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Release Date April 7, 2020
Game Type YGS Masters Video Slot
Default bet size €2.00
Max RTP 96.4%
Volatility 237
Paylines 486 – 33,614
default max bet 12 EUR
Max win on default max bet €866,256

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”PopRocks™ is the first release in the PopWins™ series of slots – set to become a trending game in 2020, thanks to cool electro graphics and serious payout power if you hit the luck…”

PopRocks is the first Pop Wins online slot from Yggdrasil. The game introduces a new style of gameplay that provides players with generous winning potential, and the theme of this game makes for an. (630) 232-2806 OPEN FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR DINING, OR CURBSIDE PICKUP. Please call for a reservation. All reservations will be for a one hour and fifteen minute time-slot. Pop On PopRocks. Stream Announcement Axlwisp. So if you're interested in grabbing a slot.

The YGS Masters series has already served-up some of the coolest games seen in the past few years, like 9K Yeti – and now Avatar UX are getting in on the act, with the release of PopRocks™ slot. PopRocks™ is the first in a series of PopWins™ games, a slot concept that looks set to become a cult classic, thanks to multiplying and expanding reel payout power. In the case of PopRocks™, you get to spin away inside an uber-cool electric slot castle, wired with voltage to send lucky wins as high as 72,1888x your bet – creating winning potential as big as €866,256 on the max bet. PopRocks™ has epic graphics, cool sounds and delivers an innovative new slot concept; check it out with our full PopRocks™ slot review….


If you’re into Asian-styled slot adventures, then PopRocks™ slot is probably going straight in your favourites, with a slot plot created by the innovative team at Avatar UX on Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters platform. If you’re not familiar with Avatar UX, they’re famous for developing Asian-themed games for the European market, loaded with cool 3D graphics and cutting-edge gamification. In PopRocks™, your goal is to enter the futuristic castle slotscape and electrify your spins by collecting gemstones – infused with the power to pop, multiply and expand into 33,614 ways to win! PopRocks™ slots’ cool soundtrack and stunning graphics, deliver an experience reminiscent of a night at an electro-music gig, with the maximum bonus mode win having a seriously amped-up reward as high as 72,188x your spin! This first release in the PopWins™ portfolio looks set to be a winner.



The PopRocks online slot from AvatarUX is another game from this developer where symbols pop and reels expand. Once they reach seven rows high, a win multiplier kicks in, and there’s no upper limit to how high it can reach. You have eight reels running across the Five Star Power Reels slot machine from Red Tiger Gaming. It’s another fruit. SiriusXM Love - SiriusXM Love has been moved from Channel 17 to Channel 70 where you can continue to hear romantic ballads and soft pop music featuring the lyrics of love. PopRocks, our new channel featuring Pop and Rock songs from the 90s and 2000s, has been added to the lineup on Channel 17.

Poprocks Slot

The new PopWins™ series of slots offers an innovative slant on classic slot formats – so you can get a feel for the vibe with our free PopRocks™ slot demo, before playing for real at our top-ratd slot sites.

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Once you see the visuals and give PopRocks™ slot a free spin, you’ll instantly be impressed by this little beauty of a game – it’s definitely one that works well on mobile and will put some energy into your day! However, whether you’ll love the game, probably depends on whether you like really volatile games that can potentially (if you’re in luck!) be very rewarding on the payout front – because this is exactly the vibe of PopRocks™ slots. Its volatility rating of 237 is seriously high – meaning you can expect hot and cold runs of spins when playing. The trade-off is that it’s loaded with bonuses on hot runs – causing the reels to expand the pay lines from 486 – 33,614, multipliers to stack-up and the payouts to rocket! This is why PopRocks™ slot can power-up wins as high as x72,188 your bet; a range of €7218 to €866,256 depending on your bet size (0.10 to 30.00). The game’s basic RTP level of 96.4% means it’s fair – but remember it’s volatile. The base game is loaded with mystical gems that cluster together to create winning combos – along with an arcane power to pop, multiply and expand.

Strategy tip for PopRocks™ slotsPopRocks™ looks cute but it’s an adrenalin-packed game for the brave of heart! The rewards on hot runs can be really good, but it’s vital to adopt a sensible strategy because there are never any guarantees; set your fun session budget and then use a spin size that gives you lots of spins and value for money, regardless of your luck.


The games being created on the YGS Masters platform are becoming famous for offering players innovative bonus features, thanks to cult games games like Nikola Tesla, Niagara Falls and 9K Yeti. PopRocks™ joins the ranks with three cool reward features – including the unique PopWins™ bonus:

PopRocks™ slot sites feature the unique PopWins™ feature, meaning your spins can pop symbols into two new symbols, until no new wins occur. The coolest aspect of this PopRocks™ slot bonus, is the power for the reels to expand up to seven symbols high; creating as many as 33,614 ways to win!

Every seven pops collected in the Pops Vault, boosts the multiplier by one. While you’re going to need some serious luck to stack multiplier-on-multiplier several times – this feature is why PopRocks™ slot has the power to payout as much as 72,1888x your bet.

Poprocks Strain

PopRocks™ goes into its extreme best Bonus Mode when you expand the columns to seven-high, resulting in three extra powers:

– One Wild is immediately awarded and replaces a symbol randomly.
– Multiplier increases by two instead of one for every seven Pops.
– Only one new symbol will appear from every Pop.

Overall, PopRocks™ slot delivers innovative and potentially very powerful bonus features if you tap into a hot session.


