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Welcome to Pick The Hit Online! We are excited to bring our live music bingo show direct to your living room.

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Musical Bingo is a great day or evening event. It serves well as a fun interactive team building activity, or as an upbeat energizer for any conference meeting or event. What's included in your virtual event? Full online virtual event. Music bingo is a fun spin on traditional bingo that allows your guests to jam out to snippets of their favourite songs while playing competitively against other music lovers! Also, there is an alternative version of this game called Drum Bingo. In this game, you only use drums, instruments like this one.


Wherever you are in the world, you can play! Join us live via

There are only 350 music bingo cards available per show. (there is no limit on how many cards each player can purchase)

*A minimum of 30 players per show is required. No deposit casino bonus no max cash out. If we do not have enough players, you will be refunded your purchase price.

Each bingo cards cost $5.95. Click here to purchase your bingo cards

*All bingo cards must be pre-purchased before 4:30pm AEST on the day of the show. This is due to the admin required to send out all the unique bingo cards for the show starts. Any bingo cards purchased after 4:30pm will be refunded

Music Bingo is currently taking the world by storm.

Covering hits from the 1960’s – today, music bingo is great for all ages and the concept is simple. It’s just like traditional bingo, but instead of numbers we play songs.

To join us live you need to login to

We will be going live every Monday night at 7:30pm AEST

Each music bingo card costs $5.95. Click here to purchase your bingo cards.
*All bingo cards must be pre-purchased before 4:30pm AEST on the day of the show. This is due to the admin required to send out all the unique bingo cards. Any bingo cards purchased after 4:30pm will be refunded.

In order for online music bingo to be viable, we need a minimum of 30 players per show. If we do not get enough players you will be refunded your purchase.

The more players we have the better the prizes will be. This also is why we have a minimum player number. So make sure you tell your friends and invite them to play too!

30 – 49 Bingo Cards Sold
$25 Eftpos Gift Card

50 – 99 Bingo Cards Sold
$50 Eftpos Gift Card

100+ Bingo Cards Sold
$100 Eftpos Gift Card

We will be broadcasting live via
Please register for an account before we go live so you don’t miss any of the action. (It is free to register and gives you the ability to chat with your host and other music bingo players and will be the only way you can call BINGO!!!)

There is no need to crowd around your laptop. You’ve been doing that all day. Pick the hit Music Bingo is available on most smart TVs, smartphones and tablets. Search ‘TWITCH’ in your app store of choice. We recommend streaming to your smart TV (or casting though an apple TV or Google chrome cast) for the best experience.

We will go live from 7:15pm AEST. The game starts at 7:30pm, we recommend that you login earlier to make sure all your technology is working.

Please ensure you have your unique music bingo cards ready to go. We recommend printing your cards to make it easiest.

Make sure you have liked our Facebook to get your free space in the center.

Music Bingo is very similar to traditional bingo, but with a twist. Instead of numbers we use song titles. When a song is played, if it is on your card, cross it off.

The first player to get the correct formation as mentioned by the host wins. (Make sure you write PTH BINGO in the twitch chat so we know you’ve got it.)

Virtual Music Bingo Games

The host will then ask for your bingo sheet number (located on the bottom right side of your bingo sheet). The host will also ask what lines you have (eg B, I, N, G, O / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) then check your sheet and once confirmed you will be declared the winner.

(In the event of a tie, we will go to a TIE BREAKER. Each player in the tie will select a number between 1-10 and first player to have their number called will be be declared the winner.)

Download the houseparty app to your phone and connect with your friends while you all play together. It will be just like being with your friends at one of our venues but without having to leave your living room. If you add pick the hit to your house party we may even be able show some during the show

Click on the links below to download houseparty to your device.

IOS Android macOS Chrome

Thank you for your interest in Pick the Hit. We would love to hear from you.

Bookings & Information

We are always trying to make our online show better. We would love to hear from you.

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Virtual Musical Bingo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does every player get a different bingo card?
For paid games we guarantee that each player will get a different bingo card.For free games played using the 'Virtual Link' it is possible that two players will get the same bingo card.However even if each player has a different bingo card it is still possible for two people to get 'bingo' on the same call.

You should plan for what to do in case several people win on the same call,e.g. by having enough prizes for several winners, a prize that can be shared, or by giving the prize to the player who responded with 'bingo' first.


Can players use the same card again?
Yes. Each virtual bingo card can be reset by the player, and can be reused as many times as you like (for up to 31 days for paid-for bingo cards).Watch this video to see a demo.

Can I send more than one bingo card per player?
Yes, you can send up to 20 bingo card links at a time to each player. If you need to send more you can repeat the process.

How do I verify that someone has won?
Ask the player for their Bingo Card ID and enter it into our card verifier. You will see what that player's card should look like at the current call.Watch a demo here.The system works with any winning pattern - you can immediately see if a card is a winner just by looking at it.

Can I add more bingo cards?
Yes. If your game turns out to be more popular than expected you can add more bingo cards.Watch this video to see how.A discount of 20% is automatically applied.You must add the new cards from within the set you want to add them to - do not simply buy a new set of bingo cards.

Can I get more than 500 bingo cards?
Yes. Start by buying 500 bingo cards, then add more bingo cards to the set. You can add 100, 250 or 500 cards at a time.See the previous question for help adding more cards.

Can I use your site for a fundraiser?
Maybe. It's essential that you read the disclaimer section of our terms before you consider charging players for a bingo game.If you do go ahead, Ticket Tailor are currently offering free ticketing for online events.

Can you play bingo and listen to Zoom on the same device?
Yes - on the devices we have tested. On most mobiles and tablets it's possible to have Zoom, WhatsApp, etc running in the background while the browser is open.So you can listen to the bingo calls and mark your card on the same device. We cannot guarantee this will work on all devices.

Can you play several virtual bingo cards at once?
Yes. This works on computers, tablets and mobiles. Watch this video for a demonstration.

Music Bingo Zoom

Can players print virtual bingo cards?
Yes. Players can choose which bingo cards to print and what size to print them. Watch this video to see how it works.

Do I get printable bingo cards too?
Yes. With all games you get access to run a virtual bingo game andyou can download a single PDF file with bingo cards to print off for an in‑person game.

With free bingo cards, depending on how you share the cards, players might be able to cheat by opening several bingo cards in different tabs. If it's important that your players can't cheat then choose a paid option.

Free Virtual Music Bingo

Does the virtual bingo game expire?
Paid-for bingo games expire 31 days after the date of purchase, which should give you plenty of time to play your bingo games.If you want to keep playing after 31 days you can extend your virtual bingo cards - watch this video to see how.Free virtual bingo games do not expire - just make sure you bookmark or save the link to the bingo caller so you can come back to it.