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Boku is a payment service provider that allows Canadians to easily deposit at their favorite casinos simply by using their phones.

Known as “carrier billing”, Boku is a mobile payment service that allows unbanked people with smartphones to simply add line items to their monthly phone bills. In a sense, it is one of the only ways to gamble online with credit, as the payment doesn’t become due until your phone bill does.

Most online Boku casinos will limit users to around £30 per day in deposits, so generally, it is a deposit method used by the more casual players. As a result, it may be used as a fallback option for high rollers who wish to supplement their deposits rather than wholly rely on the system. The key areas of focus include the best Boku casino websites for all players, how to deposit with Boku, the benefits of pay by Boku casino websites and casino bonuses at Boku casinos. You’ll also learn about the different types of games you can play at online casino websites that accept Boku.

There’s no need to fund Boku with a credit or debit card or connect it to a bank account. Some players who own bank or credit union accounts, credit and debit cards, or even eWallets like ecoPayz, Skrill, or Neteller still prefer the convenience of carrier billing.

Canadians as a whole are one of the most prolific users of smartphones in the world. The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) estimates that about one-third of all Canadian households rely on wireless services exclusively. They also state that over 90% of Canadians have mobile phones while only about 41% have landlines.

📌 What is Boku?Boku is a phone billing payment method and popular option for making deposits using your mobile phone number only. More precisely, it enables playe..

Worldwide, Boku processes in excess of $3.5 billion annually in 20 markets serving over 13,000,000 active users per month. With over 160 carrier connections it’s highly likely that your monthly cell phone plan is all you need in order to play at an online casino in Canada.

Best Boku Casinos

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2 Royal Panda
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3 Genesis Casino
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Mobile Carriers Supporting Boku

Unfortunately for Rogers Wireless users, Boku only works with Facebook, Sony, and Wargaming. So if you are a Rogers customer you will need to try one of our other deposit methods.

According to Statista, the next two top providers are Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility. If you are a Bell or Telus customer you are in luck as Boku is supported for you! Most of the other dozen or so prominent carriers across the provinces also welcome and support Boku payments so you have nothing to lose if you try.

Although you might use your mobile device to make a deposit, you can play casino games on any device with a web browser that is connected to the internet.

You might ask yourself…

Why should I use Boku?

We’ll suggest a few reasons you might want to consider:

  1. It’s a great option to look at if your bank or debit card provider tends to block casino transactions. If you don’t have a bank account or any active cards it’s one of the best options for depositing.
  2. It’s fast and easy – What could be more simple than entering a deposit amount and your phone number and then replying to a text message? That’s super simple in our estimation and no other method is faster.
  3. No personal information is transmitted – Deposits are purely financial transactions with no need to register an account, wait for identity or account verifications, or anything else. Simply deposit, reply to a text message (SMS) to confirm, and play.

Speaking of easy, there are three simple steps:

  • Navigate to the cashier or banking section and select Boku, Pay by Mobile, or Pay by SMS
  • Enter an amount of $30 or less
  • Reply to the text message to confirm

Wait a minute! I’m afraid they almost make it too easy to play at your favorite casino, so be sure to not get in over your head or chase losses. Gambling in Canada is supposed to be fun!

Boku Direct

If you have a favorite online casino that you play at often, you can set up a quick deposit option much like a recurring payment. If you see Boku Direct in the cashier simply select the option if you want the system to remember your phone number for you. You’ll get a text message asking if you want to use the service and all you have to do is reply in the affirmative.

The next time you visit the casino you can click on the quick deposit option to deposit immediately without even entering your phone number.

Boku Fees

While we have come across a few international casinos online that do charge fees for depositing with Boku, we haven’t found that to be the case for Canadian players. The operators know we sometimes have trouble depositing so they try to make banking with them as easy as possible. If you deposit CA$30, you should have $30 to play with!

Frequently Asked Questions about Boku

How long will it take for my deposit to be credited?

Boku payments are instantaneous. You check the status of your transaction by visiting the Boku Customer Care Portal.

Can I use Boku if I have a “pay-as-you-go” or pre-paid phone?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient funds in your phone balance and your pre-paid phone is not provided by Cricket, AT&T, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, or Verizon. Other carrier’s prepaid plans should be fine.

Why can’t I use my Canada Bell post-paid monthly plan and phone?

Yes. Be sure that Carrier Billing and Premium services are enabled. The process is different for certain phones and individual carriers.

Can I cash out my winnings with Boku?

The answer is currently, “no”. However, the system does have refund capabilities through the newer “phone-on-file” facility they have introduced to provide a more “frictionless” check out process.

For the time being, you will need to use an alternative withdrawal method such as an eWallet, Bitcoin, paper checks, or a bank transfer if you have an account. lease check the withdrawal section of the casino cashier prior to depositing and talk to customer service if you need to, to be sure you can et your winnings after a lucky session.

I’m currently in the U.S., can I use Boku to deposit?

No. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until you return home to use carrier billing at an online casino. Thanks to unsettled legal issues surrounding the US UIGEA of 2006, carriers will not allow Boku payments if they see that your phone is in the US.