  • Where can I play PopRocks™ slot?

    You can play PopRocks™ slot machine at the best online casino and slot sites that feature Yggdrasil slot machines. The top-rated casinos on Yggdrasil Casino will lead you straight to the best PopRock slot sites and PopRock slot bonuses.

  • What budget do I need to play PopRocks™ slot?

    You can play PopRocks™ slot with bets from €0.10 to €30.00, offering all levels of players plenty of betting scope. If you use a sensible leisure budget then you can set your betting size to a level that offers hundreds of spins in a typical session.

  • How much can I win playing PopRocks™ slot and is there a strategy?

    PopRocks™ like all slots is all about random luck – so there are no guarantees of winning spins, and no strategy to get more luck. However, in terms of payouts, PopRocks™ does have the power to payout anything from a few coins, all the way to x72,188 the triggering bet; that’s a staggering €866,256 in the unlikely event of hitting the max with, with a spin size of €30.00. Focus on fun and always spin with cash you can afford to lose.


If you’re seeking a slick slot with a cool Asian arcade vibe, then PopRocks™ from the team at Avatar UX needs to be given a test spin! Featuring the exclusive new PopWins™ feature, getting lucky on PopRocks™ could leave you with payouts as big as 72,1888x your spin size! Regardless of your big win luck, PopRocks™ slot delivers electrified graphics and fast-paced gaming pleasure on every spin. Play this trending 2020 slot and see what the fuss is about.

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Broadcast areaUnited States
FrequencySirius XM Radio 41
SloganA supercharged collection of extreme hard rock from the 90’s & 2000’s driven with turbo power!
FormatActive Rock (from the 1990s and 2000s)
OwnerSirius XM Radio
August 17, 2017
Technical information
ClassSatellite radio station
WebsiteSirius XM Turbo

Sirius XM Turbo is a commercial-free music channel that plays 1990s and 2000s hard rock and airs on Sirius XM Radio and Dish Network. It airs on channel 41 on Sirius XM Radio.


Turbo made its debut on August 17, 2017, as a full-time channel devoted to hard rock from artists like Metallica, System of a Down, Linkin Park and more.[1]

PopRocks, which slots in on channel 17, will air music from the 1990s and 2000s in the pop-rock genre, a la Goo Goo Dolls, Train and Sheryl Crow; while Turbo, channel 41 (after a try-out as a streaming-only station), offers '90s/early-'00s hard rock from Linkin Park, Metallica and System of a Down.[2]

Prior to August 17, the channel was on channel 314 as a US only Xtra Channel. This slot is now occupied by the now punk rock-exclusive formatted Faction which has been rebranded as Faction Punk, however it is available on both US and Canadian versions of the Sirius XM app.[3]

On October 5, 2020, at noon EDT (16:00 UTC) until October 12, 2020, at 3:00 AM EDT (07:00 UTC), Turbo switched over to Linkin Park Radio in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut studio album, Hybrid Theory.[4]Slots for cash no deposit. The first song played on Linkin Park Radio was 'One Step Closer', and the last song played was 'Happy Song' by Bring Me the Horizon.

Selected artists played[edit]


Pop Rocks Slogan

Shannon Gunz10am10am10am10:30am10am1pm & 6:30pm
Covino4pm4pm & 8:30pm4pm4pm4pm
Caity Babs7am7am
Drivers Seat6am8pm10am6pm
Turbo6:30am, 1pm, & 10pm10pm10pm10pm10pm10pm7pm & 10pm

SiriusXM Turbo with Shannon Gunz[edit]

Just a small town girl, born in Arizona and raised on Classic Rock, Punk and Metal, she took the midnight train going anywhere towards the big city. New York to Los Angeles, Shannon Gunz can be found backstage with Milly the Metal Dog or at a poker table in Vegas.Also appears on Ozzy's Boneyard, Octane.

SiriusXM Turbo with Covino[edit]

Aside from 15 years as one of the original voices on Octane, Covino hosts Covino & Rich, which covers lifestyle, relationships, comedy, sports and music every morning on SiriusXM’s Faction Talk 103. Covino can also be seen nightly on ESPN’s Now Or Never, a daily pop-culture look at sports and social media headlines. A defender of NJ, and a proud Yankees fan, Covino also has a passion for rock music, bringing that to life every night as the host of SiriusXM Turbo 41, covering hard rock of the 90s and 2000s. Covino has previously appeared as part of Covino & Rich on SNY, the NBC Sports affiliate in New York City. Prior to SiriusXM, Covino worked at WXRK-FM (KROCK) in New York City, former home of Howard Stern.

Hardy on Turbo[edit]

Rob 'Hardy' Poole lived through the 90's & 2000's hard rock scene and lived to tell about it. But don't worry: he changes a few names to protect the not-so-innocent when he relives those days on Turbo.

Turbo with Caity Babs[edit]

Pop Rocks Slot Machine

Your favorite Canadian raised metal chick living in LA. You can find Caity Babs on Sunset Blvd at Rainbow Bar & Gril playing her favorite rock tracks from the jukebox.

SiriusXM Turbo[edit]

A supercharged collection of extreme hard rock from the 90’s & 2000’s driven with turbo power! It's a mix of adrenaline inducing overdrive rock for Generation X & Y.

Turbo's Driver's Seat[edit]

Subscribers host their favorite 90's and 2000's hard rock songs.


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