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If you like to install 918Kiss on computer (PC) or Mac you can refer this guide > How to install and play 918Kiss on PC

SCR888 OR 918KISS app able giving you more unbelievable experience you ever had in playing games. There are more than 100 slot machine and table game inside the app. The SCR888 / 918KISS currently maintain the top ranking result from the Google Trend and mostly catch attention of many citizen from Malaysia and Brunei. SCR888 (918KISS) is a slot game that comes with everything you need for a perfect gaming experience – entertaining themes, top-notch graphics, sound, and the ease of playing as per your interest. Slots make the game not just easy but interesting. SCR888 is compatible with both Android and iPhone. So, the owners of iOS can also “join the party” after downloading the app. Just following instructions given below. There is a great collection of games you can find on the Scr888 for iPhone vs Android casino whether you download it on the Android or in your iphone device. Both SCR888 iOS and SCR888 Android links are available on the online platform these days and you can easily use the link to download the game in your devices in an effective way.

Test 918KISS before play with real cash ? here you are the test ID :

ID: test0001 ~~ test2000

Pw: 1234


How to install SCR888 (918Kiss) on IOS (iphone, ipad)

Step 1 - go to ''

Click on > Download SCR888 IOS 64 OR Download SCR888 IOS 32(if you have old iphone, ipad)

Click 'install' when popup

Wait for download complete

Once complete download click SCR888 icon, then will popup untrusted ent. developer, click 'cancel'

Go to 'Setting'

Then go to 'General'

Then scroll down to 'Device Management'

Look for 'company name .. '

Click 'Trust' 'company name ...'

Then confirm 'TRUST'

Enjoy ! and Good Luck!


☎️Contact SCR888 918KISS Group ? - If you need help on our games, service, register, top-up, withdraw you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat we are working non stop 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

💋What is SCR888 918KISS? - SCR888 OR 918KISS is online casino slot games, this casino game is extremely popular in Asia especially in Malaysia and Thailand. The main reason this casino game is so popular is the winning rate is easy, RTP (return to player) rate is set very high in all it's mini slot games, RTP average from 95-98%, meaning that every 100 invest will return about 95-98% to player thus make it very easy to win and exciting and addictive.

Although there are many online casino games in the market, such as MEGA888Pussy888XE88 and some even a clone call SCR888(2) or 918KISS(2), this SCR888 918KISS remain the TOP 🥇 online casino game in Malaysia.

💋What is the most popular games in SCR888 918KISS ? - There are some slot games is more popular then other slot games inside SCR888 918KISS, this may due to the winning rate is more higher then other. Below is our database record sorting from popularity of slot games. Top 10 most popular slot games in SCR888 918KISS :

💋How to install SCR888 918KISS in Android ? - Install SCR888 OR 918KISS is actually easy ? what you need is download the apk file here , depends on the version and vendor of your smartphone sometime you need to enable install apk from 'Unknown source' in your phone setting. After install you can start enjoy the game, download is free of charge, you can register a free game ID from our 24/7 customer service team.

For Android 8 and above
On most Android devices:

Go to your phone’s Settings
Go to Security & privacy > More settings
Tap on Install apps from external sources
Select the browser you want to download APK files from
Toggle Allow app installs ON

For Samsung devices:

Go to your phone’s Settings
Go to Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps
Select the browser you want to download APK files from
Toggle Allow app installs ON

For versions earlier than Android 8

Go to your phone’s Settings
Tap on Security
Under Device administration

Toggle Unknown sources ON

Note: Do Not download or install SCR888 918KISS from any 3rd party website, as those files have likely been tampered with! Always remember ONLY download SCR888 or 918KISS from our official site (

💋How to install SCR888 918KISS in iPHONE ? - Due to some reasons Apple iPhone always, often block the SCR888 918KISS app, you may need to delete and re-install it if you cannot run the app, error message something like 'unable to verify app' 'app is un-verify'.

Download SCR888 918KISS iOS from our official website or click this download link , follow these steps to install in iOS:

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Go to setting > general > device management
  3. Tap on the developer (the developer name for SCR888 918KISS is change from time to time to by pass iOS block) > TRUST the developer > SCR888 918KIISS now is verified.

Remember to obtain your free game ID from our support team and please always note that ONLY download SCR888 918KISS from official website (

💋How to join SCR888 918KISS? - To join or play SCR888 918Kiss you have to 21 years old or above. Before you can play you need to have an account and game credit. Register account is simple, just contact our 24/7 customer service and provide them your name, phone number will do, the game account is free.

Say hello to our 24/7 customer support team >.< , 'just a simple 'Hello, I want register 918KISS'

💋How to download SCR 888 918KISS ? - SCR888 918KISS available in Android APK and iOS app, visit the and select the platform of your phone.

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💋How to play SCR888 918KISS in PC ? - SCR888 918KISS only available in mobile version, however if you like to play it on computer you can download Android emulator to your computer and install SCR888 918KISS apk to the emulator, more information you can refer this post

  1. Install Android emulator in your Windows, we recommend NOXPlayer
  2. Open Noxplayer browser go to and download the SCR888 918KISS apk, or you can download the apk to your PC and drag it to Noxplayer.
  3. Install SCR888 918KISS as usual in Android. (Depends on Android version you may need enable unknown source apk installation).
  4. Enjoy and have fun :)

💋How to top-up SCR888 918KISS ? - Top-up only available via contact our 24/7 customer service and obtain the bank accounts. Provide your phone or name or game ID and amount you like to top-up, after complete the payment via bank transfer or ATM transfer send the transfer slip to our 24/7 customer service. Once verified the game credit will top-up to your game ID.

