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Finding out how to throw a virtual Baby Shower may not have been a priority when you started planning your Baby Shower, but in recent weeks virtual Baby Showers have become very popular!

With social distancing measures and restrictions on gatherings, a virtual Baby Shower could be the best way to host yours right now. Also, it means that friends and family who are too far away to have been able to join in person are able to attend!

  1. Virtual BINGO BABY. Online fun for everyone!!!! Any questions email: [email protected]
  2. Baby Shower Word Bingo Similar to baby shower gift Bingo, this game requires guests to listen for baby related words during the shower. Each guest needs to make.
  3. Everyone loves bingo – it’s a classic favorite. And it’s an easy virtual baby shower game to play. These baby shower bingo cards have cute & modern themes – just pick the one you like best. Here’s a review from one virtual party host.

Baby Shower Bingo Game Generator

If you have an internet connection, then friends and familyall across the world can join in with your virtual Baby Shower!

These baby shower bingo cards can be printed from your home computer in just a few minutes time, and since they're all free, the game won't cost you a dime. Below you'll find baby shower bingo cards in all different styles making it easy to find one that will seamlessly fit into your theme. Print out one bingo card per guest. Remember, each person’s card must be unique! Before you start receiving your baby shower gifts, hand each guest their card. Each card has a unique combination of baby shower gifts. Each time you open one of yours, guests must cross it out on their card.

Your virtual Baby Shower need not be too different from atraditional one.

Follow our step by step guide to plan and host your own virtual Baby Shower!

Virtual Baby Shower Technology

Of course, virtual Baby Showers need a “virtual” place tomeet up.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you have lots of easy options for this.


Facebook is great for events and you can set up a date and time for your showers and invite friends all via Facebook. Then, you can “host’ the shower via video messaging in Facebook Messenger. You can have up to 50 participants. For the first six participants, the app will stream everyone’s camera feed to one another in a grid-like view. After six, Messenger will display only the dominant speaker’s feed.

To get started, you’ll need the latest version of Messenger. All you have to do is jump into an existing group conversation, or create a new one. Then tap on the video icon on the upper right of the screen to enter the video chat and everyone in the group will be notified. Each person can join when they are ready with just one tap. For an extra nudge, you can also directly ring just a few people or the whole group.

This is me and my friends enjoying a virtual party on Messenger the other evening. It was certainly the next best thing to having them there in person and there were lots of laughs all round! Especially when someone discovered the filters button!


Another option is Zoom. You can host video meetings with up to 100 participants. However, please bear in mind that their free plan will limit your meeting to 40 mins. With that in mind, I feel Facebook is a better option unless you are planning a short event.

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Web Baby Shower

Finally, for a “done for you” option, check out WebBabyShower. These guys offer a ready to go set up for $79. It’s a private way to be online together, with video & photo albums, guest books, games, a gift registry, and built-in email invitations and birth announcements. Also, they have a co-hosted system, so you can still have friends or family help out with uploading photos, videos, etc. and share putting it together.

For $79 you get:

  • Customizable Invitations
  • Unlimited Invitation Sending
  • Facebook Invites
  • Guest Book
  • Gift Registry Page
  • Multiple games & baby quizzes
  • Private photo & video album
  • Video chat planner
  • Shower Keepsake PDF

Check out this 1 min video to find out more.

How do I invite my guests?

You can invite your guests to your virtual Baby Shower directly via Facebook or Zoom (or through whichever platform you are using).

Don’t forget to include your Gift Registry if you have one, with a request to please have gifts sent directly to your house.

Can we still play Baby Shower Games?

Yes, it is definitely still possible to play Baby Shower games at your virtual Baby Shower! Here’s how…

Virtual Baby Bingo Game

Our favorite virtual games are Baby Bingo, Who Knows Mommy Best and Find the Guest. These games can easily be adapted to a virtual shower.

To help you get your Shower organized, you can download our pack of 3 Free Baby Shower Games here.

Make sure you email the 3 game cards to your Guests when you invite them to your Shower. Ask them to print out the 3 cards so they are ready for the games you will play!

Once your virtual Baby Shower is up and running and your guests have all “arrived”, you can start with some games.

I always like to play Find the Guest first, followed by Baby Bingo, then Who Knows Mommy Best.

Find the Guest

First, choose one person to be the question asker. She should ask the questions on the card to the rest of the group. Each guest takes turns to answer. Fill in the answers on your own card.

Baby Bingo

Hopefully, your Baby Shower gifts have been delivered to your house so that you can open them in front of your guests.

Before you do, ask each guest to fill in their bingo card withgifts they think you will receive. For example, blanket, baby towel, onesiesetc.

Then, open your gifts one by one. Guests can mark off their bingo guesses and the first to get 5 in a row wins. I think this is a really lovely game to play as it also means guests get to see you open all of your gifts and can see your delight when you open theirs. You also get to thank them in person.

Who Knows Mommy Best


Choose one person to read out the questions on the card. Each guest writes down her answers on her card. Next, the Mama to Be reads out the actual answers while guests mark their cards. The winner is the Guest with the most correct answers.


What about Food and Drink?

Of course, you can’t actually serve your guests with any refreshments at a virtual Baby Shower (except to yourself!).

However, you can request that they all join the party with theirown refreshments to add to the party feel.

For example, a tea party theme would work well by asking your guests to join with a cup and tea and slice of cake. You could even go one step further and order cupcakes from a local bakery to be delivered to your guests houses. You can then eat them altogether during the party.

A Mimosa is another great option with the Mama to be switching out the champagne for lemonade or sparkling water. Use your imagination and the options are endless!

How about decorations?

Just because your guests aren’t actually arriving at your house, doesn’t mean you don’t have to decorate if you want to! After all, some pretty balloons, flowers or bunting will all add to the party feel and lift everyone’s spirits. Simply decorate the area around where you will be sitting for the video call!

Just remember, this may not have been the Baby Shower you had originallyplanned, but you can still make it an extra special event. After all, as longas you have your friends and family by your side (even if that is virtually), youwill remember your Baby Shower forever.

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