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Stronger together. While most popular YouTube casino accounts and Twitch slot streaming channels are one-person initiatives or are organized by groups of friends, we are seeing more and more family-friendly couple streamers taking up top positions on the platforms.

One such channel is Lady Luck HQ. The channel has grown a lot in just two years. Most of its success can be attributed to its charismatic host, Francine Maric (aka Lady Luck). Her charismatic and larger-than-life personality has endeared her to casino streaming fans all over the world.

All the must see videos from one of the popular slot machine game play publishers on YouTube at the MGSlots 21 channel. You can always be assured of some awesome casino bonus features videos.

Read this article to find out everything you need to know about Lady Luck HQ, the secrets of their success, and how they make their money.

Who Owns the Lady Luck HQ YouTube Channel?

The Lady Luck HQ YouTube channel is owned and run by Francine and Miran Maric, a married couple that lives and works in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the state of Georgia, which is located in the South of the United States and borders Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama.

The Lady Luck HQ channel has a family-friendly vibe, which makes the content appropriate for a wide audience, including middle-aged people and the elderly.

Although the couple leads a private life, some of their personal information is public knowledge since they have a massive social media presence. So let’s get to know the people behind this amazing channel!

Personal life of Lady Luck HQ

The channel is owned by Francine and Miran Maric. Francine is the titular Lady Luck, as well as the host and face of the channel. In an interview with Forbes, Miran confirmed that Francine puts in 5-10 hours a week to generate high-quality content for the channel.

Miran often contributes to the couple’s content production by shooting and editing the videos for YouTube upload. The editing process is likely to take Miran at least as much time as it takes Francine to play the games.


The couple met in 2012 while working for the Fiat Chrysler automotive company. Three years later, on Valentine’s day in 2015, Francine and Miran got married.

What is Lady Life HQ’s main job?

Currently, outside of her slot streaming activities, Francine works as a marketing sales director at Gubagoo, a software company in Atlanta.

Her husband, Miran, is the Chief Marketing Officer at Asbury automotive group.

Source: LinkedIn

The couple’s experience with web promotion and online marketing no doubt contributed to their popularity.

Despite the fact that both of them have highly-demanding jobs, they still manage to find the time to travel to casinos in Florida and Vegas, as well as to document their experience with High Limit slot machines.

And thus came the idea to start a YouTube channel for their video content.

Lady Luck HQ History

The Lady Luck HQ channel was created on February 26, 2018. They uploaded their first video on the very same day.

Lady Luck HQ’s First YouTube Video & Channel Name Origin

Mgslots 21 Latest

The channel’s first video features a jubilant Francine, waving her hands in the air in front of a slot machine.

Halfway into the video, the camera’s operator (probably Miran) refers to Francine as ‘Lady Luck herself’. This is where the channel’s name stems from.

The 30-second clip was shot with some sort of handheld video capture device. Based on the quality and the way the shot is framed, it looks like it was shot on a smartphone. At the time this article was written, the video had 14,000 views and 144 likes.

Lady Luck HQ’s Video With The Most Views

The channel’s rise to fame started when their video entitled ‘MASSIVE $18,000 HAND PAY JACKPOT’ went viral.

Francine was playing on the Rio Dreams Konami machine at Wynn, Las Vegas when she hit what the couple called the biggest hand pay jackpot in YouTube history.

Currently, the video has amassed 6.7 million views. It was uploaded on March 27, 2018.

Lady Luck HQ Channel Statistics

Bob Casino’s experts have managed to get an inside scoop of the analytics figures of Lady Luck HQ.

Lady Luck HQ User Demographics

As of January 2021, the Lady Luck HQ channel had a stable following of 127,000 subscribers. Most of the channel’s viewers live in the United States, followed by the Commonwealth countries.

As far as demographics go, their most active viewers are males between 18 and 35 years old.

This falls in line with what we find from most other channels.

Lady Luck HQ Channel Views & Earnings

In November alone, the channel gathered 3,700,000 views and an overall watch time of over 474,000 hours.

Overall, the channel has over 50,100,000 million views.

The average video view count is an impressive 58,500, which is about twice as many as MGSlots 21, a channel we recently covered on Bob Casino.

The couple’s estimated income from a live video is $1,950.

Similarly, the potential earning for the channel’s partners ranges between $6k — $19k.

Source: NoxInfluencer

Lady Luck HQ Net Worth

Like most gambling influencers, the couple keeps their combined and individual net worth private, and we obviously don’t have any figures on their day job salaries and employment bonuses.

Mgslots 21 Latest Video

However, we can estimate the YouTube channel’s net worth, as well as their earnings from a combination of their streaming revenue and merch sales.

Lady Luck HQ’s Worth on YouTube

According to official YouTube analytics, Lady Luck HQ earned $38,700 in November 2020, with a playback-based CPM of $18.56.

From these figures, we could estimate that the channel earns around $200,000 USD annually, which roughly corresponds with Statsmash estimates.

