the players. Let’s be more detailed.

Power Keno. It has one additional rule: if the 20th ball matches one of the numbers on your ticket, your winnings are multiplied by 4. It sounds like a great option for those who play for real money, doesn’t it?

Super Keno has the same rules as Power Keno, but with one small difference: it’s not the 20th ball that multiplies your winnings by 4, it’s the very first one.

Combination and Way Keno. These two games allow you to select groups and a combination of numbers to get higher chances to win. All the other rules are similar to all the other types of this game. When you play keno, the way tickets allow you to make multiple bets and to group your spots. The online version works in the same way as the offline version — you can bet on different groups and multiply your winnings.

Video keno. Have you heard about video poker or video slots? The thing is, video keno is just another slot machine. It’s an extremely simple single-player video game — if you are one of the slot fans, you’ll definitely like this type of game. Of course, all the rules are completely the same.

What else to know?

We believe that you should know everything about the game before you start playing it, especially if we’re talking about playing for real money. Here, you’ll find 3 top facts you must know about this game!

Fact #1: This game is completely random

As we’ve already said, keno is very similar to, say, slot machines — there is a random number generator that generates the results, and you can not influence its work. That’s why we can safely say that there are no strategies that work in 100% of cases. What’s more, there are no keno strategies at all — that’s how all the random games work.

Fact #2: However, there are “hot” and “cold” numbers

But still, millions of players believe that some numbers are better than others and that they are “luckier”. That’s why some numbers are drawn more often than others — but as we’ve just said, keno is about random numbers only. So you can use this hot numbers strategy or you can ignore it — the result depends on random number generator only.

Fact #3: You should try free keno

Lots of people love playing this game for real money, that’s a fact and we can’t deny it. However, we also can’t deny the fact that this game is not the best for the real money players. It has extremely high odds, low payouts, etc, etc.

But it’s still a very fun and exciting game — and we know how to make it even better. We highly recommend playing free keno games — you can’t lose money playing them, you don’t have to make a deposit to play them, and you don’t even have to create an account to try them. What’s more, free online keno games are available for both PC and mobile users — so if you want to play on your smartphone, you can do it right now. How? Just choose the game from the list of the most interesting free keno games, open the game page, and start playing — and yes, it’s as simple as it sounds!


📌 Where can I play keno for free?

Right here! The UCE experts have found the most interesting free keno games, and now they are ready to present the list of these games to you. All the most popular types of this game are available on this page — and they all are completely free!

📌 How to play keno for free online?

It’s extremely simple: free games don’t require download and deposit. What’s more, the absolute majority of these games don’t even require registration — so you can choose the one you like most right here, click on it, and start playing right away. Interested? Then don’t waste your time and try them all, it’s 100% free!

📌 Where can I find an online casino for free play keno?

There are lots of such casinos because keno is an extremely popular game. It makes sense that you’re looking for the best casinos — and they all are waiting for you here. The UCE have found only the safest casinos with a perfect reputation — and of course, all these casinos obtain the RNG certificates.

Today, we’re going to talk about US real money keno. We’ll go over a few specifics of where and how to play the game online. If you’re looking to play online keno for real money, you can visit any of our recommended casinos listed below.

RankOnline CasinoKey InfoBonus InfoVisit Casino
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • Caters to US Customers
  • 150% Welcome Bonus
  • Great Customer Service
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000
  • 250% First Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
  • Instant Play & Download
  • Over 250+ Online Slots
  • 4-8 Hr. Payout Time

Are you still a little hesitant about signing up for a real money online keno site? We understand, especially if you live in the US.

Whether you have questions about the safety of these real money casinos or just need a refresher on some keno rules, we have you covered. Let’s dive into this guide right now!

Where to Play Real Money Keno Online

These online casinos are the best we have found for keno players. Our team has spent numerous hours working to procure these casino sites for you.

Keno free app

Not only do these casino sites have an excellent keno selection, but they are also trustworthy with great bonuses, and much more.

You will get the most bang for your buck if you use any of these US keno online casinos.

Legality of Real Money Online Keno in the US

Our visitors from the USA have nothing to worry about if they want to play real money keno online. We get flooded with emails that seem to be almost daily now about the legality of online casinos in the US. Whether you want to play keno or any other game, playing online is not illegal on a federal level.

