Regular Bingo

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Want to make bingo cards for your class or event? Bingo Card Creator lets parents and teachers create fun and educational bingo games. You can get started using it immediately, or browse the 1280 free Bingo Cards we created for you to use. Every card is different, because playing teaching bingo with copied cards is no fun at all. You can click on the category to see the printables for each lesson, or browse our most popular bingo sets.

  • Sports(124 Bingo Cards)
  • Speech And Language(99 Bingo Cards)
  • Geography(74 Bingo Cards)
  • Literature(68 Bingo Cards)
  • History(63 Bingo Cards)
  • Art And Music(60 Bingo Cards)
  • Holidays(55 Bingo Cards)
  • English Language(51 Bingo Cards)
  • Biology(48 Bingo Cards)
  • Health Foods(45 Bingo Cards)
  • Entertainment(40 Bingo Cards)
  • Plants And Animals(33 Bingo Cards)
  • Miscellaneous(32 Bingo Cards)
  • Religion(31 Bingo Cards)
  • Science(31 Bingo Cards)
  • Math(28 Bingo Cards)
  • Languages(27 Bingo Cards)
  • English(27 Bingo Cards)
  • People And Careers(26 Bingo Cards)
  • Nature(24 Bingo Cards)
  • Art(23 Bingo Cards)
  • Spanish(23 Bingo Cards)
  • Science Flora Fauna(15 Bingo Cards)
  • American History(15 Bingo Cards)
  • Health(15 Bingo Cards)
  • Parties And Events(14 Bingo Cards)
  • Baby Names(13 Bingo Cards)
  • Scavenger Hunts(13 Bingo Cards)
  • Transportation(11 Bingo Cards)
  • Government(11 Bingo Cards)
  • Music(11 Bingo Cards)
  • Human Anatomy(10 Bingo Cards)
  • Cultures(10 Bingo Cards)
  • Astronomy(9 Bingo Cards)
  • Ice Breakers(9 Bingo Cards)
  • French(9 Bingo Cards)
  • Architecture(9 Bingo Cards)
  • Geology(8 Bingo Cards)
  • Military(7 Bingo Cards)
  • Seasons(7 Bingo Cards)
  • Outdoors(7 Bingo Cards)
  • Social Studies(7 Bingo Cards)
  • Food And Drink(6 Bingo Cards)
  • Basics(6 Bingo Cards)
  • Chemistry(4 Bingo Cards)
  • Economics(4 Bingo Cards)
  • Independent Learning(4 Bingo Cards)
  • Places(4 Bingo Cards)
  • Fun For Children(3 Bingo Cards)
  • Human Behavior(3 Bingo Cards)
  • Environmental(3 Bingo Cards)
  • Character Development(3 Bingo Cards)
  • Japanese(3 Bingo Cards)
  • Bingo For Business(2 Bingo Cards)
  • Suzuki School(2 Bingo Cards)
  • Tools(2 Bingo Cards)
  • Home Economics(1 Bingo Cards)
  • Halloween(0 Bingo Cards)

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Printable bingo cards are superior to store-bought ones, because you can mark them up, distribute them to your students, and adapt them to any sort of lesson which you want to play. They are also much more economical. Bingo Card Creator lets you create custom printable bingo cards for whatever lesson you're teaching. You can start with any of our 1025 pre-made Bingo Cards or make your own totally from scratch.

How To Play Bingo

  1. Select the appropriate type of printable from the above list.
  2. Click on one of the links above. You'll be taken to a list of bingo Bingo Cards.
  3. Pick an activity from the choices.
  4. Print out your free bingo boards, or make custom ones with Bingo Card Creator.
  5. Distribute one card to each participant.
  6. Call off one word at a time, giving players time to find it.
  7. Each player should circle the called word on their card.
  8. If a player gets five words diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, they should say 'Bingo!'. If they do this correctly (check to make sure all circled words were called), give them a small prize.

More Stuff To Do

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Print the cards and start the game

The printable bingo cards were created using our Excel program and the web application Bingo Maker. The following PDF files contain 50 and 100 bingo cards ready to print. They have a free center with the option “card number in corners” to allow a draw after the game. If you want to save paper, print the template containing fifteen cards, four cards or two cards per page. For people with limited vision, print the large format model. The card models available on this site are made for paper size: Letter 8.5 “by 11” (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm). The following cards contain the numbers from 1 to 75.

Print 15 bingo cards per page

Bingo cards, numbers from 1 to 75

Two cards

If you have Microsoft Excel, you can also generate your own personalized printable bingo cards with our free bingo card generator program.

Tired of playing bingo with numbers? Enter your own list of words instead!

Bingo cards, numbers from 1 to 90

Regular Bingo Card

Two cards

Many games, many colors

To make your game more attractive, you can print bingo cards on multicolored paper. If you intend to play several games in a row, print the cards for each game on paper of different colors. Specify the participants the color of the card that will be use at the beginning of each game.

Regular Bingo Free Games Printable


A touch of new technologies

Regular Bingo Game

To make each game unique bingo, use heat sensitive paper. It changes color with the heat of your fingers. Both children and adults will be equally fascinated by this phenomenon. It will change color to where you let your fingers on the paper. It will automatically return to its original color after a few seconds. For more information on heat-sensitive paper, click on the link: “Heat-Sensitive Paper“

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