Online Casino Boku

Can I review my deposit history?

Yes. Simply visit the secure Boku Customer Care Portal to see the status of all transactions going back 6 months. Once you enter the portal you can see and cancel subscriptions if you want to or block your phone number from future payments.

Does Boku provide customer support?


Yes. A complete and comprehensive Boku FAQ is available online. There is also an online form to address any issue related to your phone number/account. The secure facility uses reCAPTCHA, conforms to the company privacy policy, and allows the uploading of documents and other attachments.

Why can I only deposit $30 at a time?

The relatively low limit was negotiated between Boku and the participating carriers. The last thing they want is for customers to run up big bills they are unable to pay and end up with disconnected phone service. It’s also a security feature.

Which Canadian casinos online accept Boku payments?

All sites listed on this page accept Boku payments. As the payment method is gaining in popularity more are being added all the time.

Boku Casino in Canada Conclusion

Carrier billing through Boku provides Canadians a safe, secure, and easy way to deposit. While the most popular wireless provider in the country does not support Boku payments, most of the others do.

There are no fees for using Boku as the casinos pick up the tab. They want your business and will offer special Canadian bonuses along with alternate banking methods that are cheap or free and easy to use.

The current $30 limit may frustrate some players, but if you like to play with a bigger bankroll and are patient, you can accumulate multiple deposits in your account before playing.

Online casinos are turning to mobiles in many ways, the possibility of playing casino games and placing bets directly from a mobile phone has been one of the greatest progress of gambling industry, but this trend goes beyond just playing. Through this article we’ll review one of the biggest innovations in payments methods for virtual entertainment: Boku.

Online Casinos that accept Boku

5. Do Boku Casinos Accept Other Banking Methods?Yes, We Haven't Seen Any Boku Casino That Does Not Accept Cards, Vouchers And Even Some Cryptocurrencies.

Online payments have evolved to provide new and more comfortable ways to purchase products and services online. Since the creation of e-wallets like Paypal, companies have realized they need to diversify the way they accept transactions form their users in order to acquire a bigger market, and phone payments are a great way to achieve that goal.

Keep reading to know more about this innovative payment method; we’ll explain how Boku works, we’ll tell you everything you need to know before you opt for this way to fund your online casino accounts and we’ll give you a quick review of how to select the best online casino that accepts Boku.

What is Boku?

Boku is a direct carrier billing service provider, this means Boku allows users to buy products and services online charging them directly to their mobile bill. Direct carrier billing represents a big advantage for all online payments as it allows companies to covers a bigger market; using debit cards for purchases online is not always available and there are several cards that are not accepted by merchants so for many years credit cards were the most frequently payment method available and used. According to Fortumo there are five times more cell phones than credit cards which give us an idea of how much benefit online entertainment providers, such as online casinos, can get from accepting this kind of transactions.

The market of direct carrier billing is rapidly expanding with new merchants that accept this payment method and more users turning to it due to its fast and safe features. According to MobilePaymentsToday the value of all the transactions done globally in 2016 via direct carrier billing was between $12 and $16 billion, they also expect this number to reach the $24 billion for 2019.

Even when direct carrier billing services such as Boku specialized primarily in digital products, one of the main driver for its recent expansion is the current availability for using this payment method for physical items. Boku has recently partnered with several companies to offer its services for acquiring physical objects like magazines and you can now even pay your coffee or meal with this innovative system. This expansion has allowed direct carrier billing industry to be currently available in more than 120 countries covering the 90% of the global population.

The key of success for direct carrier billing services is the infrastructure, when opting to use Boku to pay for your online entertainment you can be sure you’re using one of the biggest and most reliable company that has partnerships with companies like Google Play, PlayStation, Windows, Facebook and Spotify.

Boku is one of the biggest direct carrier billing provider in the world, its service is now available in more than 60 countries, the partnerships of Boku with carriers have been crucial for offering a worldwide payment solution, their direct carrier billing system is available in 40 currencies through more than 300 carriers, so you can be sure that having a phone line with a major carrier Boku’s service will be available for you to make online payments. This company with 12 offices around the world has not only service for one time payments, you can also program your monthly automatic payments through Boku.

Implications of using Boku in the gambling world

Now that we have defined what is Boku and how it works, we’ll review the main points of using it for online gambling. Using Boku for deposits in your online casino account is very simple. First you must go to the payment page of the online casino and select the option “Pay by Phone”, once in the Boku window you’ll be asked to introduce your phone number and the amount you would like to deposit, there are different ways to confirm the transaction according to the online casino platform and your carrier; some will send you a message that you must answer and some others will send directly a code that you’ll need to enter in the website to confirm your deposit. These transaction confirmation systems are a way to authenticate you as the owner of the phone line so you can relax knowing no one can make payments with your phone line without your authorization.

Rich Palms

It’s important to remark that the messages for confirming a transaction with Boku doesn’t have any cost, in fact the use of Boku as a payment method doesn’t have any fee, which means the amount you select for deposit in your online casino account will be the same amount charged in your phone bill.

