Virtual Baby Shower Bingo Game

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Baby Shower BINGO If you are planning a gift opening session for your virtual baby shower, then you might consider including a Baby Shower BINGO game along with the event. For this game, you can send your guests a blank bingo sheet that they will need to fill out before the gift opening portion of the event. Then, cue the slideshow. The goal is for everyone to guess which relative has a face that resembles the mom’s side or the dad’s side. The guest with the most correct answers wins a virtual prize! Baby Shower Gift Bingo. Yep, this baby shower classic is still one you can play virtually.

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Virtual baby shower bingo game printable

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Virtual Baby Shower Bingo Game

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Guestbook - included

Give guests the opportunity to leave a special message for the guest(s) of honor.

Gift registries - included

200 free spins online casinos. You can post links to any online registries the parents-to-be have created so guests have the option of shipping a gift.

R.S.V.P. Form - included

Funny Baby Shower Games

Keep track of who is attending your party or joining you online for a group video call.
Note: Web Party Time only provides an R.S.V.P. page for your video meetup guests. We cannot host the group call for you. We suggest using a program you are familiar with or having someone you know help out who is experienced with group video calls.

Scrapbook - included

Share special pictures and stories about the guest of honor's journey to parenthood.

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Invite your guests to take part in virtual versions of some baby shower classics like the dirty diaper game! Your package comes with some games included. Purchase additional games to liven the party!

Zoom Baby Shower Games

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Purchase our four printable games so guests can play at an in-person shower or live during a video meet-up. The four games included are: Baby Bingo, Baby A to Z, Nursery Rhyme Emoji Quiz, and Children's Book Emoji Quiz.

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Online Baby Shower Ideas

Photobooth - $15.00

Virtual Baby Shower Bingo Game Printable

With the optional Photobooth add-on, your guests can use their phone or webcam to create a custom photostrip. This is a great party favor!