Governors of different states may have different viewpoints, so it’s in your best interest to check with your local laws before jumping into anything. While no one has ever been publicly prosecuted for playing a round of real money keno online, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

The laws surrounding online gambling in the USA are ever-changing, so be sure to keep an eye on for regular updates.

Tips for Playing Keno Online

If you’re still somewhat of a beginner to the online keno world, we’ll cover a few tips to help you get started. Even if you’re a seasoned professional, you could still benefit from a little refresher from these tips.

Shop Around for Casino Bonuses

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing, online casino bonuses are always a great way to get some extra money into your bankroll. And who doesn’t love a little extra money to play keno with, right?

A great way to shop is to make sure you have accounts at multiple real money casinos. There are often promotions that run and are emailed exclusively to established customers, so don’t be afraid to sign up at a few different places. Even if you sign up, you don’t have to deposit money at all of them.

Keep up With Secure Banking Methods

Keno Usa App Games

There are new virtual wallets and online currencies coming out regularly. Billionaire casino glitch. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up with and know which ones are actually safe to use.

Keno Usa App Yahoo

Right now, one of the safest banking methods you can use for your real money online keno sessions is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency choice for online casinos among players in the US. Its popularity stems mainly from the security that it provides because of its digital signature.

Ignore Keno Strategies

Don’t believe everything you hear. Even if you have a friend or colleague that has a “guaranteed” winning strategy, don’t buy it. There is absolutely no strategy for keno.

We’re not trying to say you can’t be an advantage player of any kind, but there is no way to manipulate the outcome in keno. A large draw to this game is just being able to shut your brain off for a little while. You can try some betting systems if you want, but those aren’t a surefire way to win either.

Different Types of Real Money Keno Bets

Although Keno is a relatively simple game, there are still a number of different types of bets you can make. We’ll go over a few of those bets offered now.

Straight Bet

This is the most common bet type in online keno for real money. You simply choose a batch of numbers, and you get paid based on how many matches you get.

The odds of getting 20 out of 20 matches in a game of keno is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800. Good luck!

Top/Bottom and Odd/Even Bets

For these bets, instead of making matches, you will bet betting on numbers either being in the top 40 or bottom 40. And in the odd/even bets, you are simply betting numbers on whether its odd or even numbers. No fancy gimmicks, it’s really that simple.

Combination Bet

This bet is just a slight variation of a straight bet. Instead of just betting on number matches, you are also betting on a group of numbers to be selected. The groups are usually either in two, three, or four.

If you’re lucky enough to hit a group in your bet, you will receive a bonus on your real money payout.

Online Keno vs Online Bingo

It should come as no surprise that some people confuse keno and bingo. On paper, it can really seem like they are very similar. And from a general standpoint, they are. Even if they appear similar because they have balls and numbers that yield completely random results, there are actually a few significant differences.

  • In bingo, numbers are drawn until someone wins. In keno, a set amount of numbers are drawn every game.
  • Bets are placed differently. Players must buy bingo cards that can only be used for one game, making it the cost of the bet. In keno, you bet on the numbers in a different game every time.
  • Keno players select their own numbers, while bingo players select cards with random numbers.

While these differences may not seem like much, it makes each game stand out in their own unique fashion. At the end of the day, both games are a great socialization tool for brick and mortar casinos or a great way to get some entertainment online.

The Wrap Up

That about does it for our guide to USA real money Keno. We hope you found some helpful information on the best keno casinos, tips for playing online, and information on the different bet types. Our goal is to provide you with safe real money casinos to play at. No matter what game you are looking to try, our top priority is your safety.

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If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ section below.

Online Keno for Real Money FAQ

Is The Keno App Legit

Here, we will go over the most common questions we receive about playing keno for money. If we missed a question you have, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Keno Usa Results

  • Unless one of the casinos that we’ve recommended has an actual app, there probably isn’t a legitimate real money keno app you can use right now. There may be some in the App Store or Google Play store that claims they will pay out real money but don’t buy into that.

    If you must indulge in your curiosity, just be very hesitant to provide information to online casino sites promising to pay you money without risk any of your own.

  • Yes, it is absolutely possible to play keno in the United States for real money. All of the casinos we recommended for you at the top of this page accept US players.

  • Yes, some providers offer live dealer keno. But it’s not a common live dealer game found at most online casinos. Other games like blackjack, roulette, and poker are much easier to find.