A great advantage of using Boku for deposits in your online casino account is the fact of keeping separate your financial information and your gambling account, as you won’t be needing to provide any other information than your telephone number.

For using Boku for funding your online casino account you need to fulfil some requirements: the obvious first one is to search for an online gambling platform that accepts Boku as a payment method, if you have a prepaid mobile phone you must make sure your balance is enough to cover the amount you want to deposit, and if you charge directly your phone line to your credit card you’ll just have to wait for your next invoice to see the charge in your phone line bill. As Boku is one of the biggest direct carrier billing provider you’ll be able to process payments if you’re user of one of the many major wireless carriers available.

The confirmation of transactions through direct carrier billing is really fast, according to Boku’s website, each transaction takes upon 15 seconds to be confirmed by the platform, however some online casinos make take more time to confirm your transaction and give you access to your accounts funds, it all depend on the online casino platform you choose. Once you use your mobile phone for entering funds in an online casino account the phone will be saved for further deposits.

Boku is considered a safe payment method for funding your online casino account not only because you are not required to provide any financial information, but also due to the different regulations it has in terms of safety like PhonePayPlus and Ofcom so you can be sure all your transactions are safe. When doing a payment with Boku you’ll receive by message a phone number you can use to reach the company in case of having any issue with your transaction. Remember Boku is only a transaction provider so every transaction you do with them is final and they are not responsible of the content or quality of the online casino you choose, so make sure to select the best online gambling platform for you before doing any transaction.

Disadvantages of Using Boku at Online Casinos

Boku also has some disadvantages as an online casino funding method. First of all, you must take in account that Boku is only a service to make payments which means you won’t be able to withdraw your funds from the online casino with this method. As this option won’t be available, for withdrawing your earnings from the online casino you’ll have to choose another payment method, providing your banking information or using other methods such as e-wallets like Paypal.

One of the first complaints about the use of Boku at online casinos is the limited budget for deposits. Boku focuses in small amount transactions which makes it ideal for social games and make payments through Facebook, however for funding your online casino account this might be a little bit restrictive as it will allow you to make deposits up to £30. This can be a great limitation for Boku in the gambling world as one of the main attractions of online casinos are their welcome bonuses that offer the possibility of duplicating your first deposit for up to £100 or £200 so by using Boku as payment method you’ll be giving up at least £70 of the bonus potential. It’s important to highlight that this budget limit for funding online casino accounts that Boku has is considered for many as a great way to keep a responsible gambling as a way to protect users from investing big amounts and keeping their gambling affordable and fun.

Finally, you’ll find several online casinos that use stablished amounts for using Boku to fund your account. While using any other payment methods you can select the precise amount you want to deposit, with Boku you’ll have only a few options like £30 and £20.

The Best Online Casinos that Accept Boku

As the market of direct carrier billing increases and becomes more popular among users, there are more online casinos that accept this payment method. Big casinos that have been for a while in the industry are turning to Boku as an innovation that may provide them a competitive advantage. However, the use of Boku to fund an online casino account is more popular in newest and smaller platforms, these small companies compete with gambling giants by offering the most innovative and comfortable features to stand out in the market and for the majority of these casinos to offer a phone payment method is a must.


Boku is especially popular among mobile casinos as it is to expect; mobile gamblers have preference to manage everything from their phone; including their payments. As the percentage of contract phones increases users are getting more used to pay monthly not only for their phone line contract but also for digital entertainment services such as Spotify, the market of direct carrier billing is growing constantly through this niche.

The quick mobile billing service of Boku is available not only for regular online casinos, this innovative service has also presence in the social casino world and is now accepted by some of the top social casino platforms such as: Badoo, Gameloft, Facebook, EA, Stardoll, Sony Online Entertainment, Nexon, Artix Entertainment, and many more.

📌 Do I Need To Sign Up?Probably The Best Thing About Online Casinos That Accept Boku Deposits Is The Fact That You Don’t Need To Sign Up. With It You Simply Use Your Phon..

As explained before the benefit of welcome bonus is limited in online casinos if you’re making the first deposit with Boku, as the transaction will be limited to £30. Online gambling platforms understand that this might be deceiving for several users, so they usually offer different promotions that are not related to the first deposit amount. It’s important that you verify these promotions to make sure you select the best online casino for you; you’ll find several online casinos that offer free spins promotions, periodically bonus and tournaments for certain games and even first bonus for subscription without the need of making any deposit, remember to make sure to read carefully the small print of these promotions to fully understand the requirements of each promotion.

For several gamblers, using Boku as payment method is a great option for testing new online casinos. The number of small and specialized casino platforms is increasing and It becomes harder to select the best online casinos, since you’ll surely find several options that seem to be a great choice for you but you might not want to open an account and provide your banking information in all of them, there’s where Boku offers another great advantage for online gambling as it might be a great idea to test different platforms with a small initial deposit like the ones available via Boku to find out which one is the best option for you. Always keep in mind that the best casino online is the one that offers you a great mix of games, betting modalities, innovations and promotions according to your preferences, so stop waiting and make a quick search to find the best online casino for you.

Promotions of Online Casinos with Boku