Lady Luck HQ Merch Earnings

The Lady Luck HQ channel has a TeeSpring merch store where fans can buy mugs, t-shirts, and clothing accessories. The price of their merch ranges from $13 for a simple coffee mug to $38 for a hoodie.

Source: Lady Luck HQ/TeeSpring

Lady Luck HQ on Social Media

Being media-savvy and marketing-oriented, Lady Luck HQ are also very active on social media. Apart from YouTube, the channel also has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, as well as TikTok.

Lady Luck HQ Facebook Account

The Lady Luck HQ Facebook page contains duplicates of most of the couple’s video content. As of January 2021, the fan page had over 46,000 followers and 11,000 likes.

Lady Luck HQ on Instagram

Fans of slot streaming can also follow Lady Luck HQ’s activities on Instagram.

Francine Maric runs the official @ladyluckhq Instagram account. At the moment, the account has over 18,900 followers and her posts regularly get thousands of likes on posts.

Source: Instagram

Lady Luck HQ on TikTok

Lady Luck HQ is one of the few gambling streamers to have an active TikTok account. And that isn’t surprising. Francine’s playful vibe is perfect for TikTok, and she caters to her audience with fun and engaging content. If you’re a fan and use TikTok, you can follow her @ladyluckhq.

So far, the profile has over 8,300 followers and 62.1k likes.

If you are a fan of slot machines and you love this fun couple, be sure to follow them on their socials for more content!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lady Luck HQ

Who owns Lady Luck HQ?

The Lady Luck HQ YouTube channel belongs to Miran and Francine Marcin, a married couple from Atlanta, Georgia.

What is Lady Luck HQ’s real name?

The name of the host and co-owner of the channel is Francine Marcin. The name of the operator and editor is Miran Marcin.

What Social Media Does Lady Luck HQ Use?

Lady Luck HQ has eponymous accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

What Slots Does Lady Luck HQ Play?

Lady Luck HQ’s channel plays High Limit Slots in land-based casinos all over the United States, predominantly in Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida.

What Is Lady Luck HQ’s Net Worth?

The YouTube channel’s estimated income is around $200,000 per year. They also generate income from merch sales on TeeSpring.

Is Lady Luck HQ popular?

According to data on Lady Luck’s Instagram bio, the channel has the most views on YouTube among all slot channels run by women.

Can I donate to Lady Luck HQ?

No, unlike most gambling streamers, Lady Luck HQ does not accept donations.

Does Lady Luck HQ have a TikTok account?

Yes, Lady Luck HQ’s official TikTok account @ladyluckhq. As of January 2021, the profile has gathered over 8,300 followers and 62,100 likes.

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YouTube slot and casino channels have become more popular than ever over the past decade, and MGSlots 21 is one of the top names on the platform.

The channel belongs to Max and Gretchen, a married couple who reside in the United States. The two have grown their channel over a long period of time and now have a massive audience, with their video content garnering countless thousands of views every single day.

So who is the couple that runs MGSlots 21? What is their story? What is the secret of their success? And what is MGSlots 21’s net worth?

Let’s dive right into the world of MGSlots 21!

Who is MGSlots 21?

MGSlots 21 is a YouTube channel that focuses on a married couple’s land-based casino adventures in Vegas.

The US-based couple’s content is much tamer and more laid back than that of most casino streamers. The channel’s family-friendly vibe makes it a popular destination for older viewers interested in experiencing the thrill of gambling wins and losses.

The couple keeps their personal life private, but we’ve managed to find out information about them.

MGSlots 21 Real Name & Birth Date

The names of the streamers are Max and Gretchen. In fact, the MG in MGSlots 21 stands for Max & Gretchen. No information exists online regarding their dates of birth.

MGSlots 21 YouTube Channel History

The MGSlots 21 YouTube channel came into existence on March 26, 2018. The oldest currently available video was uploaded to it four months later, in July 2019.

At first, the channel’s videos featured highlights of Link Slots, Blackjack gameplay, and massive hand pay jackpot wins. Later, the couple branched into promotional videos and live streams.

Occasionally, they upload blogs and tour videos of locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their most frequented land-based casino venues are MGM Springfield and Mohegan Sun.Club player casino $200 no deposit bonus codes 2020 free.

MGSlots 21’s land-based gambling content focuses on such games as Lock It Link, Liberty Link, Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Ultimate Fire Link, and other linked slots. They also focus on high limit slot machines and blackjack.

MGSlots 21 Stats

Here are some useful statistics about Max & Gretchen’s MGSlots 21 YouTube channel.

MGSlots 21 User Demographics

As you can see, the couple’s most active viewers are males between the ages of 18 and 35.

Most of these users come from the United States. The channel also has subscribers and viewers from other English-speaking countries, such as India, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

MGSlots 21 audience demographics. Source: Nox Influencer

MGSlots 21 Net Worth

The net worth of the MGSlots 21 YouTube channel is $410,000 USD and their yearly income averages out to about $318,000 USD.