💋How to withdraw winning or CUCI SCR888 918KISS ? - To CUCI or withdraw kindly contact our 24/7 customer service, told them the amount you like to withdraw, once verified the available game credit your withdraw request will online transfer to your bank account, withdraw usually take 3-5 minutes to complete.

💋SCR888 918KISS customers support ? - need help in registration ? download ? login ? ID ? withdraw ? topup ? anything related to SCR888 918KISS you can chat with us via live chat. we work 24/7, click below image to start chat now.

💋How to win SCR888 918KISS ? - Like all other online casino slot games, SCR888 918KISS is use RNG (random number generator), the winning combination is truly random and depends on your luck, however SCR888 918KISS RTP (return to player) rate is set very high, about 95-98%, that is why this online slot game is so popular.

💋Can I test SCR888 918KISS before play real ? - Yes, you can test, there are 2000 test ID for you to test, ID: test0001 to test2000 (example test id: test1888, test1988, test0888) and password:1234 Test credit 2000 for every ID and refresh daily. If someone using the test ID you can try other.

💋Can I be your agent to sell SCR888 918KISS credit ? - Yes, you can contact our 24/7 customer service teams to become our agent, you can earn up-to 50% depends on your purchase amount.

💋SCR888 918KISS Group trustworthy ? - We are one of oldest SCR888 918KISS operator online, you can check our reviews or we can not operate that long, we guarantee CUCI no kencing. Check the Casino Player Best gaming awards from 2012 to 2018 and 2019

918kiss is one of the top online casino that is launched with various types of game. Arcade game, Table game, Jackpot game, Slot game and Fishing game are all available in 918Kiss. Enjoy an unforgettable gambling experience by playing all the games as you can. Download 918Kiss and start exploring the games that create a chance of winning for you.

You may test the 918Kiss(SCR888) casino slot game FREE before you start the real casino war!

Download 918Kiss(SCR888) and login ID: test0001 -> test2000 PASSWORD: 1234

Each Test Account Come With Free 2000 Credit!!!

If you still have questions after reading the introduction, please contact us immediately. At 918Kiss, we will bring you a new gaming experience.

????What are the popular games in 918Kiss?

Dragon Maiden

Nitro Motorcycle

Scr888 For Iphone 6

Steam Tower

Wolf Hunter

????How to play Slot Game? : Beginner

This guideline is only applicable for beginners to lower down the risk of betting as well as to increase the possibility of winning. If you are looking for strategies to win more in playing slot games, there is no so called strategy for this. This is due to most of the winnings in slot games are based on the players' lucks. However, you may optimise your own way of winning by betting with either single line and small amount or more lines and smaller amount.

Here is a small tip for you,

* Betting with more lines will have greater chances to meet the alignment, therefore higher possibility to win more.

????How to download 918Kiss in IOS?

*Note: For Iphone, you need to TRUST the developer before you can run the app.

Step 1 - Choose your IOS type and click it.

Step 2 - After you clicked IOS, it will ask you whether you want to install 918kiss. Click Install.

Step 3 - Go to your home page and tap on the app.

Step 4 - It will pop up Untrusted Ent. Developer, click Cancel.

Step 5 - After you cancelled, go to the setting

Step 6 - go to general

Step 7 - and click Device Management

Step 8 - It will show the developer, click on the developer

Step 9 - Press the 'Trust All Contential Trading Sdn Bhd' Button

Step 10 - and click Trust

Scr888 For Iphone Download

Step 11 - 918kiss is downloaded in your device. Type in your ID and password to start playing

If you are an Android user, downloading 918KIss is simple than downloading 918Kiss in IOS device. You just have to click on the device option and click download on the download page.

Scr888 for iphone pro

918Kiss FAQs

☎️Contact 918Kiss Now!

- Contact Us For Top Up, Register ,Withdraw Service Now! We work 24-hours Non-Stop Per Day!

????How to download 918Kiss in PC?

- 918Kiss is only available in mobile version. However, you can download an Android Emulator in your PC, and then use it to download 918Kiss. We recommend NOXPlayer or Bluestacks.

????How to register 918Kiss?

- To register 918Kiss, you have to be atleast 21 years old. If yes, you may contact our 24/7 customer service to make registraition. Provide them your name and contact number will do. Registering 918Kiss is free of charge.

????How to top-up 918Kiss?

- To top-up credit, you may contact our 24/7 customer service. Provide them your name or game ID and the amount you like to top-up. After you make the payment, please send the payment slip to our customer service to help you top-up credit into your game ID.

Scr888 For Iphone App

????How to withdraw winning / CUCI 918Kiss?

- We do also provide withdrawal or CUCI service. You may contact our 24/7 customer service and tell them that you would like to withdraw or CUCI 918Kiss. For withdrawal, provide them your game ID and the amount you like to withdraw. The amount will be banked in into your bank account, once your available credit been verified.