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American bingo is one of the most popular games out there for when you're bored! 75 card bingo game is played on a 5x5 grid with numbers 5 across and 5 down. Each grid square contains a letter. 90 Ball bingo is probably the most popular type of bingo, but what is the most popular game? Have a look at our A-Z list above for some of the most popular online bingo games in 2021. 75-ball bingo is the most common bingo game in North America. In this version, the cards have a total of 24 numbers, divided into 5 columns. The columns are defined by each of the bingo letters, B, I, N, G, O, and in each of them are the numbers within a specific range. In column B are the numbers that go from 1 to 15, in I they go from 16 to 30, in N from 31 to 45 without a number in the third row, in G from 46 to.

What are the different types of bingo games

Traditionally, bingo played with 75 balls, excited players for many decades, and added zing to social gatherings. But, today’s fast pace generation needed bingo to be taken up a notch. Variations were made, to pique their interest, in bingo like

  • Switching up the location of playing the game
  • Changes in the numbers of balls played
  • Changes in the types of patterns on the bingo card

With the online bingo version, now everyone can play an enjoyable game of bingo sitting at their choice of a place and have fun. It also made playing and winning the game more rewarding. You can check out many UK regulated bingo sites on and learn about various rewards like offers and bonuses they provide.

Here Are The Most Popular Types of Bingo Game Variations

30 Ball Bingo

It’s also referred to as ‘Speed Bingo’ designed for those who like a fast pace game. It’s played with 30 balls and a 3×3 bingo card, giving you a chance to win multiple times in an hour.

90 Ball Bingo

Names Of Bingo Games

It’s the most popular variation of bingo played in the UK and the rest of the world. It is hugely different from the 30 ball bingo variation. In it, you use a 3×5 bingo card consisting of 15 numbers. You can win in this version of bingo in two ways –

  • Line Win – When you match all numbers on a single horizontal line, you win about 20% of the overall pot.
  • House Win – When you match all 15 numbers on your bingo cards, you become the winner.

80 Ball Bingo

It’s a slightly shorter variation of 90 ball bingo, where you have to match the 16 numbers on your 4×4 bingo cards. You make winning patterns with complete rows and columns, but everything else remains constant.

75 Ball Bingo

It’s the most popular variation of bingo played in the US and Canada. You get a 5×5 bingo card with 24 numbers and an empty square in the middle. The numbers on the cards are arranged, as per letters of B-I-N-G-O. It’s sorted into groups of 15 per letter — B1-15, I16-30, N31-45, G46-60, and O61-75. For winning, you match complete rows and columns for a winning pattern.

Apart from the traditional winning patterns of multiple rows and a full house, the new variations of the bingo game have some more of them like
New Winning Patterns Variations

  • Four Corners – You only need to strike out the 4-squares at the corner of your bingo cards to win.
  • Outer Edge – You have to strike out the outer squares, known as the frame of a bingo card, to win.
  • Letter Patterns – You win when you create letters such as E, L, W, X, and Z by striking the squares on your bingo cards.
  • Wine Glass Pattern – You strike out squares on your bingo cards, creating the shape of a wine glass in it.

Such popular bingo game variations excite players of all generations and make the game more fun and rewarding. Try some of them yourself to know which one you like the most. Cda casino bingo.