The couple behind MGSlots 21 has not published their individual or collective net worth yet, and it isn’t likely that they will do that soon.

However, our estimations of their YouTube earnings, merch sales, and online donations could provide an approximate range for their overall revenue.

MGSlots 21’s Income and earnings

Based on our estimate, the live income generated by Max and Gretchen from the MGSlots 21 YouTube channel is approximately $26,500 USD per month.

The estimated potential income per video is $836.64 USD, which is quite good.

MGSlots 21 Channel Views

Since its creation, the channel has acquired a massive 70.5 million views and 99.2k subscribers.

The average video view count currently sits at 37,100, and the average amount of total video views per month currently sits at 755,000 views per month.

MGSlots 21’s promotional videos also gather around 540,000 views per month.

MGSlots 21 YouTube Channel Worth

According to an estimate by Statsmash, the MGSlots 21 channel is currently worth $410,000 USD on the free market.

Source: Statsmash

MGSlots 21 Merch Earnings

The MGSlots 21 TeeSpring store features clothing apparel, mugs, homeware, and accessories. The price of their merch ranges between $2 to $21.

Mgslots 21 Latest Video Biggest Jackpots

MGSlots 21 Patreon, Donation Profits, and Charity Work

Unlike many other casino streaming channels, such as SlotLady or CasinoDaddy, MGSlots 21 does not have a Patreon or a GoFundMe account.

However, they accept stream donations and send all the proceeds to Camp Rising Sun — a non-profit organization for children battling cancer.

Since all donations to MGSlots 21’s channel goes to charity, they are not included in the couple’s net worth.

MGSlots 21’s Firsts and All-Time Highs

MGSlots 21’s First YouTube Video

MGSlots 21 made its first upload on July 19, 2018. The video ‘⚡️High Limit Lightning Link⚡️’ features a collection of the channel’s best Lightning Link wins over a 6-month period. You can watch them win six major jackpots and several massive hand pay wins.

MGSlots 21 Most Viewed Video

The channel’s most popular video is the ‘BUFFALO GOLD MASSIVE JACKPOT HANDPAY’ live stream video. The stream premiered on January 24, 2019, and has amassed over 1.2 million views since then.

MGSlots 21’s First Million View Video

The first MGSlots 21 video to gain a million views was the ‘MASSIVE 50000 PEARL’ video, celebrating the channel reaching the 4000-subscriber mark.

The video was uploaded on September 27, 2018. At the moment, the video has just over 1.17 million views.

MGSlots 21 Social Media Profiles

MGSlots 21 YouTube Channel

MGSlots 21 are predominantly a YouTube channel. This is not surprising. Casino streaming content is quite popular on Youtube, especially when it features unstaged land-based gambling.

MGSlots POV coverage of live plays attracts a large audience from all over the world.

On average, the channel uploads 50 videos monthly. The daily viewership has also increased from 90k in 2019 to 250k in 2021.

At the moment, MGSlots 21 has close to 100k subscribers.

MGSlots 21 YouTube Channel.

MGSlots 21 Facebook Group

As of January 2021, MGSlots 21 does not have an official Facebook account or group.

MGSlots 21 Instagram Profile

MGSlots 21’s official Instagram profile is @MGSlots 21. The channel has more than 2.5k followers at the moment.

If you’re a fan of the couple, we recommend you follow them.

Frequently Asked Questions About MGSlots 21

Who owns MGSlots 21?

The channel is owned and run by Max and Gretchen, a married couple that resides in the United States.

Where Is MGSlots 21 based?

MGSlots 21 is based in the West Coast of the United States. Most of their videos take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and feature the city’s popular casinos, including the MGM Springfield and the Mohegan Sun.

What Social Media Does MGSlots 21 Use?

Outside of YouTube, MGSlots 21 has a minimal social media presence. Unlike other content creators, they don’t have a Facebook account.

You can find MGSlots 21 on YouTube or search for them on Instagram via @MGSlots21. They also have a merch store on TeeSpring where you can also find their official email.

What Slots Does MGSlots 21 Play?

MGSlots 21’s plays on Lock It Link, Liberty Link, Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Ultimate Fire Link, and other LINK slot machines. They also often feature High Limit slots and Blackjack gameplay.

Is MGSlots 21 on TikTok?

No, MGSlots 21 does not have an official TikTok account.

What Is MGSlots 21’s Net Worth?

The MGSlots 21 YouTube channel is worth $410k at the moment. But there are no exact figures on sponsorship deals and merch sales.

Does MGSlots 21 Donate to Charity?

All stream donation proceeds from the MGSlots 21 channel go directly to Camp Rising Sun, a charity designed to support children fighting with cancer.

Is MGSlots 21 Connected with Las Vegas?

Although the couple works with top hotels and casinos in Vegas, we couldn’t establish a firm personal connection between them and the owners of any Nevada casinos. They only work with other casino content creators on YouTube.

Can I donate to MGSlots 21?

Donations are available via the channel’s live chat. All proceeds go directly to Camp Rising Sun until August 2021.

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